The many takes of Obama

Hiding Behind Wall Ever since Senator Obama has clinched the presumptive Dem nomination he has now been subjected to issues related discussions either in opinion pieces by such individuals as Kathleen Parker, Froma Harrop, and even Jonah Goldberg. A letter to the editor in the Coeur d’Alene Press by Mary Budd who rehashes the same thing that other writers did before her. Or even a Republican attack ad that Wolf Blitzer disclosed on his “The Situation Room.” While I did not get the particulars of the attack ad that was “nasty” not nice according to Blitzer, I also figure that after all the scathing attacks that Senator Obama got from Senator Clinton and hubby Bill, he’ll have no problem weathering the GOP attempts to rain on his parade. — Note to GOP, hadn’t you best get your act together for keeping some kind of presence in Congress this fall given the state of employment, gas prices and the mortgage/credit crises? Attack Obama isn’t going to change the financial situation in this nation any time soon.


Obama vs. grumpy granddad

Kathleen Parker seems to have learned how to exhibit some what more toward Obama than she had in the past. That is, now that Obama is the presumptive Dem presidential nominee.

Ultimately, the idea of Obama may be harder to defeat than the man himself. He isn’t just a candidate anymore, but has become the human symbol of a nation’s trajectory. In that sense, he is the one we have been waiting for — a blend of our best efforts, the product of the American imagination: …

Now contrast this with Goldberg:

Obama: The way, the truth”

Who, I am not certain whether he mocks the web sites that proclaim Obama to be some new Messiah, or Obama himself whose soaring rhetoric seems to be Messiah-like in content. Never mind that we had already put into the oval office one preacher-in-chief. A fellow who told selected audiences what was best for their souls, their families and etc, with federal I.E. presidential help of course. GW happened to only be a Republican of course, and so no, he should neither be mocked or derided. Nor should he be critiqued even when his born-again Christianity became a justification for the most outlaw administration that the U.S. electorate had ever allowed into existence. So, Obama should be mocked and derided because as president, he’d be nothing like GW?

Then on to Froma Harrop:

Obama peddling feeble health plan

At least she is discussing the issues! ♥ Ole Senator Clinton had a “health plan” during the campaign that looked too scary by half as to how it would cover everyone “universal health care” fashion and how it would come out of yours and my paychecks to actually pay the cost of it. Well, when I left my old job of washing dishes at a local resort, one of the reasons for leaving was an insurance package that had become too expensive to afford for what little it would provide in benefits. I was literally paying the boss a large chunk of change out of my paycheck for a pitiful insurance package, a large chunk of change for lost hours, a large chunk of change for no longer getting raises in pay. When I had to pay him for the privilege(?) of “working” for him, and because of health reasons as well, I quit. I quite frankly get spooked at the idea of losing a significant amount of pay out of wallet for “health coverage” that may not meet my needs. I’ll take my chances at Obama’s feeble health plan.

And finally this juicy tidbit from Mary Budd:

Obama suddenly distanced himself from his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in an attempt to save his political career. But he sat in the Rev. Wright’s church Sunday after Sunday for 20 some years soaking up Rev. Wright’s ideas and beliefs. A person wouldn’t do that and not be in agreement with what was being taught.

Mary Budd has a past history of being a self-righteous bigot.  Of being quite a radical personality.  Wonder where she got her ideology if not from a pastor who taught what she now thinks.


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