About time this primary party came to an end

No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition! Tomorrow the end of the Democratic primary season. That is when Montana and South Dakota vote. There are now just a few dozen pledged delegates left, and the superdelegates pledging to vote for either Clinton or Obama are also limited in number. Clinton trails very badly in pledged and super delegates and Senator Obama is the closest now to crossing the finish line as to the nomination.

That being said, over the weekend the DNC Rules Committee met to decide the fate of the Michigan and Florida delegates. They could be re-instated in Denver while being penalized with half a vote. Of course Clinton and her supporters did not like this in the least. And what they had to say about how the DNC made its decisions was also featured to great laughter on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As a little reminder, would this issue have come up had Senator Clinton actually attained front runner status early on and maintained it through out? Probably not.

AbductionTo put it bluntly, this whole campaign has been just a litle weird.

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” has dramatized this election year as “Indecision 08” and with good reason. Video of Senator Clinton acting highly unpresidential with shot glasses of whiskey and mugs full of beer. Senator Clinton standing in front of whiskey kegs and whining about the attack dogs in the media. So why did she say she was running for office again? ♥ Bill Clinton charging “cover up” and “she’s winning the general election today” and generally making a fool of the entire campaign. Or was it the Bosnia trip flap where we see Clinton embellishing her “foreign policy” resume with the additions of sniper fire. Yeah, real weird.

Found on Huckleberries on-line hosted by the Spokesman-Review web site, Was quite a discussion about Senator Clinton and the DNC Rules food fight over the week end.

There were those who protested what they thought was the “ill-treatment they thought that Senator Clinton was getting and whining on the blog all about it. And those who made mention of the fact that only one candidate was actually ever questioned about his affiliation with his church. Responding to a World Net Daily poll featured just about daily on the Spokesman hosted blog. As a commenter put it, Senator Clinton and Senator McCain were never asked about their pastors or the churches they attended. Even Baptist Mike Huckabee was simply not asked about it or vilified for being a deeply religious man. Even to making politics out of his belief. I would further add that Huckabee would have been highly resentful had he indeed been questioned or criticized in the manner that Obama himself had been.

Oops And of course Jonah Goldberg rides forth to make the argument that Michelle Obama is fair game for political attack ads.   aND YEAH, oBAMA HAS NO REAL RIGHT TO DEFEND HIS WIFE.

Never mind that back in 2004, Veep Dick Cheney wanted to keep his family and gay daughter out of the political spot light.  Even though there was no question that his daughter was prepared to work for him in his campaign and without a doubt was prepared to act as a campaign surrogate.  How dare Senator Kerry bring her up in a campaign speech.  How dare he.  How dare the religious activists seek to make political hay out of the Ms. Cheney being openly gay?  At that point, there was no question that Goldberg had the particular biases and the hypocrisy that comes from it of targeting Democrats just because they are Democrats.

Michelle Obama can be targeted because for the “first time in her life” she happened to be proud of being an American, and by an opposition party that demonstrated thoroughly just how proud they were not of this country being a democracy.  Which is what I find to be truly ironic.


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