Where to begin with Jonah Goldberg

There are times when Jonah Goldberg goes off the deep end, especially with his latest column republished in the 6 July 2009 Spokesman-Review. While I don’t doubt that some of his numbers might just be correct especially as China cornering the market on our national debt; I also have a sneaking suspicion about his Chicken Little rants are also 3 parts projection and a one part insistence that he gets a piece of that 3 legged pig.

It is always healthy to debate the costs and consequences of what we are going to do with the ever soaring costs of health care in this country.  But, Jonah Goldberg is nothing more than an industry shill; his idea I suppose for what “conservative” is supposed to be.  However, before Goldberg goes to great lengths whining about proposed changes in how health care in general and insurance in particular gets run around here; he could take a gander at the blank check that between Congress and the then president GW handed to both Pharma and health insurance companies with the Medicare “reform” law.  Gvt that proceeds to lock itself into a box of non-negotiation of drug prices that ultimately gets bought by senior citizens on Medicare.  The Medicare “public options” presented to senior citizens that are only going to be more affordable the more wealthy you are.  —Must be ultimately why Senator Obama won with a 53% majority and had a 365 electoral college lock.  Yeah, the GOP and GW invested in the health care industry to the tune of billions of dollars that we don’t have.  But as long as it was the health care industry, such as Big Pharma; Goldberg didn’t have a thing to say about it.  Which begs the question of why Goldberg would raise hell when any trillion dollar proposals would likely benefit ultimately the “consumers” of health care, the people.

But let us not forget that Goldberg is an industry shill after all.  “The People” aren’t his main concern.

Goldberg goes to some lengths describing how the stimulus isn’t working because of the increases in unemployment.  Well, let us step back and consider that real unemployment figures were probably at 9.5% and climbing during the last 8 years as most U.S. based companies outsourced the best paying jobs to other countries.  And the better paying jobs that could not be outsourced they preferred to hire illegal aliens for.  But Goldberg did not do any Chicken Little screeching about how the sky would only fall when GW invited the nation to the tune of some billions of dollars to go on a spending spree on money we didn’t have and could only in fact increase our indebtedness to China.  Well, until 2 years after the fact.  GW didn’t exactly save jobs nor prevent businesses from closing.

Nor is the current stimulus program likely to “save jobs” or prevent businesses from closing or going bankrupt until we change a policy that encourages business interests to re-invest in the American workforce.

There might be something here to critique Obama and the Dems in Congress for; but Goldberg didn’t exactly say that he was all that interested in how “The People” seeing enough of a federal re-investment in themselves might ultimately kick start this economy into motion.

On the other hand, Goldberg has no quibble over the idea that gvt ought to continue to hand out wads of cash to oil and gas companies as opposed to exploring new ways of energy independence.  I guess he forgot that blank check that a GOP Congress at the insistence of then President GW handed to oil and gas companies.  They pocketed the cash; raked in billions in profits; did not however do any oil exploration on leases they already hold; did not build any new refineries; and pretty much guaranteed that we would import more fuel from countries not necessarily our friends than we would ever develop “energy independence.”  And Goldberg actually thinks under the circumstances that sawing a leg off that pig would change things dramatically from the last time?

I guess it matters as to whom the pork is doled out.


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