The irony of it is… Finally Parker is correct more than once

Last year, even last year, Kathleen Parker was continuing to push the spiritual/morality thing in any of her columns.  Well, it is her column.  But, what is found in her columns that preaches to the choir was also something that people were becoming increasingly offended by and turning away from in droves.  This year,  in the aftermath of 4 November 2008, Ms. Parker can finally recognize the elephant in the room; that giving too much respect to those who preach on wooden crates at street corners, deeming that they really have something worthwhile to say, granting them a “mainstream” position in society when it fact they never were there; and yes, the GOP have been returned to a minority status largely because of them.  — Katrina, Terry Schiavo, stem cell reseach.

Given Proposition 8 in California, and other presumably “anti-gay” legislation in other states; you would think that religious extremism (those who stand on wooden crates on street corners demanding to God what he ought to do about a sinning society) was still alive and well.  I don’t know about that.  Not when some dude goes on Lou Dobbs Tonight, hosted by Kitty Pilgrim, and Donahue (?) not only defends a Vatican priest for harshly attacking our president elect over his pro-choice stance, but also even defends another priest who’d deny communion to his parishoners if they voted for Obama, but goes to to argue, without any challenge from Pilgrim at all, that he will just blackmail Obama if the new Democratic majority dares to pass the Freedom of Choice Act.  And that is, by holding patient care hostage.  Yes, he makes the argument that the Freedom of Choice Act would force doctors to act against their consciousness and perform abortions who work at Catholic hospitals.  Rather than allowing that to happen, those Catholic hospitals will just shut down.  What I find deliciously ironic in the face of this extremist frothing, is that in the name of “defending life,” the Catholic hospitals won’t defend life.  Pilgrim could have suggested to Donohue (?) that he was threatening the lives of patients when he declared that he would have those Catholic hospitals shut down.  Well now, one could consider this too, that if those hospitals don’t want to operate in an environment where increasingly, the voters are turning Democratic, then they should transfer properties to those who see hospitals as primarily for patient care and not an extension of the church.  So, why is abortion of far greater concern than the loss of a job, the home foreclosed on, the business going bankrupt, the national debt reaching into the stratosphere, education failing, health care too expensive, and the same Roman Catholic church would rather invest in illegal aliens coming to this country than Americans here at home, and yes, two wars.  Shouldn’t it be more moral and spiritual to invest in helping people climb out of misery than deciding a wedge issue like abortion is more important?

I can agree with Parker that the politically religious has become quite a drag on what would make the GOP credible.  Take the letters to the editor found recently in the Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington) over Proposition 8.  The fact that gays who want marriage protest a ban, and are then attacked (as Kenneth Hamman was to put it) for not respecting the will of the people.  The people have every right, in this person’s opinion, to vote their moral and spiritual views.  The problem is, that the U.S. Constitution does not provide a legitimate place for people to vote their moral and spiritual views.  And when they none the less do so, as with stem cell research, anti-gay political positions, abortion; they also thrust their views down other people’s throats.  And only get offended if potentially, the same thing could be done to them.  In response to this letter, if Prop 8 hadn’t gotten a “majority vote” you can be sure that (Hamman) would have a lot of nasty things to say about California voters.  And could have easily said, that given the wildfires turning forests and homes into vast stretches of wasteland; California would have deserved this “wrath of God.”  Only because the voters thought his way, now they deserve respect.  (Reference:  Christian extremism in the aftermath of Katrina.)

Gays are also born?!?

I got turned away from the church and its penchant for extremism early on in life.  Abortion wasn’t always an issue, back in the 60s, unless the individual states had legalized it to some degree, abortion was not on the radar.  But, there were a lot of scare stories of how many ways you would go to Hell, usually drawn in a cartoon format and placed in telephone booths for people to take a gander at.  When I became familiar with the New Testament, finally having the occasion to read it through, those cartoon booklets written by people more than happy to harshly judge you, was also a demonstration of just how much the extremists had called into question the teachings of their own bibles.  They convinced me, and continue to convince me today, that no one profits spiritually or morally from an extremism that abandons its own basis for existence.

Kathleen Parker is correct.  And a little lesson here for the politically religious who would “execute her” for her apostacy.  I am thinking that the book of Revelations is not a referendum on nations judged by God, or a people by their non-belief, but on a church that was supposed to be a bastion of teaching God’s word and instead, sought to be a world encompassing material power.  And one today, that instead of acting compassionately toward those who suffer, would rather flex its political muscle to continue to get what it wants from a demographic that becomes increasingly hostile to its interests.  The book of Revelations is a warning to Christians and Christians only that if they abandon the word (as they most certainly did do) then God, through Jesus, judges them first.  Only those who are in accordance to the standards of God, will join him and Jesus in heaven.  What is in accordance with those standards?  If Catholic hospitals shut down because they absolutely can’t tolerate the idea of providing chemical birth control, tube tying and providing abortions; they also shut the door on people who are there for other much needed care.  Which “principle” are they prepared to apply?  The unborn matters more than the sick, the injured, the dying?  The scripture that says it all and appearing in the 10 commandments, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”  In the explanation to follow, the oath is a promise, that if you make such a promise, then you are obligated to keep it.  As you are making such an oath or promise before God.  (We can all fail at that, but, how many make a political issue and justification for not doing so?)  To not keep such a promise, and you take the Lord’s name in vein.  The point:  The unborn child is a human, his or her parents are human, their neighbors are human, “the scary other (gays)” are just as human.  The politically religious who want full rights for embryoes (without any guarantees that they will even be born); yet proceed to judge harshly the politics, the ideology, the religious differences of opinion among those who disagree with them, even to the point where they can cost life, do put themselves in a serious confrontation with their own God and their “holy word.”  A word only as “holy” as is politically convenient, I’ll suppose.


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