“Conservative?” That’s a laugh

It has certainly been more than a month since I last visited this blog. I suspect for one reason, not enough inspiration of late and further, I have been working on my vampire novel: “Black Unicorn.” And no, that is not a misleading title, this is a fantasy story where the vampire is given the very strange power to transform into a winged creature, much resembling a unicorn. So, now onto what inspired me to post my latest commentary to blog. George Nethercutt is at it again. On the eve of the primaries circa 2016, Nethercutt is suddenly pushing his fantasy version of “establishment.” Suddenly, government is a very good thing after all, now that we face all these post Cold War crises known as terrorism. Oh and better yet, a government run by “establishment” Republicans would be perfect. I don’t know about you, but with this latest puff piece, Nethercutt’s credibility hit new lows.

Obviously the local Reagan Republicans around Kootenai County, Idaho, aren’t the only ones making a myth of Ronald Reagan. A brief summary of the actual Reagan in office: besides the fact that he actually did raise taxes a number of times, his “supply-side economics” put him at odds with the family farmers, unions, and foreign competition (Something you actually need to truly call it a “free market.”). There was his unquestionable floundering over Iran-Contra. Plus, the S&Ls that went bust with the taxpayers picking up the tab, soon after the first George Bush entered office. Being an actor, and a guy who did numerous TV commercials before he ran for Governor of California, did not make Reagan a “private success story.” Leave it to Nethercutt to literally re-write the Reagan he would rather have.

George Nethercutt ran for office, defeating Washington’s Tom Foley while he was about it, as an anti-establishment Republican. Notice that I am not going to state that being “anti-establishment” is in any way the same as “conservative.” Being anti-establishment in Nethercutt’s world view of the time, was to unilaterally oppose every thing the establishment Democrats were doing! George, George, George, some of us do hold long memories; even if you have a problem with keeping your own memories accurate. Many Republicans were anti-establishment, and for that reason tended to run the government into the ground. Remember ant-taxer Grover Norquist? Through massive reductions in taxes, we can shrink the size of government to the point where it can be drowned in the bath tub. Never mind how such a simplistic ideology, ultimately makes this nation a debtor state in hock to China. Norquist’s real anti-establishment argument, is one based on pure greed and not on actual reality. Congress, the Judicial system, the Executive branch, federal employees, bureaucracies, and programs all need money on which to operate. Just in case Norquist forgot, it is a capitalist system; you have to pay for everything. Taxes then, are an extension of capitalism.

When President Bill Clinton assumed office, the GOP seemed less interested in actually governing, than trying to punish the voters for putting a Democrat into office. Then, George Bush 2 spent all of his time running against Bill Clinton. And I suppose that he was so opposed to everything Clinton/Gore, that upon the eve of 9/11/2001, Bush still couldn’t be persuaded that this nation was at risk from terrorism. The day of 9/11/2001, he was reading “My Pet Goat” to some school children. But, but, but, he was a Texas Governor! He surely had the skills, knowledge, general wherewithal to pull this nation out of a crisis and overall tragedy! Actually, Bush 2 almost bankrupted the nation by the time he left office. That is the definition of “conservative” Nethercutt pushes today: create all these problems for society because you believe in corporate welfare. The only government you want is the one that acts on the behalf of well-heeled special interests. Never mind that your constituents are also everyone else and not just your radical “base;” keep on pandering to the hate-filled, the rabidly religious, and demonstrate pure ignorance while you are about it. Obviously, a not very representative government, one that makes life difficult for our American society. But Nethercutt thinks this brand of “conservatism” is the answer we all need? Sorry George, but Bush did not make this country “proud.” Nor did Reagan make this country “strong enough,” to face without fear the many challenges we would face, in the decades since his time in office. The GOP in Congress spent more time nit picking about non-essentials, than actually proving their ability to govern. They still do.

The GOP continued to prove how unwilling they were to govern under the Obama administration. The “TEA Party/[anti-] Freedom Caucus” have proven with former House Speaker John Boehner, how quickly they are prepared to eat their own. That isn’t a recipe for government should a Republican win in November 2016. —You really can not have a “smaller government” on the home front, without substantially hurting people who face natural disasters. A massive windstorm that caused a lot of destruction throughout Washington state, and parts of North Idaho as well;as just one example.— A “smaller government” can not exist, not when it is being called on to act promptly on the behalf of special pleaders. A “smaller government” can not exist, if it is expected to do what Donald Trump wants it to do, become like a police state as a threat to people who have the wrong kind of religion. On the international level, it still takes a hefty amount of cash to project strength abroad. A strange dichotomy I do believe. It is born out of the non-desire to face reality. No “small government” has the wherewithal to solve an international crises such as ISIS, nor correct any lingering domestic problems. So with that being said, the definition of “conservative” has now mutated into insanity. George Nethercutt’s latest contribution to the “Inlander,” is the face of that insanity.

Finally, I don’t know of any “moderate” Republicans in Congress. They are either by degrees out to lunch, or living it large in outer space somewhere, a place that no credible sci-fi author would ever venture upon. Given the stupid and really irrational things they have said, especially on the campaign hustings? The GOP clown car seriously applies to all candidates for the oval office. Sorry Nethercutt, the American society needs to be better served than this, in the coming years ahead.


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