The George Nethercutt editorial

“The Pacific Northwest Inlander” was quite gracious in allowing George Nethercutt a forum for presenting his own political positions.  His first editorial in that weekly newspaper was actually fairly balanced.  You could actually appreciate what he said and at times agree with him.  However, this editorial found in the week of 13 May 2010 to 19 May 2010, was hilarious, disgusting and ought to have been embarrassing to write, let alone publish.  Why?  Because Mr. Nethercutt wished to turn “bipartisan disgust” with Congress into a relentless attack on President Obama.  Literally accusing the man of all the things that apparently Nethercutt’s hero, GW Bush had been guilty of himself.

I guess, that Nethercutt resents the fact that he got bounced out of office when bipartisan disgust at the way Washington, D.C. did its business guaranteed his return to private life.  Or why stand around wasting ink literally jeering at the Obama like some kind of bratty 2 year old?  Is Obama really responsible for 20 GOP leaving office?  For 17 Dems leaving office?  Or did the pure hatred that some politicians had at the fact that Obama actually won with a decidedly better mandate than GW managed to obtain in his entire 8 years in office.  Or is Nethercutt so jealous over the fact that Obama could win and who developed long enough coat tails that the Dems could win too that he has to be utterly dismissive of the mandate the voters did give Obama?  Of ranting like crazy that Obama isn’t “humble enough” given his 365 electoral vote victory.  Of showing only arrogance.  Excuse me, but; GW’s victories weren’t nearly so  clear cut and he was arrogant.  I guess it matters as to party, whether a Republican can accuse a Democrat of “arrogance” who was utterly mute on the subject when arrogance was demonstrated by a President who came from his party.

What’s even more ironic?  About the first thing that Nethercutt did was to basically decry the politics of personal destruction that led to bipartisan disgust with the incumbents in Congress.  Yet, that is what Nethercutt proceeds to do with the rest of his editorial.

Too much government.  Only Obama could provide us with too much government and all the creative ways in which Obama could find something else to support a “take over of.”  Really?  Guess he must have been asleep at the switch over the 8 years of GW engaging in gvt take overs.  Whether it was your health—exercise like GW does, welfare—get married first if you want to be on the gvt dole, religion—a faith-based office that never existed before GW became president, activist gvt—for shame, unless:  abortion, Terry Schiavo, gay marriage, terrorism and can we accuse you of same by spying on your phone calls and e-mails?  As for gvt takeovers esp. where auto companies and the financial industry comes into play; didn’t the GOP in general and GW in particular lay the ground work for eventual take overs?

No doubt, Nethercutt wants to feed the beast of the “TEA Party” movement with his exploiting “take overs” no doubt circa health care reform.  So did GW engage in “take overs” with his health savings accounts, Medicare Reform.  Did someone forget just how activist the GW gvt was?

Gvt control of American lives.  With reference to the GOP political census; seems they have no qualms with gvt control of American lives as long as it is couched in moral values.  James Madison is surely rolling in his grave.  For anyone who understands that the first amendment limits the ability of gvt to legislate according to specific religious dictates.  Abortion, gays, the bible this or that, stem cell research; is special interest activists seeking through gvt to overturn this first amendment limitation.  The GOP, in short, only “fear” gvt controlling American lives as long as they are in the minority.  Give me a break.  Nethercutt isn’t about to take to task a GOP who abandoned their “principles” of limited gvt.  He only wants to attack the Democrats in general and the prez in particular for only doing what he was elected to do.

How about that.


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