How surreal it is.

Old Senator John McCain out on the campaign trail happily patting himself on the back for a “job well done” helping to pass an earmark, special interest bail out bill in the Senate that he originally was thoroughly opposed to. Glenn Beck of CNN’s Headline News “Prime Time,” declared that for this reason, Senator McCain just lost the election.  Watching “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” this Thursday evening, 2 October 2008,  the Daily Show crew gave a soundbite by soundbite account of Senator McCain who’d make an excellent debator and definitely a person who can strongly disagree—with himself.  So, there was no question here what Beck was talking about at near screaming.  Flip, flop.  And while McCain was back at it again—Source:  CNN, attacking Obama as a guy who “monitored” the situation by picking up a phone.  Guess he forgot that Obama was actually in the Senate chambers announcing why the “rescue” package should be passed.  But, what the hey?  What else can you expect from a guy who wouldn’t even acknowledge Obama’s existence during a debate?  Even as McCain was letting it be known that his highly partisan credentials were intact, “bringing those House Republicans together…” after all.  I guess he forgot that a substantial number of House Republicans decided they didn’t care for the bail out as it stood.  In the span of a week, and McCain couldn’t seem to remember the position he held not one or two days before?

Moving on from here;  I missed out on the debate between Biden and Palin as I had to head on to work.  Listening a little to the CNN analyst team, one of the most concise descriptions came from one of the women panelists, Borger?  Who informed the rest of the panelists that Palin did tend to ramble, she did tend to not answer the questions, she kept diverting the conversation into areas she was more familiar with, and that was energy.   In short, she wasn’t on-topic.  I did see the conclusion of the debate where Palin was again engaging in “cheerleading” behavior.  No, lady, this is not a football game, this is a serious issue.  Speaking of, CNN earlier in the day asked the viewers how Biden should treat Palin.  An aside here, Biden was described as unusually restrained…  Palin misnames a general McKiernon (sic) calling him McClellen, and Biden does not in fact correct her.  No, I am sure, that Biden was far too delighted to let Palin fall on her face.  That’s like a GW moment, unable to name who the various world leaders are as he runs for the highest office of the land.  On the same panel one highly besotted GOP activist, Castellano.  Despite Palin’s obvious flubs, Castellano (his partisan politics are showing) gave her high marks.  Not so the independent panel of persuadable voters.  Indeed, most of that panel were of the opinion that after tonight, they expected Obama to win.  On the analyst team,  the presumption was that Palin did well enough for the “conservatives” (read:  religious activists) to not be quite so jittery about her.  Indeed, Castellano(?) was of the opinion that (one of the team of analysts, anyway) that Palin did connect with the American middle class.  That she was a “real” person.  Exactly what I heard at the time McCain had selected her for his running mate.  Well now, the “American Middle Class”  that does:  1.  Rambles on and on when it comes to serious political issues, 2.  Typically sounds like a groupie when it comes to certain politicians, 3.  Can’t or won’t answer a question directly, 4.  Keeps wanting to talk about anything other than what is on the table as to a forum; then I am very sure that Palin connects quite well with such people.  Or to put it more bluntly, the presumption that the middle class is as stupid as she comes off as being herself.   And I am sure that the middle class isn’t stupid.  Were I facing Biden as McCain’s running mate and was asked by Gwen Iffil what promises I could not hope to keep given the current economic climate:  Tax cuts, would be the answer.  Why?  Because tax cuts are in their own way a type of spending program.  It is that much more taken from the federal treasury that is already in serious arrears.  And given McCain’s desire to cut in as draconian a manner as possible taxes on businesses;  well, David Broder in a not so long ago Washington Post column recognized just how unrealistic McCain’s tax cut proposals were.  Palin’s response, “I have only been at this for 5 weeks…”  No, I am not a politician, and yes, I am up on the issues.   That was a serious gaffe.  It ought to embarrass the absolutely shameless.

Now to level one at the CNN “Truth Squad.”  My little Gateway laptop can be frustratingly slow sometimes.  I sat in front of it, sad to say, from 8:30 on to about 1 or so pm.  I got off an e-mail finally to CNN’s Newsroom following a segment in which Biden’s favorite attack line on McCain is to declare that McCain will raise taxes on your health insurance.  The “truth squad” then picked apart Biden’s comments and decided to label them “false” because of what Biden did not say about the rest of McCain’s plan.  So, let me put it bluntly what McCain’s plan would do.  You used to get insurance through your employer and the company paid for it in full.  Now, you get health insurance through your company, you pay for a percentage of it each month.  And it can be quite a chunk of change by the end of the year.  You have to pay a deductible.  You have no guarantees that the insurance policy will cover your medical bills.  You have no assurance that the insurance will simply pay out instead of fighting you over a “pre-existing condition.”  This is what McCain wants taxed.  On the other hand, so the CNN “truth squad” doth speak; McCain is prepared to hand out tax credits for people who pay out of pocket for insurance on their own.  What is not said is whether these tax credits will off set the costs of a medical emergency or long term care.  If it will bring down the costs of medical treatment or drugs.  But then again, anyone who can afford to buy such spendy insurance that may or may not cover diddly squat, can also probably afford to go to India and get some real cheap ass and truly excellent care there.  Unfortunately, those now among the chronic uninsured couldn’t afford to go to India let alone buy a spendy insurance program that may or may not cover diddly squat.    So the read here is, that McCain seems to like to paint broad brush strokes, and as I understand it, so does Palin.  Truly, a match made in heaven.  And the “truth squad” was spinning like a top.


11 Responses to “How surreal it is.”

  1. BlastyReattab Says:


  2. SH Says:

    I would imagine a lot of home care agencies and long term care facilities would prefer a resident/patient have some long term care insurance.

  3. J. Carson Says:

    I wonder if health care reform will get a vote on Christmas Eve like Harry Reid days. I am tired of these guys.

  4. Sol Porowitz Says:

    A little aside… Is the Class Act which regards long term care going to replace long term care insurance?

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    Loved this post, I just wrote a similar aricle actually and you got some facts that I missed.

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