Cal Thomas’ “faith”

I read through Cal Thomas editorial to discover whether he had anything enlightening to discuss. Not this time. Seems Mr. Thomas has some serious issues to overcome when it involves faith.  After belittling people for what he would call misplaced faith and even further uses the bible as a battering ram upside the head of those he disagrees with; Mr. Thomas then goes on to discuss the scripture that makes him a hypocrite—the sort of faith that does not in fact allow for the judging of others or of belittling people.  A faith in that which is both unheard and unseen.  But, Thomas uses the bible to belittle others and C.S. Lewis own words to act in judgment.

Here is an example, calling President elect Obama the faux messiah of our times.  I guess he didn’t check his bible closely enough before writing the words: anti Christ is the same as faux messiah.  And a faux messiah was described very well in Revelations; as the dude who would pretend to be a messiah, but who speaks the words of the dragon.  A fearsome creature out to doom and damn mankind.  Anything that I have heard coming out of Obama’s mouth, truth to tell, sounds like he studies and practices his bible pretty thoroughly.  And apparently, this is something that Thomas and his ilk can’t handle at all.

On the other hand, it seems to me that people ultimately had a good reason to argue that GW is the devil.  The man proclaims a “born again Christian” status.  He attended a good many bible study courses.  Many of his speeches to anyone whether high school or college students to select audiences of the like-minded, you could be sure that GW sounded exactly like the preacher in chief.  But it was what GW did in practice that tells a different tale.  If every time GW opens his mouth, he ends up breaking one of the 10 commandments,  well you get more of a sense of the faux messiah coming from GW as described in Revelations than I have heard so far from Obama.  A man who in desiring to bring the country together, spoke as though from the letters of Paul, “neither male or female, neither bond or free, for all are the same in Christ Jesus.”  In any of Obama’s speeches, you heard the same principle.  For his inauguration, and his invitation to Pastor Rick Warren to open the inauguration festivities with an invocation, the principle can be seen in practice.  As for GW, who promised to be a uniter, not a divider, GW proved to not be trusted on that promise.

There is a difference between trust and faith.  Trust is a decision you make when hiring an employee; you trust that employee will do right by your company and the customers your company serves.  When hiring a new CEO, you hope that the CEO of the company will do right by its ultimate profits and the shareholders.  Banks that you acquire credit cards and mortgages from, you hope, certainly trust that those who offer such lending does not ultimately engage in the sort of greedy mismanagement that causes both the customer and the company to lose big.  Especially in the case of Bernard Madoff, trust was misplaced since Madoff used a Ponzi scheme to bilk billions out of his investors.  But Madoff was after all the beneficiary of the GW era in which there was no real oversight, no visible regulation, “the market will correct itself” type of attitude.  It was faith placed in ideology that led to some catastrophic consequences for this society.  And Thomas didn’t want to go there, even as he built his “conservative” credentials around it.  No, he’d rather call Obama an anti-Christ instead.

To put faith in a political theory is to put a near impossible trust in one’s fellow humans.  That a truly self governing society will police itself, its personal behavior and we don’t need no stinking rules after all if people already are personally moral.  Problem is, that even the God of the bible had to provide loads of rules for the chosen people to follow.  And punishments specific if the people failed to obey them.  If you relax the rules at some level of government (God could be called the ultimate level of government) then you can be sure that people aren’t necessarily going to prove all that moral.  Enron, after all, was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to companies unwilling to police its own behavior for the betterment of the customers it was supposed to be serving.  Before you can describe morality, you must first have rules, regulations and laws.  An ideology that in its worst form described a near anarchy—government small enough to drown in the bathtub, also put trust in institutions that if you have free rein, we believe that you will do well by your employees, customers and ultimate profits.  Given the state of economic collapse following that pure ideological faith, don’t think so.

Unfortunately, Thomas has this insurmountable problem that he has to continue to point fingers at everyone else before taking an honest look at himself.  He put faith in a man-made ideology.  Because he happened to have a liberal trust in the innate good of man.  That is, those who used the ideology of limited gvt and of the religion of the market place to corner greed while exploiting the naivity of people like Cal Thomas.  So much for Thomas putting faith in God when he was putting much more faith in the doings of man instead.  But then, he didn’t say of himself, did he, what he needed to do.  Only what his readers needed to do.


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