The Tax Day Protest? LOL!

If there is one thing that could either fill a person with utter disgust or extreme amusement is all those “protesters” going out to various gathering points across the country waving signs, screeching at one another, exploiting their kids and hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame in front of the news media.  The Nick Anderson cartoon republished in the Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington) on the 16 April 2009 edition set the tone of yesterday’s “tax day” protest very well.  For the last 8 years, the American taxpayers had been utterly burdened down by the trillions in GW’s debt.  But not until President Obama threatens to add a few trillion more to the national debt does the “conservative” chicken little start squawking that the sky is falling.

The Coeur d’Alene Press front paged some hundreds of people gathered at Independence Point making utter fools of themselves and quoted Senator Mike Crapo as saying:  “We cannot spend ourselves into prosperity.  Tripling federal programs is not the answer to economic stimulus, and it’s certainly not the answer to sustainable growth of small business…”  This is my rebutal to Senator Crapo.  What kind of idiot are you, anyway?  For decades the federal gvt has handed out loans and etc. to businesses across this nation.  Those same businesses receiving federal contracts for everything from the manufacture of military equipment to the use of computer systems for all federal bureaucracies, Iraq war reconstruction products, companies such as Haliburton that delivers supplies to the U.S. Military, and indeed federal assistance in trade deals.  The very fact that the federal gvt spent tax dollars helping these companies and corporations both big and small, meant that part of the business profitability came out of yours and my pockets.  Crapo has to know that!  And that it continued to be a fact through both GOP and Dem presidential administrations and whether the political majorities in Congress were either Democrat or Republican.  (A sign in one individual’s hand:  Government control of business called FASCISM.)   ↔  Actually, I thought that was “socialism.”  ↔  Tells you just how ignorant some people can be.

I’d actually have no problem understanding all this if in fact about a year or two into the GW first term in office with tax cuts, pork barrel spending coming even from the GOP themselves, deficit spending for two wars, etc.  That “the people” who were well aware of the sign in New York that tells people just how much money the federal gvt spends every single day and adding to long term deficits as well, had rose up in protest.  The tax cuts they got today would make their children “prisoners of debt” tomorrow.  The unconsciousable amount of debt accrued from nation building in Iraq would have to be paid for in generations to come.  But, there were no tea parties.  There were not people exploiting their kids with “prisoners of debt” signs held above their heads for the purposes of the TV cameras.  Of course not.  A Republican was in the White House and the Dems had become a seriously threatened and weakened opposition.  Life was good.

So tea has become “taxed enough already.”  How funny is that?  Is that from state increases in sales taxes, state demands for property taxes, state withholding of income taxes, state fees on license plates, etc.?  Problem is, that the states and various locales actually do most of the taxing, and these sign and flag waving dudes were protesting the federal government.

  • Pork barrel spending can be called waste.  Wonder what Risch was prepared to do to curtail its practice?  Since he declared that he wanted to restore fiscal responsibility in government.  Then he should have run to replace fiscally irresponsible GOP members of Congress from Idaho years sooner.
  • Tax cuts are still redistribution of wealth.  And it is an outlay from treasury.  If the federal gvt does not curtail spending in line with the size of the tax cuts then the consequence must be borrowing to meet the shortfall that tax cuts inevitably produce.  The borrowing plus interest becomes the burden of debt that must be paid for at some point.  And the presumption about tax cuts was still (gvt spending) our way to prosperity.  The more wealthy you were, the greater the chances of your prosperity.
  • Federal programs.  That depends.  We saw certain triplings of federal programs during the GW years, not necessarily those that invested in the citizens of this country, nor necessarily assist the small businesses to compete in the wider world, nor assured food and product safety.  But, we did see expenditures from the GW administration that was definitely paranoid about the people who put him office in 2004.  After 9/11/2001, GW expanded the powers of gvt to spy on ordinary Americans.  No tea parties or signs being waved about excessive gvt control were ever spotted.  In fact, when the spying on Americans was revealed in 2005, there was a collective yawn and a shrug.  Indeed, we saw the federal gvt rush to the bedside of one brain dead and blind Terry Schiavo.  But, a cause celebré of anti-abortion extremism and a family fighting with Schiavo’s husband as to whether the woman could finally die in peace.  The federal gvt cared more for Schiavo than for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  The federal gvt cared more for the importation (legal and illegal) of a foreign labor force that displaced the American work force, than for the Americans themselves.  What does that tell you?  Where were these people when the only person “speaking for them” happened to be Lou Dobbs himself?

That is what is so astounding about this.  The partisan posturing given the history of a people who failed to act when it might have done more good.   Even  4 or more years ago.  That’s what the events of the 15th of April 2009 most aptly described.


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