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On 2 September 2015, this letter appeared in the Coeur d’Alene Press:

PRESS: Shows its liberal bias

If you are slightly right of center or more to the right like a conservative, do not bother writing to Readers Write. You only have about a 40 percent chance it will appear in this newspaper. The editors have a liberal bias.

A friend said if you name call or character assassinate anyone, they will not print it. I thought about it for half a minute and then said “You are half right. If you are a liberal and smear some conservative, you will have your letter printed.” Case in point is Mr. Gressler, who smears people by name who he disagrees with and will accuse them of wanting this bad thing or thinking of that bad thing. That is character assassination in my book, since he knows none of the people he smears. So how can he know what they want or what they are thinking. Yet Mr. Gressler’s letters are regular in this paper. I for one will not look at this section of the paper any more

Coeur d’Alene

Editor’s note: In 2015, The Press has published three opinion pieces by Daniel Gressler. Including today, it has published five opinion pieces by Joe Gerard

Because I don’t have a subscription to the Coeur d’Alene Press, I don’t read all the letters to the editors, or “My Turn” columns found in any edition of the newspaper. But of what I have read down through the years, self-proclaimed “conservatives” had no problem engaging in name calling (liberal is at the top of the list) and character assassination (which certainly includes, because I disagree with your opinion, you must really l-o-o-o-v-e Karl Marx). Because I have read those letters, they were obviously printed. —rolls eyes now.

Next, I am certainly not going to complain about the fact, that my own letters appear more often in The Press. I guess the editor finally wised up to a few things, and quit allowing the bitchers and moaners to dictate who’s letter can rightfully appear in the paper, at any given time. In short, a letter that gets published, is at the discretion of the editor, and not of his subscribers. They are not running his newspaper, he is. That being said, a published letter already tells you what a person thinks, or even what they want. That is why, whether you agree or disagree with someone else’s opinions, it will always be based on the contents of the letter published! Not necessarily do you need to “know” who that person is, to still agree or disagree with what they wrote. What Mr. Gerard is really saying, I can’t tolerate the idea that you can present your views as well.

And finally, character assassination isn’t simply about disagreeing with stated views. It is an argument of presuming the worst about someone, with the full intent of making your opinion public, without trying to learn whether you are right about that individual or not. Under the circumstances, I shall confine my agreements or disagreements, to what are after all published and therefor, public statements. I shall presume nothing of the person, unless this is an individual who engages in particularly virulent and violent rhetoric. Very precisely, if this person wishes to act like that toward a complete stranger. How is he prepared to act to members of his family, friends, or nearby neighbors? The Gods and Goddesses only knows. Yes, such letters were in fact published, over the course of many years. Nor would I call such people, who did submit them for publication, “conservative.” No label will ever justify the childish behavior, or the hate-filled crap that I have seen in an “opinion” column. Just call it what it is, letters to the editor are just a preview of the kind of people, we really are. Mr. Gerard, well he acts like a whiny little boy, with a letter to prove it.


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