Childishness in Congress no less

There is at least one thing that I will agree with David Broder concerning, the reason why Senator Evan Bayh felt it was time to stage an exit from the Senate because of his disgust with how things are not working out in Washington, D.C.  Senator Bayh wished to bring about a bipartisan commission to rein in out of control spending (conceding to “TEA Party” demands that government spending is out of control) but that in particular  seven Republican members in the Senate as well as some Democrats decided to vote against this greatly needed measure.  Democrats being true to form right?  They do not believe in fiscal responsibility.  However, exactly what are the excuses the GOP have?  Or is it simply anti-Obama even when this is an issue right up their ally.  So, can we also say of those seven Republicans, that they do not believe in fiscal responsibility either?

So, speaking of childishness; Idaho state’s legislative GOP majority has now presented legislation for rendering Idaho free of any threat of health care reform.  There is no guarantee that health care reform will pass in any form in Congress this year, the GOP are rubbing their hands gleefully in the prospects of actually taking over Congress in 2010; but the majority GOP in the Idaho state legislature want to “be safe” in the event that health care reform does pass.  Uh, even the Congressional GOP recognize that health care as exists now has definite problems.  However, Idaho also has a high unemployment rate at about 10%.  Which translates into fewer Idahoans who actually have insurance, fewer Idahoans who actually can afford health care.  Instead of the GOP pushing for a liberal “state’s rights” agenda against an Obama run Federal government, they should be worrying about putting Idaho back to work.  No?

I can define political childishness very easily.  Whether it comes from “TEA Party” members who have a problem knowing what to stand for let alone what they truly oppose.  The only thing they know, is that they oppose anything Obama.  In that, I am reminded of “Blazing Saddles,” where a state governor of (anywhere 19th century western state) appoints an African-American sheriff to a town so bigoted that they’d shoot the dude on sight.  Except that he outsmarts them.  And ultimately wins their respect.  Seems to me that the “TEA Party” movement wouldn’t have much cause to rise up against a Democratic government if it was run by a white male.  And they most certainly wouldn’t have rose up if the government was run by McCain who ended up doing much the same thing that Obama is now doing to try to bring this nation out of its economic doldrums.  The comedy of the “TEA Party” movement is their argument that they can’t be racist…  Even as they push the most inexcusable racism and bigotry imaginable.  The townsfolk of Rockridge right?  Being led on by the likes of Sean Hannity and etc. of Fox News.  Unfortunately, this isn’t fiction.

As far as the GOP are concerned, they see the “TEA Party” as their means to regain control of Congress.  Really?  Wonder just how much the “TEA Party” watches the news?  Democrats such as Evan Bayh actually want to start reining in spending and reduce debt, and GOP who should be jumping on board such conservative actions such as this, suddenly refuse to do so.  If the GOP regard fiscal responsibility as a political expediency to be dispensed with (especially when they were in the majority) and continue to regard it as a political expediency (to be trumped by anti-Obama); then quite frankly, why should they regain the majority?  What they have informed me repeatedly, is that their sole purpose now is to oppose and not actually govern.

The country is a wreck.  Unemployment isn’t slated to drop by much very soon.  We are dealing with terrorism, war, recalcitrant nations such as Iran.  My suggestion for any of my readership:  take a long hard look at the people running for office.  If they are GOP, is their sole purpose for running to gain a seat in Congress in order to oppose Obama?  If so, why vote for them?  They have already declared they aren’t running in order to actually work for you the voter.  In other words, is your house less likely to be foreclosed on if you vote GOP?  Then I’d certainly like to remind you that GOP with the deregulatory fervor helped create that nightmare foreclosure scenario for you in the first place.  Are you more likely to regain employment if you vote GOP?  Then I’d certainly like to remind you that the GOP helped outsource your job to overseas labor and were prepared to turn a blind eye to the hiring of illegal aliens here in this country.  Until of course, it was politically expedient to regard the presence of illegal aliens as a national security threat.  Is your health care situation going to improve with a GOP majority Congress?  Or will they simply scrap their “alternative legislation” that they presented while in a minority status because they don’t want to give Obama any credit.

The point being, that the town of Rockridge had people who were quite capable of growing up.  That was the implicit theme behind Mel Brooks cinematic western comedy.  What is the prospect of political parties inclusive of the GOP and the “TEA Party” movement growing up?  Don’t hold your breath.


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