White pride?

I recently saw this “meme” that effectively attacked racial and religious pride as long as it wasn’t “white.” After that, the self-inflicting wound of “white pride” being regarded as racist. I don’t care to argue with the people, who put this kind of thing up on their Facebook timelines. Suffice it to say, that the human race has a violent history. Yes, as a matter of fact, the human race is known for tyranny, slavery, human rights violations, and etc. But trying to justify “your racism,” by pointing out the flaws of your fellow human beings; I don’t think that cuts it.

Yes, any human culture, society, and religious persuasion has engaged in slavery. You will find instances of it in the bible. Indeed, you will find justifications for slavery, throughout all of history. There is no one people at any time, who has never engaged in such a human rights abuse. Which means, this being part of human history, of what can we be proud?

Thus, if you are going to fault the history of say, the pirates of the Barbary Coast? This is with the declaration of, “We got over it and therefore, so should they.” Question, did “we” actually get over it? Quite frankly, I don’t think “we” did. Or I wouldn’t be seeing this kind of meme, on a “friend’s” Facebook timeline. So, knowing that all of the human race, has done some particularly horrible things throughout history. All of the human race has done so. Then it is useless to attack others while pretending to be a “victim.”

It might surprise anyone to know that the majority of American history is written for and by white Americans. This country has always known “white history,” by the year, every year since its founding. And even further, it is a “white history” with an over all Christian basis. Which means that anyone else as a minority, becomes literary footnotes. Under the circumstances, I can understand the why behind “Hispanic pride,” “Muslim pride,” “Black pride,” etc. It is extremely difficult to “get over the fact,” that a majority people holds you in the deepest possible contempt, for being different. Unfortunately, that is also true anywhere with any human culture. As long as you know this to be true, how about just “getting over yourself” and learning to let go of the past. Instead of using the past to lash out at everyone else.

I actually regard such memes to be infantile in nature. A child on a school playground will talk like that, but adults should know better. No, being adult about something, doesn’t make you a liberal. What it means is that you have learned something, that basically changes the way you ultimately view the world. The failure to learn some necessary lessons in life, doesn’t make you a conservative. The real argument is, you prefer to be ignorant. Thus, facts can’t get in the way of your paranoia and conspiracy theories. All in all, I have to shake my head at this kind of thinking. This is the 21st century, time to grow up.


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