Haters gotta hate

March 1, 2015

You wouldn’t know Lesley Haskell from Eve, anyone who doesn’t live in the greater Spokane, Washington area. But you will know the language of pure and unadulterated hatred. As it is a truly universal language. Mrs. Haskell? She is the wife of Spokane County Prosecutor, Mr. Larry Haskell. And according to social media accounts, Mrs. Haskell has stirred up quite a controversy, that borders on certain political embarrassment for her hubby. That’s because the woman went on social media, and started “tweeting” her hatred of Muslims (Muzlims, is how she spelled it) and anyone who disagreed with her.

That is when “The Inlander” picked up on this social media ruckus, and published a column about it…

Considering that the column will also be republished at inlander.com; anyone who wants to read Mrs. Haskell’s embarrassing commentary, can check it out there. Or, they can even search for Mrs. Haskell’s social commentary, for a tad more than some selective albeit, distasteful quotes. Just to get a better grip on what she was saying. Suffice it to say, I have read plenty of garbage comments like hers, on Facebook and other forms of social media. I have especially read the kind of garbage comments that come from people: “You disagree with me…” and basically, “I” become your victim. Right. Apparently, Mrs. Haskell and others who share this attitude in common, forget how quickly their hatred of others, creates victims. Of anyone who justifiably opposes such public comments, do in fact, ably demonstrate tolerance. That is, for the people who could easily be victimized by hatred. —Not political bias, or racial and religious bias, hatred! By the way, Mrs. Haskell, while you are demonstrating how offended you are by the deaths of the “unborn;” I don’t guess it would occur to you, that if those “unborn” were born instead, Fagan’s (who is currently serving on Spokane County’s Health Board) anti-vaccination stance, would have an argument that is counter-productive to this religious “pro-life” point of view. You should be outraged at Fagan’s position, as it could prove real costly and deadly, to all those babies you want brought into the world.

Among the remaining quotes, republished in “The Inlander” column, they were by and large, pretty childish. And obviously, those comments are not very helpful to a recently elected, country prosecutor.

Besides the fact that I am now five chapters away from the final editing of my new book, “Aesgard Awakening!”, I have read even further into Mary Gabriel’s biography of Karl Marx. Did you know, that outside of abolishing private property, that Mr. Marx held a similar opinion about: free speech, the freedom of the press, the right of the individual to be armed, the right to vote (suffrage) to be universal, and separation of church and state. Incidentally, these weren’t “new” arguments, because you will find them to also exist, in the Bill of Rights. Does this mean, that James Madison who authored the Bill of Rights, was a communist? Or instead should it mean, that Mr. Marx somehow learned about our American constitution, and incorporated its better qualities, into his overall ideological agenda. Seriously, it is interesting how these histories seem to parallel each other, at least in the beginning

Ignorant of history

February 14, 2015

I have a very good reason for not putting a new post on this blog for awhile, I am editing my new book, “Aesgard Awakening!” As of now, my edited material is almost halfway through the book. So, I am taking a brief break from my book to discuss the latest George Nethercutt editorial. He has spent many a column space discussing civics, and how students in modern classrooms apparently know less about this country’s politicians, and more about memorizing the lyrics of “Frozen.” But if Mr. Nethercutt wants to fancy himself as a “teacher” for this nation’s newest leaders; then those same students have a definite problem.

Seriously, I was going to read his editorial, saw a fraction of it where some dude out of history opined, “Where are the giants?” With reference to Lincoln, Jefferson, and etc. Plus Nethercutt’s personal opinion, that the voters of this country are looking to leaders to unite them. That was when I cracked up, and I have now decided, that will be one column I will skip reading altogether. Question, what made Jefferson, Lincoln, or any other President a “giant?” In the context of their era, of the cultural thinking of their time, not necessarily. Nor did such men, considered to be among the greatest in retrospect, unite an entire country behind them. Quite the contrary, President Washington encountered rebellion from revolutionary war veterans. Jefferson, was annotated as being embroiled in high levels of public and political dissent, over the formation of banks. Lincoln had the Civil War to deal with, and its aftermath would be felt by the rest of this society and by every other succeeding President, through at least the Civil Rights era.

And that is just the rough frame work of events for this entire nation’s history. Now for some of the particulars; do states’ rights arguments unite voters behind a single leader? Of course not. Would hyper partisan politics unite parties behind a single leader? No, and why should anyone think so. Just on those relevant and current facts, it would seem that Mr. Nethercutt is particularly oblivious. It also looks as though he wants to create a mythic president. It can’t be the current White House occupant, you see; he must be blamed for all the hatred and bigotry thrown at him. As though the hatred and bigotry shown by others, “proves” how President Obama has “divided” the country. Well, then Mr. Nethercutt should crack open a few history books; this country has always been divided. And given our diverse partisan and religious differences of opinion, it is highly unlikely that a people would ever unite behind a single man. Unless, and I choose to be snarky here, he’s some kind of anti-Christ.

So what would make a President “great” or a “giant?” I’ll put it very briefly, because they overcame tremendous obstacles and moved this nation forward. In order to be “great” or “giants,” they were also the ultimate liberals. In a word, that would run absolutely counter to Nethercutt’s presumptive political views.

I am also going to briefly discuss a new book I recently acquired: “Love and Capital Karl and Jenny Marx and the birth of a Revolution.” An historical biography written by Mary Gabriel. I am only now getting into this book, briefly in between, further serious editing on my fantasy novel. But what I have already been introduced to, in the book’s opening chapters: socialism was already the outgrowth of the American and French revolutions. Karl Marx did not invent it, he was introduced to it. And in the context of the time that communism had also surfaced as an ideology, the significant difference between itself and socialism, was of course the abolition of private property. Incidentally, these ideas would be floating freely in at least some parts of Europe—specifically France. Long before the Russian revolution, would establish some concept of “property abolition” to the most eastern part of Europe. And create as well, the Soviet Union. Because these ideas were already floating around, for at least a decade before the American Civil War. If anything, Karl Marx became the representative and the face of radical ideas that had already preceded him. And as I had finally learned was correct here, Thomas Paine in his “Rights of Man” had set the stage for radical socialism and communism. Whether his own influence could have been publicly acknowledged or not, some of what he wrote would be similarly quoted in socialist and communist circles. Amazing what people can and will do with the dangerous ideas of their time.

Marco Rubio

January 17, 2015

On the CBS Evening News the other day, Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida, told a woman reporter who was interviewing him what he thought of higher education. Apparently, he’s opposed to the idea of it. It isn’t necessary or suitable for what this country needs. Later on, he appears on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” No, I did not watch the entire interview, I wasn’t about to. What I did see of it as the Senator was touting his book; Rubio’s answers to Stewart’s questions, didn’t exactly meet the challenge. Precisely, they weren’t intelligent answers, he kept stumbling, and geeze Stewart’s a comedian! How would Rubio stand up and deliver in a moderated debate scenario? If he can’t answer a comedian’s questions, his book is likely not worth reading either.

So, let’s address how “frivolous” higher education is. I will bet you that the late Steve Jobs would have disputed Rubio’s assessment any day of the week. As would Doctor Tyson of “Cosmos” fame. Bill Nye the Science Guy, would be shaking his head that anyone would dismiss the need for higher education. No, this isn’t a “segway” or a tangential argument. After Rubio appeared on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday. Jon Stewart’s latest, broadcast last night: was that of Jessica Williams discussing public defenders having to defend fetuses. Apparently, a new law that went into effect in Alabama. If that is correct, it is a law laden with pure irony, hypocrisy, and further, how stupid can you get? Alabama doesn’t have the resources to defend a fetus against a pregnant teenager, in a court of law. Let alone, any poor person who can’t afford a private lawyer. And if those resources factually don’t exist to defend a fetus; then what does that say about the 14th amendment rights, of those people born and living in the state of Alabama? Maybe for the radical religious, who want to use government to regulate and control private individuals, higher education isn’t essential. Or the doofus who made an utter fool of himself on “The Daily Show” last night, might have understood something essential. How does a grown man start out? Well, first he is a fetus.

A long time ago, the GOP made very public how they were going to engage in divisive politics… If this Alabama state law actually exists, that’s divisive politics. It pits the fetus against family, teenager also against family, fetus against the rights of due process for the society at large, and finally; the fetus against its own future interests. Which brings us back to Marco Rubio. He frowns on a higher minimum wage. Why if businesses had to pay for more expensive employees, they could just take those jobs away through full automation.

Machinery doesn’t come cheap. It has to be maintained. And currently, well educated and trained human beings maintain those machines. Second, supplying the workforce with a decent paycheck, is actually more cost effective and profitable. Why? Because it still takes money to make purchases. And money is produced by holding a job. So, if this country were to go to full automation, what would Senator Rubio suggest we replace our current “capitalist driven society” with? No one will have the money to buy anything. Which comes down to this, apparently Mr. Rubio wants to be President of a third world country.

Further, if he is an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen; he actually can not run for the office of POTUS. The same is just as true of Ted Cruz. You still have to be born in this country in order to hold that job. CBS Evening News I don’t think, cared to look into that.

Question, where does Mr. Rubio get his Congressional salary and other perks from? Who pays for it? Uh, his too expensive to keep employed constituents, I do believe. The well heeled business interests certainly aren’t forking over the tax dollars, to give Mr. Rubio some hundreds of thousands of dollars in a yearly salary. That’s why I don’t regard these people as “conservative.” They seem to be lost in Neverland all the time. Especially Senator Rubio. So, I’d certainly suggest that Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, haul Rubio’s ass back to Neverland and keep him there. This country can not afford him.

The “state” of Idaho

January 10, 2015

I was able acquire the latest “Inlander” today, 9 January 2015. Among other news items, the local news weekly discussed what state legislatures in Olympia, Washington and Boise, Idaho are facing in budget challenges. I’ll focus on Idaho. After all, I am only a native and long time resident of this highly radical state.

Last week, David Sheridan had published a letter about how “God loved Idaho” more than apparently, the neighboring state of Washington. Indeed, he even boasted of how our roads in Idaho, survived the constant use of studded tires in winter, better than the roads of Washington state. I submitted my own letter, of course I had no intentions of mentioning Mr. Sheridan’s name. I did point out what it is that “God was not likely to love,” with respect to political corruption, our lack of educational and employment advantages. At the end of my own letter published last Wednesday, 7 January 2015; I took note of the fact that tax dollars are usually required to create (or build) and maintain decent roads (over all infrastructure). I am quite sure that Mr. Sheridan realized, that my published letter to the Coeur d’Alene Press, was in direct response to his own. If ultimately he decides to respond, let us only hope he addresses these issues in a more serious matter than “God’s love” owing to our politically selective morality, or miracles coming from Jesus Christ.

So back to this week’s “Inlander” weekly publication; it was noted that our roads and infrastructure are in bad shape. —Presumably, God’s love has its limits. But of the list of office holders in the Idaho state legislature whom “The Inlander” managed to get some quotes from, apparently bad roads and infrastructure are not a high priority in a “tax averse” state. Elsewhere in the same article, the same Republican office holders were apparently all on board with the idea of “taking back” federal lands, and placing them within the state’s jurisdiction. I’d like to pause this highly political proposition for the moment and address two points: first, we don’t have the tax dollars to fix critical infrastructure. So how do we pay for a 62% geographical land mass in the state of Idaho? Especially when we would have to put a whole lot of moolah out front, to take care of that newly acquired landmass when it comes to critical resources. Second, how about that sale of now state land to private resource extractors? Is the state of Idaho going to recoup tax dollars from billionaire business owners? Probably not, if you constantly refer to how this state is “tax averse.” That says a great deal about how radical the GOP in recent years, has truly become. So radical, that they no longer consider what the ultimate outcome could be, of their whimsy ideologies of the moment.

The same argument also applies to our lack of educational advantages. If you don’t have the money to pay for school books and other supplies, district to district and this is the perpetual whine coming from District 271 nearly every year, then you definitely don’t have the dollars to “take control of massive federal land.” Where the Luna laws originally intended to deny tenure and etc. to public school teachers, in order to pass that “savings” onto out of state and for profit online educational companies; then no, we don’t have the monetary resources to “take back federal land.” Literally, the GOP in this state seems to live perpetually in Neverland. With faeries waiting in attendance, to hand “the lost boys of the Idaho state Legislature,” a juicy snack. You can believe me, this is what comes of the failure to think among the voters and politicians of this state.

This morning I saw a letter in the Press, that I absolutely had to applaud. I won’t mention the fellow’s name or even plan on putting his letter on the blog. Just suffice it to say, he was disappointed with the lack of “conservatism” with reference to one Raul Labrador. Perhaps this man was a Republican and voted for old Raul out of the justification that Labrador wasn’t a Democrat. If that is precisely how you would vote, paying no attention to the actions and certainly the voting record of the incumbent, then you would be bitterly disappointed. Raul Labrador was labeled, not a conservative. But our not so effective Representative here in the state of Idaho, has never been a conservative. The Cromnibus bill that this morning’s letter referred to, wasn’t the only un-conservative act that Labrador had ever engaged in. Make that, just the latest radical gesture that has come from the new left GOP. But if the Cromnibus bill that Labrador voted for finally woke this one writer up, so much the better. Oh and Labrador sent a flyer long after the spending bill cleared Congress. It consisted of a “survey” trying to justify the vote. I let Rep. Labrador know where I stood as a conservative.

Yeah conservative, of the don’t bash cherished institutions kind. Of the don’t trash your kids’ future even as you posture “right to life,” kind. Of the don’t put greed ahead of human needs, kind. Under the circumstances, I highly doubt that God loves a state, where we overly abuse the word “conservative.” Otherwise, some things would require a miracle, for people to continue to live in Idaho.

Too many gun tragedies

December 31, 2014

I am not going to name names with reference to the tragic accident that happened at the Hayden, Idaho WalMart Superstore yesterday morning; 30 December 2014. A two year old child messing around in mom’s purse, manages to grab her loaded gun and shoots her. Not only was this incident all over Facebook and other forms of social media, it was also broadcast on the televised news and last night, CBS Evening News had picked up on this particularly shocking story. A toddler shoots mom with her loaded gun. You have to figure that at some point, this just had to happen.

I fully understand why the 2nd Amendment was written as it was. At one time this country did not have a regular army and so, a volunteer militia made up of individually armed men would have to muster and train, in order to defend their towns or villages, even the country if called upon. That was the assumption anyway. At least until a regular army, navy, marine corps, eventually a coast guard and air force was authorized through Congress. Because of the above changes in the formation of an official military, the original intentions of the 2nd Amendment went the way of history. Fast forward to the present with various “Open Carry” radical groups that insist on taking their guns everywhere. I could see some child playing with a fully loaded semi-automatic rifle, like he or she thought it was a toy, with tragic consequences. Like what happened yesterday at WalMart. Because anyone dumb enough to open carry such a weapon into a Target or where ever, wouldn’t have the common sense it would take to keep a child away from a dangerous weapon. Sorry to have to say this before a now grieving family and children scarred for life because of this incident: but when I was a child, the 2nd Amendment was not threatened if mom and dad were not openly carrying or carrying concealed any weapon into a store, theater, or restaurant. That was over 50 years ago. My how attitudes have changed and dramatically, since I was a child.

The NRA became more politically radical in those almost 50 years from the time of my birth. You didn’t used to hear of the NRA or any other “gun rights” group prepared to take up arms against this nation, or this nation’s government. Actually, it is treasonous to make that kind of argument. But with the political donations that the NRA routinely gets, it is also a treasonous argument that routinely gets a pass and a wink of the eye. Because of the corrupting influence of private money in public political campaigns. So, at what point does the NRA begin to recognize that guns are not toys and are instead dangerous weapons? Just how many excuses can they keep coming up with when finally, toddler fires on mom and kills her almost instantly. How many members of the NRA can keep arguing that there is a “dictatorship” behind gun regulation; when children are accidentally shooting other children, because parents are careless about where they store their dangerous weapons?

I have thought about this many times since I had last posted to this blog, and it involves “looking in the mirror.” Millennials was addressed at length in “The Inlander” of Spokane, Washington. Brief interviews on the street, in which actually older people were included among those voicing opinions about same; the older people in particular voiced some particularly nasty condemnations. Maybe they forgot that, they are the parents or the grandparents of these same millenials. And with their own “me first” political views—inclusive of my individual rights to my dangerous toys—why shouldn’t the millennials make the assumption that “things” can be handed to them as well. The NRA was granted a very liberal entitlement from SCOTUS after all, with reference to their “Chicago decision.” So, if the NRA can get one branch of government to hand them something, then “entitlements” are also presumably procurable for everyone else and any other walk of life. Which leads to a 2 year old toddler reaching into mom’s purse, playing with her loaded hand gun, and killing her.

Idaho is a gun crazy state, it can not be denied. Idaho hunters love their guns and want every possible permission to use those guns, to hunt and shoot everything in sight. Whether it is of any profit or useful to them, or not. Now we can add to the list, mom’s little boy kills her with her own weapon in a Hayden, Idaho WalMart. Am I rubbing this in? Yes, I sure am. No, I am not a mom. It is probably just as well that I am not one. But for anyone who is a parent; if you are going to insist on taking a loaded weapon where ever you go; show some responsibility. Children are inquisitive and they are going to get into everything. That is why there are warning labels on bleach and other cleaners, and further notification of, “Keep out of the reach of children!!!” A smart parent or parents would understand that. Precisely, a parent who is smart enough to exercise some common sense. The same is equally true of your handgun. If through the NRA and the SCOTUS decision that so thoroughly liberalized the 2nd amendment that it is no longer recognizable, you can individually own as many dangerous weapons as you wish, keep them out of the reach of children for your own sake and theirs. That is your responsibility as a parent. And yes, this was a preventable tragedy. The only people I will truly feel sorry for, is that toddler and the other children who were witnesses.

Failed thinking

December 15, 2014

When ever I read a George Nethercutt column in “The Inlander,” I am never sure whether to roll my eyes or bust a gut laughing. Because quite frankly, I think Mr. Nethercutt spends more time stringing words together, than actually saying anything. Here’s an example:

A recent poll showed Americans about equally divided over how Ferguson was handled, with 52 percent against President Obama’s handling of the issue and 52 percent against the way police handled the protests there, with a narrow margin supporting the federal government bringing charges against the officer. Obama, as America’s first biracial president, must be careful not to show racial bias himself.

The above block quoted statement demonstrates in a nut shell, exactly what permutations racial prejudice will go through. No “biracial or other minority” should ever show “racial bias” whether in the arts, comedy routines, as members of the news media, as actors, politicians in general, or even the President of the United States. However, the putative white majority can exhibit racial bias at any time. Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, any Dixiecrat, etc.; have employed racial bias extensively and exploited it for political reasons. Racial bias was definitely on display to reduce the likelihood of minorities voting in the November 2014 elections. Just as there has been a heavy display of racial bias, when young African-American males, some with families of their own, fall victims to police over-reach or brutality. Find it on Facebook, these young African-Americans are scofflaw “thugs.” Perhaps if they just complied with the law… However there is a counterargument called, the cops have a protocol that needs to be followed. I fully understand any cop discharging his weapon and killing someone, who has a badassed weapon and definitely plans on using it. That is not the same thing as: “the suspect” having only a pill bottle, set of keys, wallet, a cell phone… And the cop claims after the fact that he felt “threatened.”

Now for a summary of what else Mr. Nethercutt argued, we could teach the current illegal immigrants all about capitalism, the free market, and working hard. Uh, I am very sure they know all about any of the above. Capitalism=illegal immigrants are exploitable day labor. The free market=no we do not want illegal immigrants to obtain a green card (through executive action), because they may as potentially legal citizens, expect better treatment as well as better paying jobs. Work hard? I have no doubt that they do. In fact for very little pay or none what so ever, any illegal immigrant probably works harder than most politicians. Especially when those politicians over a span of two years, took very long vacations, too many weekend breaks, and spent what little time in Washington, D.C. that they did to constantly bitch about the President. Any illegal alien that acted like this on the paid under the table workforce, would get booted off the job so fast, it would make his head spin. No, Mr. Nethercutt; it isn’t the illegal immigrants who could use these lessons. It is instead, people like yourself.

For anyone who has some grasp of what Boys and Girls of America stands for, or for that matter, Big Brothers and Big Sisters; it is where you partner up with a child who is literally struggling, and try to act as an inspiration. If it works out as planned, this is a child who might make it into high school, college, or even a university. If it works out with this kind of partnership or sponsorship, this is a child who would always have someone to talk to and share fun times with. The intent is, to keep that child from falling through the cracks and helping that child to eventually lead a more productive life. It is not something that Mr. Nethercutt should be trying to “after the fact” exploit. Because programs like these do cost money, some of that money may come from the federal level. The operating word here is “MAY.” We already know where the GOP priorities are in their next legislative session. Your kids or any other peoples’ kids are not exactly on the radar. Your health or the health of your neighbor, isn’t exactly on the radar either. Whether the veterans will see any kind of benefits, is also a big question. The claim I have seen on Facebook, the GOP watch the checkbook. Even before their legislative session ended in December however, seems the GOP sponsored a TRILLION dollar rider that funnels taxpayers money into Wall Street and etc. This to prevent a “government” shut down. Wall Street and etc. doesn’t require such a massive socialist outpouring of public moolah, but the GOP are determined to make sure Wall Street and etc. are the recipients of a federal sugar daddy. That is not an argument for one political party to “watch the check book.” Nor is it an argument for capitalism and the free market.

Seriously? President Obama should take particular care that he should never show a “racial bias?” United States of America, if Nethercutt wants to assume a local voice (Spokane, Washington) for the GOP; I think you have far greater problems than whether a biracial President shows a racial bias.

Thank you Chuck Malloy

December 10, 2014

This morning, 10 December 2014, The Coeur d’Alene Press published this article from Mr. Chuck Malloy, in its guest editorial column, “Idaho primary elections: Go on, get rid of ‘em.” I fully read his column through and quite frankly, I applauded the man for what he said. A select quote, “General elections at the top of the ticket have all the suspense of old Communist Russian ballots, where only one name counts—the one with the ‘R’ label.” I am glad he said it that way. Because there is something else I am equally aware of, step up to the plate and criticize the too much power and the corruption it brings to the permanent party in power? People take triple flips as they go off the deep end shrieking about how they’ve been attacked. There must be something wrong with you, for daring to say anything! That communism as it is defined today, comes right down to the local level, as it describes and defines how people react and behave in general.

Mr. Malloy refers to them as the “TEA Party Crowd.” People who publicly declare what makes them “traditional Republicans.” Quite frankly, I wouldn’t know what they mean by that. Because there has never been one definition of a “traditional Republican,” throughout the entire history of the party. Abraham Lincoln happened to be the founder of the Republican party that was all about big government liberalism. Slavery was a black blot on the nation and needs to be scourged, once and for all. It took a civil war to do it, but slavery was effectively scourged. 1. Emancipation proclamation. 2. The ratification into law of the 13th and 14th amendments. This nation reference race relationships has known its bumps in the road since then. But back in the 1960s, “traditional Republicans,” still owning the mantra of the party of Lincoln, were quick to sign onto the Civil Rights Laws. Just as by the time of Richard Nixon and the highly impeachable Watergate scandal, Republicans still understood principles and accountability well enough, to tell Nixon that he stunk up the oval office with his criminal offenses. Literally being a signer and therefore an aider and abettor to criminal offenses. The party of Lincoln could still wear that mantle when its then Representatives told Nixon, he wouldn’t survive an impeachment and removal from office.

You can only be a silly idealist of a young adult only once in your life. As you get older, you come to realize that what Nixon did earned him a forced resignation. Moving on, Mr. Malloy’s entire commentary was about Secretary of State-elect Lawrence Denney’s proposal to eliminate Idaho’s primary elections. With those closed primary elections that draws too few voters, caucuses held in locations that become inaccessible to Idaho residents who don’t travel, even open primaries that fails to produce a heavy turn out at the polls. Then it is literally a waste of tax money. I can applaud Mr. Malloy being prepared to say that. Just as I can applaud his saying that our future elections should not be run on a party/partisan basis. Labels and platforms run on a label, have outlived their usefulness.

Case in point, when a low voter turnout returns to office men such as Governor Otter who’s own administration oversaw a whole lot of corruption. Yet, the voters who did bother going to the polls apparently preferred that corruption and mismanagement of taxpayers money, to anyone prepared to actually clean this mess up. Then that says just how much of a problem Idaho as a state really has. The definition of “traditional Republican” is one that no longer accepts principles, accountability, or a moral basis for its existence. And by arguing an “against Obama” limited government, —Incidentally, you did know that your constituents still need health care, stable employment, and good education, right? — it is a sorry-assed attitude that helps no one, inclusive of the children. Running campaigns against a Democratic leadership at the federal level, does not tell the voters at the state level, what you plan to offer that would improve what opportunities might and could exist for the citizens here. The Democratic efforts at trying to improve on those education and job opportunities, were never given a hearing by the low voter turn out at the polls. Is that “conservatism?” I don’t think so. Rational people would never vote in a way, that would screw themselves and their kids too.

My view of the far leftist “TEA Party Crowd,” is that they are primarily anarchists. They took it into their heads what Ronald Reagan said on the hustings about government being the problem, at least until he got into office, and ran with it. Guaranteeing when they did get into office, how much government would become a problem—at odds with itself and the American people. Quite frankly, having that office matters more than recognizing the responsibilities that go with it.

In turn, these far left anarchists turn on the people slightly better at understanding what government is; and what you are supposed to do when you hold elective office: ie govern, fellow Republicans and called them RINOs—Republicans in name only. The anarchist “TEA Party Crowd” act like spoiled crybabies who don’t mind soiling their own nest. Apparently, if the real argument is that, “If I have to share something and I don’t really want to, then I’ll just destroy it during a hissy fit, that way no one can ever have it after me.” Well, that affects more than divisions within a single party. It does effect everyone, voters and non voters alike. Over all, I liked what Mr. Malloy wrote here. His column is well worth reading. Check it out at cdapress.com.

Millennials: A fellow traveler

December 7, 2014

I wouldn’t exactly say, that at the age of 60, I am a Millennial myself. Actually, a baby boomer technically speaking, of an era and a generation, where it was thought you really could have it all. Well, when I was born in 1954, and grew up in Coeur d’Alene my home town; I was one of those people who did not have it all. It was hard to get a job. If you did not already have a resume by the age of 18, then how likely were you to get work? If there was someone you didn’t know, required for reference purposes, then you were less likely to get a job. If the argument was, that you could always seek out teachers to supply references; then you were definitely going to struggle to find work, if those teachers either hated or ignored you. Long before the Millennial generation, I was one of those young people having to live with my parents, and hating it. Then the Army, and finally I found civilian work after I had been in the Army for awhile. But in what had become a “right to work state,” the pay wasn’t sufficient for me to move away and live on my own. Even before the Millenials mentioned in the Daniel Walters’ column in “The Inlander: The Selfie Generation;” I became one of those people, trying to make an independent living with my own start up, a farmers’ market associated business: Morpheus Creative photography, with pictorial website. It was a start up that might have seemed to go nowhere fast, in actually becoming a successful business. One in which I could have accomplished my goal of living independently and on my own. But, I did not give up on it; marketing fiber crafts, photos, plants, and garden products. I had been at that business now for better than 20 years.

Dad died at 81 while all three of us still lived at our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho address on 15th address. By then, I had published a sci fi short story about “The Vracny” in Modern Short Stories. But they turned me down cold on the next story I tried to submit, so that was that. I tried paying for long range tuition on how to write stories and books. Only those people decided to criticize the intentions behind the story instead of providing input on how to better write it. The story involved a much picked on little boy, you see; who helps rescue a captive unicorn… It can’t be a “little girl” who does it instead? Was the whiny reply at the time. With that not so helpful response, I insisted on a full refund. At the same time, it influenced why I would never seek out a publisher or editor ever again, to brainstorm the idea of a book or short story. I don’t and never have done what was called “traditional thinking.” So until Amazon produced Kindle and went looking for writers to fill the e-book shelves, writing novels for me was not on the radar.

I was in my 50s before we had the internet, and in particular, the siblings when they helped mom and I move to our new home in Dalton Gardens, made sure we were set up for the internet. Like Mr. Walters, I learned about AOL instant chat and chat rooms. I found message boards for the kinds of quick responses to the news and issues of the day, that was so much faster and quite frankly, far more satisfying, than maybe getting a letter to the editor published. Plus for me, it was educational as well. Facebook was created, I set up an account. Twitter was created, I set up an account there and sometimes would chat with people at 140 characters. But that was off and on. Mom died of lung cancer at Life Care, October 2011. There was all kinds of burdensome questions about where I would go from here, because the siblings wanted to sell her home. Ultimately, my new home was back in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and in a mobile home park. But at the age of 58 going on 59, I was also a pure medical wreck. That was just from the stress of mom’s death and all that had happened. I no longer held a job. I doubted that I could, ever again. A year later, 59 going on 60, I had published my first fantasy novel to Kindle on Amazon, a very long fantasy novel: “Are You a Space Alien? And other adventures: A four part science fiction novel.” So, that must make me by now, a 60 year old millennial who hopes that my first ever book catches fire.

I don’t post this latest topic to blog in order to take something away from the next generation. In some ways, “The baby boomer generation” was in denial about the rest of us in the ranks. That there were people like myself, who didn’t have nor could we hope to have, a ship coming into port. That unlike Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc.; there were those of us who couldn’t become a financial success of the kind, to even live a comfortable independence. That’s what being poor actually meant and what it felt like too. In other words, I understand the Millennials frustration. But unlike Mr. Walters, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Reddit, Instagram; is a resource tool that can truly help the next generation get somewhere. If the internet had existed when I was teenager, how quickly could I have e-mailed a prospective employer in another state, someone willing to put a young woman to work and even train that young woman to become an effective employee? If that had been the case, say in the early 1970s, I would no longer have been a resident of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As it is, I am a Kindle novelist who can handle the realities of upload, download, uplink, downlink, the world wide web, urls, YouTube, and everything else. Because it exists, I am a blog writer. Because it exists, I don’t have to deal with “traditionalism” in the publishing world, that absolutely balks at the ideas that come from my “not so mainstream” head. I hope that my Kindle book does catch fire. I hope that “Aesgard Awakening! After Ragnorak, the Gods are alive!”; once I have completed it and edited, for the purposes of Kindle publication, will also catch fire. As it is, I’d like to thank the “Selfie Generation” for opening the door to a 60 year old baby boomer, to finally market myself. To finally show what I too can do.

Thank you Ray L. Fink

December 5, 2014

Before I actually transcribe this letter to the blog, the reason for its headline, I wondered if I might have something to blog about yet this week…

Letter: Pushing back vs. liberals

The letter from Luanne alluding to discrimination against Joan Harman is hypocritical hogwash.

I saw no mention of sexual orientation mentioned, and it seems just another “Honk, Sniff” poor Joan the victim, of the same harsh words and judgment she has used on others for years. She has used vile and childish rhetoric to those who disagree with her liberal agenda for years with little pushback.

She then falls back on the “I deserve respect because I’m a veteran.” She was a reservist who guarded Dalton Gardens while others in her unit deployed to war zones. Since she either wouldn’t or couldn’t deploy, she was ultimately let go with the low performers.

In touting her “veteran status” and superior views, she didn’t hesitate to criticize other veterans who disagreed with her. Case in point was her judgment that an E8 retiree with war zone service “was unfit to wear to wear a uniform.” To say that Joan deserves more respect is hypocritical because she has neglected to extend it to others.

Hopefully Luanne’s claim to veteran status is superior to the mediocre resume of Joan.


First, Mr.Fink has never met me. At no time on a personal basis, has the man ever had the occasion to ask questions of myself in order to learn something about me. What he knows, and all that he knows, are what I have written in letters to the editors.

What I do know about Mr. Fink however, is that since he had written letters over many years, he has spent most of his time engaging in a very harsh judgment of this country, “We don’t do a thing for Vietnam Veterans.” It’s citizens, “They cursed and spat on returning Vietnam veterans.” Our government, if it is run by Democrats. Other veterans, (including myself) if they disagree with himself. Obviously, the above letter is but one example.

So, for what he does not know about me, then this is what I will explain to my readers:

  • I am a native of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Born on 14 April 1954. I grew up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and had not moved anywhere, until I joined the active Army around March of 1979. Ultimately, I deployed to Cold War Germany where active terrorism targeted its citizens, NATO, and the American military. My Reserve status was from 1983 to May of 1991. When I was let go, after the first Gulf War ended (No I was not deployed, wrong MOS so I was told at the time.), first, it was with an honorable discharge and second, I still resided in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
  • I did not move to Dalton Gardens until three or so years after my dad died. By then, I had already been out of the service—Army Reserves—for more than ten years. That was by 2003 or 2004.
  • What is also factual, is that Michael Patrick has no interest in publishing corrections to the sort of “attack letters” that are based on false assumptions and completely ignorant premises. So, people like Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Fink, Ms. Cook among others; can fabricate any fantasy they wish without pushback.
  • I wouldn’t exactly know what Mr. Fink can identify as a “liberal agenda” or why he thinks [victimology speaking], that my views must be “superior.” Does that mean then, that his views are inferior? Then why are his letters published? Quite frankly, his views of an actual “liberal agenda” are those of people who totally agree with him and never argue. Literally, that grants him some kind of totalitarian authority to have the first, last, and only word on the subject. Well then, I’m afraid I am not a “liberal.” In a Democracy, even Mr. Fink needs to face the competition of ideas.
  • Further, if you put on a uniform and swear an oath, it doesn’t matter in what capacity, whether you served in a war zone or not; you put on that uniform to defend the U.S. Constitution and the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of your fellow citizens. To then turn on people as Mr.Fink has done down through the years, as Mr. Sheridan has also done down through the years. Why did you put on the uniform, if you can’t stand and absolutely hate the neighbors and fellow citizens, you ultimately defended?

When I put on a uniform, I knew that I not only defended the U.S. Constitution, but also the democracy that this founding document created. If this is something that Mr. Fink can not appreciate, I suggest a slow boat to still remaining totalitarian countries, where he may feel more comfortable.

Future of GOP could be dire

November 26, 2014

I won’t exactly fault John T. Reuter for much in his latest editorial circa “The Inlander.” Just this one issue, it is called having an idealistic faith in a party that has abruptly abandoned its core principles. I’ll agree, Mr. Reuter does admit that the Republican party set out to engage in voter suppression where ever possible. That the party did everything possible to reduce voter turn out, so that they could gain electoral majorities. But this isn’t a “flash in the pan” type of situation. Ever since the Reagan “revolution,” the GOP have been working hard at trying to create this majority power. However, that is a majority power by hook and by crook; not because the GOP actually could offer something that would honestly appeal to the American voters. If you come to your majorities through fear, hatred, anger; with the help of blatant corruption; then you have already as a party shown your inability to govern. Reuter’s idealism about our party, is in the belief that despite what the GOP did to gain their majorities, they can show the American electorate something positive in the next two years.

  • Facebook news feed: The state of Texas approves of a new historical textbook in which Moses is classified as a “founding father.” Democracy as such wasn’t exactly introduced until the coming of the Roman Empire. There is nothing in either Old or New Testament, that would even suggest those biblical texts could ever have inspired America’s democratic society. But I would say this about the GOP, their own actions prior to the 2014 mid-term elections, wasn’t exactly an inspiration for a democratic society either. Regardless of what George Nethercutt might say about it, after the fact.
  • The Senator Barbara Boxer video that was extensively shared on Facebook, in response to the executive action President Obama took on immigration. The GOP response was of course predictable—childish, really. Senator Boxer? 510 days she said in this video, in which the GOP did nothing to create legislation, not even to vote on the legislation to address a broken immigration system. Apparently, the T.V. ads exploiting “emigration as a terrible menace,” was a lot cheaper. The people voting for the GOP in response to such ads, never once asked what the GOP were prepared to do about it. Well, the GOP majority Congress hasn’t been installed yet. But they are sure worthlessly flapping jaws, because President Obama had the guts to do something about the immigration situation, that the GOP would rather just run ads to exploit.
  • After Idaho’s own mid term elections had ended; I saw the Coeur d’Alene Press run an editorial that basically skirted around the reasons why Otter could be re-elected as Governor. I submitted an open letter to the Coeur d’Alene Press, which was published on the next Sunday, about why Governor Otter would not have deserved my vote. Being a “family values” man doesn’t cut it if your administration is rife with corruption. The party you are the head of in the state, chooses to hire convicted criminals—former Senator Larry Craig. Or if the people holding an elected position within your administration, willfully mismanage taxpayers’$$$. Regardless of the majority of the Idaho electorate absolutely rejecting the Luna “educational reform” laws that puts taxpayers’ money into private pockets, the Idaho GOP still love private and deep pocketed special interests. It isn’t doing the teachers or the students much good in this state however.
  • The local extremists reacted strongly, which also says a lot about their factual lack of morality. If you so bizarrely hate what you have decided the Democrats stand for; so as to put back into office people who never did have your best interests at heart, you are already a lost cause. Scapegoating President Obama changes nothing about how the majority party governs or fails to govern locally.

For what else Mr. Reuter had to say, I will agree with him, the narrowed GOP demographic is also a disappearing one. Given what the GOP decided they just had to do to gain a majority this time around, they have already alienated people away from voting for them by 2016. Precisely, minorities, the youth, the elderly. Why? On the presumption that this diverse demographic might vote for the Democrats. Well, if the GOP actually had something to offer as Mr. Reuter suggested, the same demographics mentioned above who’s vote the GOP also suppressed, won’t have been able to vote for that party either. Which meant, the GOP successfully shot themselves in more than just the foot.

This is the day before Thanksgiving, and the Coeur d’Alene Press put out a wad of Thanksgiving letters. Very appropriate, rather than all the attack letters they have typically run in past years. Such letters I will not plan to comment on. Instead, this final statement before I elect to blog on a topic next week: Benghazi. The GOP who suddenly decided that Benghazi would no longer serve a political purpose. That’s right, Benghazi would help them to get a majority control of Congress. The lives of four dead Americans, inclusive of one Ambassador, was useful for political exploitation and nothing more. Nice “slap in the face” for the surviving family members, who wanted some answers!


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