When is a Washington, DC expression… sexist?

It was recently that Obama speaking before a Democratic crowd spoke of McCain’s “change agenda” as putting lipstick on a pig, but it was still a pig. Nor was that some new axiom plucked out of thin air. McCain had used such an expression when trashing now Senator Clinton’s more than a decade old health care plan. Plus, (as seen on CBS News) apparently Dick Cheney had done it too. But given Palin’s reference to pitbulls and lipstick, the McCain campaign went berserk. Well, McCain, excuse me if Palin referred to herself as a pitbull bitch wearing lipstick. She was the one who made that mistake during what can only be described as a Gods awful attempt at humor. And only McCain would make an imaginary leap between her canned convention speech and Senator Obama’s rapping him for trying on the “change mantra” without any real proof of change. Having blogged about McCain throwing a childish fitelse whereit is probably time to move on. In any case, McCain is cause to give a person plenty of chuckles. And far fewer reasons to take him seriously.

Appearing on CNN and “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” Leslie Sanchez, GOP strategist was particularly annoyed that the Democrats would focus on “the bottom of the ticket” instead of the top of the ticket. I expect then that Ms. Sanchez has dismissed the fact that McCain has health problems inclusive of recurring cancer. Jack Cafferty had himself mentioned this very fact. If you are over 70 years old, have a history of cancer and also have a good likelihood of keeling over while in office, then the bottom of the ticket becomes next in line to assume the presidency. Given the circumstances, Senator Joe Biden would be better prepared to succeed Obama than Palin would be to succeed McCain. It has to be remembered, anyone entering the presidency really doesn’t have to be “experienced” especially if he has a team in place who can advice him well on the affairs of state, domestic and international policy. Even GW might have been an effective president if he had a team that advised him well rather than engaging in ideological social engineering. Under the circumstances, when Obama tells people that he wouldn’t want “yes men or women” in his cabinet, then that would certainly suggest that he recognizes his limitations and even more, would want people on his team able to advise him well. He has after all, 8 years of ideological mess to clean up. And if Biden did have to succeed him, then Biden comes with Washington insider credentials, ready to step up to the plate and take the reins and keep the government functioning. Question is, could Governor Palin do the same?

A lot of people would like to ridicule Obama’s choice for veep. In that, they would be very much mistaken. You would have enough of a crisis with a president sick, in surgery or facing a funeral. You don’t need a compounding crisis with a veep who can’t fathom how to deal with it, who can’t quite grasp how to function during a state of crisis. And given how the McCain camp wants to “protect” Palin from the crude realities of rough and tumble politics, just how much more would they “protect her” to the point that she would be an ineffective token or “trophy” veep in the White House and then a crisis situation happened? From McCain charging Obama with “sexism” because of a comment to practicing sexism against his own running mate, that is one moment of irony and utter hypocrisy. Thus, I am prepared to express this: Palin is a weapon. As we saw McCain exploit her against Obama. What has not been asked, what would he want her for beyond being a useful campaign tool? Palin is to be used to draw in those disaffected women. But Palin is a pander to religious social engineers opposed to abortion, gay rights and stem cell research. Palin’s particular ideology would not serve women who are pro-choice and pro stem cell research. Why would they vote for her? Palin as a wedge issue. “She’s a mom” as first qualification for veep. “Dennis Mansfield” who lives in Idaho and who’s blog gets featured routinely on HBO

Was headlined on that Huckleberries online blog about Demos who hate Downs Syndrome babies. Uh, Governor Palin had her 5th child in April, the child was born with Downs Syndrome, she is actually applauded by a supporter in a letter to the Spokesman-Review for getting up and going back to work after giving birth to a special needs child. Mansfield couldn’t seem to grasp, what is it about her family that maybe Palin doesn’t like? Being governor was more important? Nothing like projecting the faults of the Veep onto people who didn’t twist her arm to run for governor. Who didn’t twist her arm to be a working mother, or mayor, or TV news reporter.

A final note:  A commenter at the Huckleberries online blog waxed rather hostile as a female member of the news media noted that Gov. Palin was trying to behave like a man…  Guess the fellow missed an editorial in which a former White House consultant working for the GW administration, lauded Palin for her ability to dress a dead deer (not caribou, deer) with her bare hands.  Not too many women dress hunting kills with their bare hands.  Usually, that is what men do.  So, given the editorial, I guess I could well understand the female reporter noting that Palin was trying to behave like a man.  That being said, if Palin can gut a caribou, then she can face the national stage and the slings and arrows that come with being a part of the election cycle.  It is the McCain campaign itself that is trying to treat her like a fragile little girl.  If she can face blood and guts from a dead caribou, then I guess she can face the national stage without being “managed.”  It is McCain who undermine his own veep with his particular antics.  That can never be good.


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