It isn’t November yet, and look who’s crowing too soon

Mona Charen’s latest editorial was re-published from Creators Syndicate on the 19th of October 2010 in the Spokesman-Review print edition. And she is back now, with her typical screeching about the Obama administration in particular as well as the Democratic party in general. But her column is also a waste of timber given the falsehoods throughout her editorial. Unfortunately, the GOP have to depend on these very misleading statements by people like Charen to have a fighting chance to reclaim the U.S. Congress. And a lower expectation of the American voters that they won’t remember what the situation was before the November 2008 presidential election to put the minority party back into power.

Even further, that the Republican party can’t afford honesty and personal accountability in a crucial 2010 (for them) election cycle, is particularly telling.  Health care reform as a “failed policy?”  The GOP not only did not want to participate in bringing about meaningful and truly cost effective legislation, they even voted against provisions that they had supported.  Then GOP governors and attorney generals in various states set about to sue the federal government against the implementation of health care reform.  And what was even more head shaking in utterly ludicrous assertions; on the news of last night, a major airline is reducing flights, cutting jobs and further inconveniencing passengers by claiming health care reform is costing them profits.  Uh, inconveniencing the passengers that make up the bulk of an airline company’s profits isn’t going to restore those lost profits any time soon.  People who can’t get to where they need to go by plane, will simply plan ahead and travel by car instead.  Using “Obamacare” to literally and politically turn on the workforce and actively acting against one’s customer base is not an argument against the reform, but rather, of naked greed by this company’s CEO and board of directors.  Naked retaliation against the very people who keep that airline in business means that this is an airline that won’t stay in business for long.  An immoral argument, while it can certainly be used against the party in power, isn’t going to suddenly reverse itself should the GOP regain control of Congress.

Other highlights:

1.  Charen’s claim of the shovel ready stimulus package that simply never materialized. Beside the fact that there was indeed a misuse of funds because of the fact that stimulus money wasn’t properly tracked and spent as intended (GOP trash ad:  turtle crossing signs, etc.), yet, if it hadn’t been for stimulus funds reaching the state of Idaho, there wouldn’t have been a local infrastructure improvement along Highway 95 in that corridor of Coeur d’Alene to Hayden Idaho.  The Idaho state Legislature showed no desire to disburse the necessary funding for any such infrastructure improvement up north.  Any such infrastructure improvement that came out of state coffers must also be limited to the southern end of the state.  The facts that of course, Charen and the GOP wouldn’t want people to realize.  And for anyone who’d rather forget, there had been a misuse of federal level funds to supposedly upgrade national security in the wake of 9/11/2001.  And that much of the national security funding intended for the states were treated more like pork barrel projects rather than for what they should have been intended for.  And yes, the GOP went on record as publicly opposing this too much government, too much spending and over-arching “socialism.”  Who then accepted the money.  And if it just so happened that the GOP governors in various states had themselves spent that stimulus money in ways that were not intended, to go to districts that never existed, why would we assume that the package itself had “failed” because it was misused?  This is more an argument about human nature when people get their hands on a pile full of cash.  Seems to me that we should put the blame where it belongs, with the people who actually did make use of federal level disbursements in ways that were truly wasteful.

2.  Cars that were to be developed to eventually wean us off of foreign oil.  Yes, I am fully aware of the cash for clunkers.  Of the problems that car dealers had in getting reimbursed for moving the new hybrids off the showrooms and into people’s garages.  But, those cars were in fact developed and continue to be developed today.  I wonder, when was the last time that Charen looked at a car ad by a leading manufacturer?  I am also aware of another factor that Charen herself doesn’t seem to want to contend with.  Even after the cash for clunkers became a foot note in history, it will still be a long time before older cars that still require gasoline are finally retired.  That is the way of the actual marketplace.  As long as those cars can still operate and continue to be powered by gasoline, then yes; they will continue to be part of the landscape.  However, I do not believe that this time, with the green technology that we are finally putting into the automobile, that we are simply going to turn the clock back.  There may be as of now, a receding market for older gas-guzzling technology.

3.  That financial regulations simply “failed” as a federal policy.  Let me digress here for a moment and suggest what might seem at first to be an outré statement:  We have laws against murder, but obviously with the murder rate [going through the roof], the laws against murder being ineffective, let’s simply abolish it.  Actually, no law prevents people from committing an act of murder.  But the law exists to hold them accountable when they do.  With appropriate penalties established when such an act is committed.  What does that say about Charen?  The various financial institutions inclusive of Capital One Bank screwed over their customers.  Thus, the financial regulations became absolutely necessary.  Even though banks such as Capital One continue to flagrantly violate these federal regulations provides no substantive rationale for simply getting rid of them.  What else will the customers have on their own behalf if regulations instituted to protect them are simply repealed?  Obviously, Charen isn’t thinking very highly of the people she wants to put the GOP back into power.

We are 14 days from the 2010 mid term elections.  Sarah Palin is being publicly abusive to the GOP, talks down to the “TEA Party,” and the GOP trash ads that actually are full of fear in full swing.  Mona Charen has an editorial published that literally goes off the cliff.  In my decided opinion, I won’t be voting for any GOP more than I must in my home state.  I also wish the Democrats well no matter how 2 November 2010 turns out.

But, I also have to think about this, with Obama becoming the nation’s first African-American president, we truly have seen for ourselves the sorts of radicals who now populate the landscape.  People who hate this nation that would dare to elect Obama.  Who hate the political process that actually care for their next door neighbors.  Even further, who hate it that the GOP were forced into a minority status.  And are now slavering at the prospect of the GOP sealing that “permanent majority rule” in perpetuity.  Really?  Not if the GOP think of the electorate as no more than silly children who can be easily lied to.  Or that the electorate is monolithically “all TEA Party” now.  I don’t think so.

As for the Democrats, I have this cautionary statement for them, they can only lose the midterm elections by their own hand.  Not because the GOP have anything new to offer.


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