Not letting the voters decide

When does a politician continue to campaign on election day?  Not to my knowledge has any politician done so.   Even though many states allow absentee or early voting, and politicians have campaigned as much to get out the vote as to remind voters where they stand, on the official day, election day, what candidate for public office has ever continued to campaign on election day?  Today, according to CNN, Senator John McCain will continue to campaign in at least two more battleground states on 4 November 2008.  What does that say?  Only a frightened man would continue to campaign on a day when it is up to the voters, this last day, to decide whom they want as leader of the free world.  McCain is a frightened man.  Afraid he will lose.  And CNN mis-spoke when they claimed that McCain was really fighting down to the wire.  Sorry, but midnight 3 November 2008 is the wire.  And yes, after that time, the voters really do decide.

Had you seen the Republican National Trust PAC ad?  This is where this latest fly by night, boiler room operation group has come out telling us all about Reverend Wright, that near the end of his pastoral career, may have said some flaky things, but no worse than any other minister with a radical bent.  No worse than Pat Robertson anyway.  Problem for this boiler room operation group, Reverend Wright has been old news since the primaries, when he became a political issue for Senator Hillary Clinton to run against Senator Barack Obama on.  How can you trust this black dude who has this kind of pastor?  I sure wouldn’t have stayed in this black pastor’s church for 20 years… blah, blah, blah.  No, but we do know just how many Evangelical Christians were prepared, over the last 20 years, to take their marching orders from another flake, the late Reverend Falwell.  The guy who could politicize a fetus at the drop of the hat.  Which would in turn lead to threats against people and property by the more violent of anti-abortionists.  And finally, to have the Terry Schiavo case spring full blown on the world stage, Congress acting on the will of religious flakes and Ms. Schiavo’s parents, to force a woman through the courts to continue a life she hadn’t been living for the last 15 years.  In 15 years, the woman being both blind and brain dead, and Schiavo’s parents were the ones in denial.  Perhaps we are more sensitive to flakes like Reverend Wright now, after listening without complaining over 20 years of White Evangelical flakes telling us how we should believe, what country we should have, and how God can only condemn this country and its government, if it doesn’t fall to heel behind the religious activists.  And solely because of Terry Schiavo.  But, if Reverend Wright were the guy that McCain is really running against, then he should have an even bigger beef with the sort of ministers his running mate Palin only had.  Let’s put it bluntly, that the Republican National Trust PAC doesn’t have a beef with Palin’s ministers, only with Obama’s former minister.  Now, what does that say?

When I see the letters to the editor in the local papers such as the Coeur d’Alene Press and the Spokesman-Review, only in the Spokesman-Review do I see something of a balance between the hysterical and the reasonable.  And the Press, the hysterical tend to run 99 to 1 against those of more reasonable bent. So it has been when it has come to Senator Obama.  He is an African-American Democratic candidate for the Presidency.  Yes, he has consorted with questionable characters.  However, it begs the question that when you enter politics, just how many questionable characters are going to be attracted to you?  And just how many politicians do stand on the sort of high moral ground that they won’t disappoint by refusing to be corrupted?  You’ll find very few politicians that refuse to be corrupted.  Before GOP supporters push the failures of their own party in the face of a Democratic Senator, they should take a close look at themselves and whom they represent.  Senator Ted Stevens makes the argument (as revealed in the “In their own words” segment of the Spokesman-Review) that should he win his re-election bid, the Senate won’t toss him out on his ear.  Because he is a Republican, I suppose, and that is why.  Tomorrow, one Senator will get returned to the Senate who is now vying for the Presidency.  That one Senator can add to the roster, especially if Stevens is right, now consorts with convicted felons.  If McCain, then the embarrassment of having to do so.

Speaking of, McCain does a lot of high pitched, fist pounding yakking away about how he is the agent of change and what he would do to bring change.  Would anyone like to know why that is preposterous?  McCain spent about 26 years in Congress gathering experience, but at no time was he an agent of change where it really mattered.  And what he did “change” was easily challenged and over-ruled by others.  Even further, McCain likes to say that he is both tested and ready.  Tested how?  And how more ready is he, as a U.S. Senator to take on the leadership reigns as GW’s successor, who as something of a junior Governor from Texas proved to be a total flop as a president and McCain did not bother “testing himself” to get his cajones together and lead the challenge against a fellow hell bent on bending and breaking the U.S. Constitution at any given moment.  In truth, there weren’t many GOP prepared to do so.  In the final debate between McCain and the junior Senator from Illinois, McCain sneered that he wasn’t George Bush, if Obama wanted to run against Bush, he should have done so 4 years ago.  Well now, McCain didn’t run against George Bush until Obama held his feet to the fire either.  If McCain wanted to run against George Bush, he shouldn’t have waited 8 years to do so.


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