Happy early Hallowe’en

Remember when the Republicans opposed the whole Iran nuclear deal? Seems that the real reason involved, is not whether Iran would get the bomb. Instead, the sudden collapse in oil prices, once sanctions were lifted from Iranian oil trades. As a matter of fact, oil prices have collapsed. The real GOP argument was on the behalf of oil companies, and not the bomb. Courtesy of “The Week.”

George Nethercutt was in the latest “Inlander,” and blamed House Speaker Boehner’s sudden resignation in part on President Obama. Unfortunately, Boehner was among those Republicans who never did work with our POTUS, and further insisted on some intransigence of his own. Nethercutt’s commentary on Boehner began to sound much like an eulogy: 1/4 facts topped with 3/4 bs.

Watching the Facebook news feeds, I see a lot of negative commentary about Ben Carson. If what he says is in any way, shape, or form to be true; our retired brain surgeon has wandered off down the road into Nutsville. And the American citizens are supposed to choose between him, or Trump, Bush, or some other loudmouth crazy? “The end of the world,” according to Carson. Or according to Trump and the guy he’d pick for the NIH? Autistic kids are just brats and ought to quit acting out. Seriously? Bet some of these pug uglies never once met a disabled child. Booo!

And finally, the school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. Besides the family members who live there… A few days after that attack, a group of anti-choicers lined up on Highway 95 here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Well, I am on my way home from hunting aluminum cans, and I swing by for long enough, to duly inform these people of the school shooting in Oregon. That’s right, you don’t just defend the “unborn” and stand silently by while the born children get gunned down. Somebody get a clue.


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