Time to settle your differences

In the “Inlander,” the latest “Slowpoke” by Jen Sorenseon caught my eye. The two sides of the Democratic party are engaging in name-calling, derogatory comments about each other’s candidates, etc. And this continues until Ted Cruz becomes the new President with a “TEA Party” Congress. Then the Democrats point fingers and blame each other.

The reason why this parody was right on point, Facebook and the political sides just the Democrats have taken,have made it particularly obvious. So, with reference to the above title: Democrats, if you want to vote for Clinton or Sanders during the caucuses and primaries, then do so. Then once your party has decided who will be the nominee, then vote in force for that Presidential candidate. After all, the GOP are only making a repeated mess of everything. The GOP are only pushing a special interest agenda, through governments at what ever level. You, their constituents are not being served by greed, corruption, dogmatic demands from religious extremists,or an obstructive climate in which the GOP even go so far as to "snub" the President. Time to focus more on why you have this anger, and then push for the candidate who can best deal with it. Quite frankly, I don't care who they pick, even if it proved to be Joe Blow down the street from where I live. Especially if "Joe Blow" proves to have what it takes in policies,both foreign and domestic.

I just picked up “The Inlander” this morning, 12 February 2016. Of course, George Nethercutt appeared as a guest columnist. I haven’t read his column, yet; I am uncertain right now, if I am even going to. But his change we can believe in, as of two decades ago? President Bill Clinton was in office in the year 1996. The GOP were looking for as many little scandals as they could find, to push the President out of office. They were not looking for a change they could believe in,because the GOP only happened to be sore losers. How interesting that Nethercutt would have to look to a Democrat, who could make the kind of changes “people could get behind,” but not give President Obama credit where it is due. Which is why the Democrats need to get behind one candidate and stick with him, or her. No one is going to get Mr. or Mrs. Perfection. What does need to be looked at, is how the GOP could produce a worst case situation for this country. Flint, Michigan, we all know about that. The Bundy militants who decided to occupy that wildlife sanctuary in Oregon. Governor Kasich is so concerned about the “well being of the fetus,” that he would sign into law a defunding of Planned Parenthood, how about the well-being of the children in his state? Or the well-being of his female constituents? That is one thing you don’t hear about. So, I don’t know what change Nethercutt could surely believe in, or that the people ought to get behind a Republican candidate. Especially when the GOP have documented, the people are not who they believe in.


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