When Stupidity Rules

A Mike Peters cartoon was republished in the Monday edition (16 June 2008) describing the blond anchorwoman or commentator on Fox News Channel who rants that “Obama and his wife do terrorist fist jabs.” That was on the night of 3 June 2008 when Obama and his wife were celebrating his achieving the necessary delegates to secure the Dem nomination for president. Further, “Obama’s a closet Muslim” apparently that continues to be the Fox News Channel argument even after the Rev. Wright issue. “He sometimes doesn’t wear a flag pin.” So? I don’t always either. And now here is the real kicker, “And there are rumors that he’s fathered two black children.” Wow. Well, duh. He’s African-American, Michelle Obama is an African-American. I guess.

In the Sunday paper, (Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington) was a letter written by a fellow who informs us all that Senator Obama isn’t “inevitable” either. And goes on to basically rehash the same tired old arguments, rumors and etc. that had been floating around for over a year since Senator Obama declared his candidacy for the U.S. president. Guess he must get his daily drivel from Fox News Channel.

From “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” Baracknophopbia was Mr. Stewart’s way of tearing the news media a new #%!hole. From Fox News Channel to CNN and any other media outlet out there, they were more than willing to help spread the rumors that appeared on the internet, e-mails, blogs, and etc. as though, each rumor was some damning new revelation to take that uppity black man out of the race. Not only did that “uppity black man” stay in the race, he went on to win caucuses and primaries, and finally to become the presumptive Democratic nominee for the U.S. Presidency. Now that should tell us voters that here is a guy with all his ducks in a row. But as Fox News Channel goes on and does, demonstrates that “conservative” now means “absolute idiot.” CNN finally lays off some of the scumbag character assassinations and Fox News Channel continues to heap as much of that kind of treatment on the man whom they may well have to cover as our future president. Fox News should be happy that Obama isn’t another GW, a fellow who used the bully powers of his office to drive out of a job any reporter, anchorman, or journalist who waxed critical of his behavior, history or performance in office. Fox News Channel ought to be grateful that Democrats as a rule, are far more generous.

I happen to be a conservative. I do not completely agree with the Dem view that government can do all and be all. There are some things that gvt should do. But as the U.S. Constitution does clearly demonstrate, there are limits to what the gvt ought to do. Some powers are reserved to the states and the people. But, before so-called “conservative” readers out there advise that this is exactly why we shouldn’t elect Senator Obama as the next president, do be reminded that the fellow whom he succeeds also held the view that gvt can do all and be all. That is, when catering to specific special interests. But not necessarily in the interests of the people who put GW in office. It will probably take government to heal what government damaged and destroyed.  You “conservatives” will likely have to live with having Dems in power for awhile.
Biting Nails


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