Future of GOP could be dire

November 26, 2014

I won’t exactly fault John T. Reuter for much in his latest editorial circa “The Inlander.” Just this one issue, it is called having an idealistic faith in a party that has abruptly abandoned its core principles. I’ll agree, Mr. Reuter does admit that the Republican party set out to engage in voter suppression where ever possible. That the party did everything possible to reduce voter turn out, so that they could gain electoral majorities. But this isn’t a “flash in the pan” type of situation. Ever since the Reagan “revolution,” the GOP have been working hard at trying to create this majority power. However, that is a majority power by hook and by crook; not because the GOP actually could offer something that would honestly appeal to the American voters. If you come to your majorities through fear, hatred, anger; with the help of blatant corruption; then you have already as a party shown your inability to govern. Reuter’s idealism about our party, is in the belief that despite what the GOP did to gain their majorities, they can show the American electorate something positive in the next two years.

  • Facebook news feed: The state of Texas approves of a new historical textbook in which Moses is classified as a “founding father.” Democracy as such wasn’t exactly introduced until the coming of the Roman Empire. There is nothing in either Old or New Testament, that would even suggest those biblical texts could ever have inspired America’s democratic society. But I would say this about the GOP, their own actions prior to the 2014 mid-term elections, wasn’t exactly an inspiration for a democratic society either. Regardless of what George Nethercutt might say about it, after the fact.
  • The Senator Barbara Boxer video that was extensively shared on Facebook, in response to the executive action President Obama took on immigration. The GOP response was of course predictable—childish, really. Senator Boxer? 510 days she said in this video, in which the GOP did nothing to create legislation, not even to vote on the legislation to address a broken immigration system. Apparently, the T.V. ads exploiting “emigration as a terrible menace,” was a lot cheaper. The people voting for the GOP in response to such ads, never once asked what the GOP were prepared to do about it. Well, the GOP majority Congress hasn’t been installed yet. But they are sure worthlessly flapping jaws, because President Obama had the guts to do something about the immigration situation, that the GOP would rather just run ads to exploit.
  • After Idaho’s own mid term elections had ended; I saw the Coeur d’Alene Press run an editorial that basically skirted around the reasons why Otter could be re-elected as Governor. I submitted an open letter to the Coeur d’Alene Press, which was published on the next Sunday, about why Governor Otter would not have deserved my vote. Being a “family values” man doesn’t cut it if your administration is rife with corruption. The party you are the head of in the state, chooses to hire convicted criminals—former Senator Larry Craig. Or if the people holding an elected position within your administration, willfully mismanage taxpayers’$$$. Regardless of the majority of the Idaho electorate absolutely rejecting the Luna “educational reform” laws that puts taxpayers’ money into private pockets, the Idaho GOP still love private and deep pocketed special interests. It isn’t doing the teachers or the students much good in this state however.
  • The local extremists reacted strongly, which also says a lot about their factual lack of morality. If you so bizarrely hate what you have decided the Democrats stand for; so as to put back into office people who never did have your best interests at heart, you are already a lost cause. Scapegoating President Obama changes nothing about how the majority party governs or fails to govern locally.

For what else Mr. Reuter had to say, I will agree with him, the narrowed GOP demographic is also a disappearing one. Given what the GOP decided they just had to do to gain a majority this time around, they have already alienated people away from voting for them by 2016. Precisely, minorities, the youth, the elderly. Why? On the presumption that this diverse demographic might vote for the Democrats. Well, if the GOP actually had something to offer as Mr. Reuter suggested, the same demographics mentioned above who’s vote the GOP also suppressed, won’t have been able to vote for that party either. Which meant, the GOP successfully shot themselves in more than just the foot.

This is the day before Thanksgiving, and the Coeur d’Alene Press put out a wad of Thanksgiving letters. Very appropriate, rather than all the attack letters they have typically run in past years. Such letters I will not plan to comment on. Instead, this final statement before I elect to blog on a topic next week: Benghazi. The GOP who suddenly decided that Benghazi would no longer serve a political purpose. That’s right, Benghazi would help them to get a majority control of Congress. The lives of four dead Americans, inclusive of one Ambassador, was useful for political exploitation and nothing more. Nice “slap in the face” for the surviving family members, who wanted some answers!


November 15, 2014

Symbol, symbolic, symbolism: with reference to an image, however usually lacking in substance. I started this blog post in just this way, with reference to the latest George Nethercutt editorial, found in “The Inlander.” Make that, after the midterm elections, it was a lot of hot air and fluff, particularly lacking in substance. So instead, here are a few issues that it seems, Mr. Nethercutt can’t seem to wrap his head around. Nor is he prepared to have the “future leaders of our country,” found exclusively at Gonzaga U., natch; be prepared to wrap their heads around those factual issues either. So, we will briefly take a tour on why world powers can suddenly collapse and finally go the way of history. Precisely, it is called “rot at the inner core.” That rot existed prior to the Russian empire, comprising much of Eastern Europe, finally collapsing with the rise of the Bolshevik revolution. That rot pre-existed the fatal collapse of the Roman empire. It also caused Great Britain to cease to be a great naval power. That rot is not what Mr. Nethercutt is prepared to address for this nation, here and now. Especially a group of Gonzaga students.

Oh and by the way, ISIS isn’t a “group,” it is a terrorist Jihad movement that is going around slaughtering everything in sight. But then I figured old Nethercutt, would suddenly be among the GOP who’d totally downplay the importance that a Jihadist group like ISIS, would have post 4 November 2014. It is no longer a terrorist Jihadist organization, it is now a “group” that we must somehow deal with. Over that, I had to roll my eyes. Just as I had to roll my eyes at Nethercutt’s assumption that we might eventually have to act unilaterally. That is where the rot within America’s inner core, becomes a little too glaring.

You must have the finances available to effectively create a strong military. Which also means, you should not be indebted to a viable enemy who can call in the chips at any time. Say China, for example. Therefore, since it takes tax dollars to finance a strong military, to also take care of our veterans after any war, then that is a whole lot of money we are talking about here. Under our present circumstances (and that is despite the new employment figures), we don’t have a sufficient tax base to effectively supply a military in equipment or boots on the ground, in order to even act unilaterally. Mr. Nethercutt never expressed whether his particular assumptions about our ability to carry out such a unilateral mission, was ever challenged. Well, it should be. Rot in the inner core of this country can be found elsewhere. How do we treat in reality, the homeless? Facebook as social media, allows a lot of stuff to be put out there, of photos, memes, videos; regarding our real world social ills. “Cop block” photos or videos routinely show up. “No veteran should be without a job, etc.” can be found on the news feeds. 34 cities now criminalize the feeding and housing of homeless people. Nothing is suggested when it comes to the latter, whether the public officials of the cities in question, would prefer instead to offer jobs, and return the homeless population to a more productive life. Maybe the surer bet of eradicating a homeless population, would be to actually invest in fellow human beings. Or, as was also found in a following “Inlander” editorial, Rachel Dolezal discusses very poor race relationships in Spokane, Washington. One glaring example of why this country could totter on the brink of collapse, was when white students posted anonymous messages online, such as: Do black lives matter? No, they do not! I will also bet you, that the same anonymous white students, would say how much a fertilized egg is a human being at conception, and no it should not be slaughtered. I could have labeled this blog post “Ironic,” but I don’t think it would be quite as fitting.

If the midterm elections proved anything at all, it had absolutely nothing to do with our “freedoms,” “rights,” or “democracy.” Outside of two left wing political parties, GOP and Democrat: seeing who could scramble the most for money, who could lash out harder at the POTUS, who could make the most cynical use of hate and fear; but who couldn’t seem to get through their heads that if you want the power, there is a responsibility that comes with it. Meaning, now that the GOP have that majority they craved, they should no longer act like whiny and tantrum throwing two year old children; but they still do. Circa, Mitch McConnell, who is only “Senate Majority Leader” when the next Congress convenes, came out declaring how he could tell the President what to do, even how to think. I don’t believe that the U.S. Constitution gave a belligerent two year old the right to tell the President how he should tend to his business. Mitch McConnell actually has nothing to say to the President at all, unless it comes to “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Considering that the GOP chose for six years to not work with President Obama, McConnell doesn’t have any business telling the man how he should act. Whether he can issue executive orders or not. Instead, it is the voters who should tell McConnell, what he needs to do for them. I have no doubt that Russian President Vladimir Putin recognizes how much in disarray our American politics really are. Undoubtedly, that is why he is getting in our faces with overt displays of military power.

SCOTUS loves corruption, the midterm elections were all about, the voters were persuaded that getting past a deep recession/near depression was not in their best interests. Having a better health care/health insurance option, should not work on the voters’ behalf either. So speaking of, a tape surfaced in which (I’ll take it that is was definitely out of context but…) a consulting guru on the Affordable Care Act, during its drafting and legislative phases, regarded the American populace as, “stupid.” Better than a year later, that same guru would only have been proven correct.

It’s not from God

November 9, 2014

Right after the 4 November 2014 mid term elections, “The Inlander” published in Spokane, Washington came out with an article on “Pastors” who endorse political candidates. Even to mentioning one such “Patriot Pastor” by name who literally taunted the IRS with a “sermon” that endorsed political candidates. A “bust me if you can” type of deal. Well, after the GOP brouhaha regarding Republican affiliated groups and PACs being “politically targeted,” it just may be that the IRS will decline to investigate the “Patriot Pastor” and his church. This is not to say however, that the Pastor will never get busted by Someone else. That Someone who’s bible never asked this Pastor to make these endorsements in the first place.

The definition of secular may have changed somewhat since I got my Random House College Dictionary. But I am sure that it hasn’t changed so much that “secular” still means of the material, of the laity. Further, secular applies to anything created by man. IE: politics, political parties, governments, PACs, money to further the elections of preferred political candidates, money to further the promotion of an initiative, or to oppose it. If what the bible discloses, is to guide the followers to a more spiritual realm “In my Father’s house there are many rooms…”, then any Pastor or Priest should be more concerned with that. Precisely, making it most possible for the congregants to enter heaven. Instead, by these churches pushing politics and endorsing candidates at the pulpit; says yet again, that the church is more interested in secular power.

I am not going to name names here, for anyone interested, they can visit the Inlander Facebook page, or even inlander.com. Instead, I am going to ask my readers this question, how quick are you to turn to a dictionary and research the meaning of humanist? My dictionary describes a “humanist” as basically a moral person who shows consideration for his fellow human beings. Incidentally, the Bible both Old Testament and New, carries these humanist qualities. Jesus, according to his biographers, was factually a humanist teacher. Any church in its own right that follows such teachings today, would be considered humanist. But here was this “Patriot Pastor” inveighing against “people showing moral consideration for their fellow human beings” entering our schools. Which I regard as interesting, so what bible is he teaching from? Okay, a laity (secular) instead of Pastors or Priests (presumably spiritual) that states specifically how people should show each other some kind of moral consideration. I personally don’t see what would be wrong with that, considering that the Pastors or Priests are far too busy insisting on (secular) government paying their religion special considerations. Or why devote your time as a Pastor or Priest, endorsing political candidates?

Regardless of what the Apostle Paul said about governments being created by God, and therefore you as a believer had to live with what you’ve got; way back in the day, Samuel had a different argument. The day the people approached him out of anger because of the corruption engaged in by his two sons. These people wanted a King (secular government). They insisted that Samuel get them such a king. Samuel being irate, then came before his God and wondered the whys of the people’s argument. Never mind that his sons were corrupt, but surely a Priesthood should still prove satisfactory for an entire Israeli nation. To which God answers, that it isn’t Samuel who is getting the push back, it is the people’s choice to replace God (spiritual) with a King (secular). Well now, anything instituted by men is going to have its faults and frailties. Among them, is the capacity for power being corrupting, and those in power to exercise such power in both a false and cruel manner. That should tell even the “Patriot Pastor” a few things about the meaning of this. By endorsing political candidates (anointing “kings” if you will), the “Patriot Pastor” abandons his God in favor of a secular body that is prone to many faults and frailties. If God is supposed to be all perfect, then why would “Patriot Pastor” put his trust in a secular body? Wouldn’t that make “Patriot Pastor” a secular humanist?

A few days ago, I blogged that now that the GOP had their majority lock, just how quickly “the issues that got them elected” would become history. Well, Facebook and one news page after that, President Obama is seeking X millions in dollars to do battle with the Ebola epidemic. Some doofus I ended up responding to, said of the people who posted this page, that they had spelled “golf” wrong. In other words, Ebola was only a “freak out factor” for the purposes of politics. With the incoming GOP who certainly took political advantage of it to become the majority elected officials, now it is on to other business. And their apologia choir can engage in the usual childish attacks. Ebola is now “yesterday’s” news. Not for the people who continue to contract the disease and those who become casualties because of it. Ebola in the U.S. that should have served as a wake up call, is apparently only a wake up call for people who are humanitarian (the factual meaning of humanist) to begin with. For everyone else, a cynical manipulation of the freak out factor, is what is needed to gain Congressional majority power. That should tell you something as well. Why would God endorse anyone who wants the power, but who does not wish to engage in effective government? Who is all about having that majority control since the Reagan “revolution” of the 1980s, however they can achieve that desired status. But who are also increasingly and blatantly corrupt? If you read the bible entirely through, that is not the message actually found in scripture. But that is the message that comes directly from the pulpit of “Patriot Pastor.” As long as his own interests are furthered, he isn’t going to be overly concerned about the corruption of the political candidates, who’s names he has endorsed. Well, he should be. Because the bottom line, this is between him and his God.

To the voters

November 5, 2014

I voted today. As a Republican I voted for as many Democrats as would appear on the north Idaho ballot here in Kootenai County. I walk into my precinct polling place, a DD214 in my wallet, a pink “U.S. Army” cap on my head, and I am granted the allusion that I might be “incompetent” and therefore “not qualified to vote” if I can not seem to sign my name in the ordinary way. That is, on the dotted line like was the case in years past. Next to a name and address in a voter book that should have been facing me, so that my name at least, would not be presented upside down. I did point that out to the individual in question. A young woman who was highly dismissive of such an oversight, even as she decided that I must sign my name within the confines of an oblong cut out. Which would have proven quite interesting; if my arthritis and also the carpal tunnel syndrome that I only happen to be afflicted with, made my handwriting, such as it is, a truly terrible scrawl. Oh and for the record, showing my driver’s license was no longer enough. I must state my name, which has not changed since the day of my birth, to the lady’s satisfaction. I must also publicly state my present address, which has also not changed since I first moved to Oak Crest. I was competent enough to serve on the behalf of the GOP, as a member of the U.S. Army. I was certainly competent enough to potentially give my all on the behalf of a person, “who thinks she needs to hold my hand, in directing me where and how to sign my name.” After I vote and am putting my ballot in the box, the same person seems to think she needs to watch me do so. This is the GOP for you, a party that treats its constituents with nothing but contempt, but still believe the same people should give them majority power in Congress.

I am actually not angered or disappointed if the Democrats actually lost many seats in Congress. I will plainly express why. It takes courage to be a liberal, and as a liberal, to take a factual stand on on what you claim to believe in. If you are a member of a party that acted on the behalf of the American voters, then it is a statement of fact that you should own, say that you are proud of this or other accomplishments, and stand your ground. Instead, the Democrats chose to allow the GOP to frame the message and that is the self-defeating message the Democrats wished to run on. Obviously, their particular losses were well deserved. If I lived in a state where the Democrats were intent on running from the President of the United States, a President whom I had helped to elect, I’d have no reason to vote for that truly spineless SOB. If there was another credible party whom I could have voted for instead, I would vote for the candidate representing that party, but neither Democrat nor Republican. Because, unlike other members of the American electorate that seem to be real gluttons for punishment, I do pay attention to the facts.

I understand that the Koch bros have a controlling interest in the Keystone Pipeline XL. Of course, Reibus Prienus (sic?) won’t publicly admit to it, but a majority GOP Congress in voting for this Canadian based pipeline, would be using the government and of course the taxpayers’ dime, to grant a boon to the billionaires who bought their offices. You see, the Koch bros are not actually anti-government, if that government does something on their behalf. Just as the GOP are also not anti-government, if they spend all their time: lying, scheming, exploiting activist government at the state level, exploiting PAC dark money, and whipping up mass hysteria about assorted bogeymen; in order to obtain elected federal offices. Incidentally, you won’t hear about Ebola, immigration reform, or ISIS for probably the next two years. That is because the GOP are only willing to run on fear, they have no plans in place for actually “doing anything” about it.

About Ebola, it has been around for long enough, that commercial interests such as big Pharma; could have come up with a vaccine for it. If better methods of sanitation could reduce the potential for a contagion; then when Ebola first became a newsworthy item, such measures ought to have been implemented. That is, any people of any country having some kind of a social conscious, ought to have done so. Apparently not. So now, Ebola makes a “politically” timely arrival in this country so that the GOP can make use of it as a bogeyman of choice. Never mind that the hysteria they whip up is entirely irrational and lacking any real basis in fact. After all, they are now talking to a people addicted to “Duck Dynasty” and other entertaining “reality” T.V. Around the time of Hallowe’en, people want their horror stories. And the very few (so far) Ebola cases in this country, counts as a primary horror story. Regardless of all the problems this nation might still face, the GOP yell “squirrel” and expect you to look in that direction. Just as they expect you to rant and rave about their scapegoat of choice after the GOP had already screwed you over.

So, I am going to ask you voters a few questions. You are aware that President Barack H. Obama is not Governor Obama in your particular state. At least, I hope you realize that, anyway. So, pollution standards, what does your bath water look like? Is it flammable? Do you think you could cook, clean, or bathe, in it? If not, then why did you vote GOP? How about crime rates, bearing in mind that the GOP currently control many governor mansions, legislatures, city councils, and county commissioner offices? Poverty levels? Educational standards? Levels of employment or lack thereof in your particular state? Just how much federal moolah your state gets for “being red?” Health care, how good or not is it? Are the interests of the elderly taken into consideration? How about you and your family? The RNC Chairman may say in a most misleading manner that the people have demonstrated “how tired they are of Obama.” But apparently, they aren’t tired of sloppy jokes for ads, that add a new level of entertainment to an already existing “boob tube.” Yeah, meaning you the voters. So, the RNC Chairman claims that the GOP kept their heads down and worked hard. At what? And exactly what does he mean about “turning the economy around” from a respectable job growth and a decently high stock market? You should be prepared to ask him that most excellent question.

Since the Reagan new left revolution, there is one thing I note about the GOP: they love the power, they love being the majority party, but they have yet to prove that they even know how to govern. They are blatant about corruption, blatant about which special interests ought to qualify for assistance, from a GOP style socialist government. But the argument made to you the voter is, that you are “tired of the President.” And with your vote, you will have forced him to “come to the table and work with the Republicans.” I don’t guess you’d remember that you already gave him your vote to do just that. Mr. Priebus isn’t prepared to remember, that his neo radical party wasn’t exactly interested in working with the President, or the opposition party. Well, then you voters get exactly what you deserve.

False Outrage

October 31, 2014

Oh yes, this is Hallowe’en. It is just days before the mid term elections. However, here is the new face of politics as presented by CBS Evening News and POLITICO.com on their website or Facebook page. Precisely, when some “anonymous White House staffer” or government official goes public with an embarrassing comment; this time, calling Benjamin Netanyahu a “chicken shit.” Oh my! I am not going to recall the “correspondent’s” name who got himself all purposefully riled up so that he could say, how President Obama wasn’t even going to bother trying to find the person who said this, and punish him. Any other time over the years, anonymous officials have come out and said something purposefully crazy. Either it was about their own administrations, members of Congress, or even at times, leaders of foreign countries. Exactly when did the news media decide to get “outraged” over the intended insult. Which indeed such comments usually were. Until now, never. Only until now, the news media decided to lap it all up, like the tabloid journalists they happen to be. I am going to guess that the sole reason for this “outrage” of the last few days, is that the mid term elections are gearing up and the news media is aching for a “real scandal.” Well excuse me, but I fail to find one.

Politico was pushing this “how terrible it is” that Netanyahu could be “insulted” like this. Time to do some reminding here, that in a Democracy, you can say anything at all: foolish, destructive, insane, argumentative, political talking points—GOP, counter political talking points—Democrat, third party positions, against a religion you do not like, for the religion you do, and so on, and so on, and so on. Oh yes, and in this Democracy, A president Bill Clinton can be called “slick” and effectively a coward. Bush the son can be called “chimp.” And President Obama can be called “Obolo, Obummer, King Bam, Obungler.” What is so interesting now, is that people are not being rounded up and punished for publicly insulting our elected officials. Especially our Presidents. If we don’t penalize people for acting like punks and two year old children, when it comes to their insulting American politicians, then there is no good reason for crying in feigned outrage, if a foreign official gets insulted. Watch “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” our comedians insult a lot of foreign officials. And no one is rounding up our comedians and punishing them for doing so. If that were to happen, this would no longer be a Democracy.

If you are going to be an elected official, developing a thick skin is very important. If you are going to be a politician in an American Democracy, shrugging off hysterical campaign attack ads on your way to becoming someone’s elected Representative or Senator, is extremely necessary. These days, such ads are an insult to the voter’s intelligence. Is the Affordable Care Act all that threatening? The GOP and those who hold their campaign purse strings would seem to think so. However, if you really want to reference it as an act of socialism. Then more than 200 years ago; Thomas Paine America’s first socialist, wanted government to take care of its citizens, much like the ACA is doing now. You don’t have to like how it looks as a law today. But in an era of big money politics, special interest pleadings, well-heeled agendas that push and pull politicians in a great many directions; the ACA as it stands now, is about as good as it will ever get. Don’t hold your breath hoping that “King Bam” has the magic wand, is able to make it all better. He does not, and he never will. Unless like an actual king, he were to abolish Congress, put in the tower of London all the well-heeled interest groups, and provide a single payer system for a country—no longer a democracy— to enjoy. Well then, on this Hallowe’en and just a few days before the polls officially open, voters put on your scary suits and vote for your own best interests. It is up to you and not the well-heeled interest groups, to make for yourself a better future.

I can think of a few insults that the news media has not chosen to do much crying over. Bush the elder vomiting in the lap of a Japanese government official, while they were at a state dinner the country of Japan was hosting. Bush the younger rubbing the neck of Angela Merkel. Only the head of state in the country of Germany. How about the “Faith Film” Count down to Armageddon? About its only saving grace is when a “damsel in distress” makes a public petition to God while all hell is apparently breaking loose around her. Otherwise, for being a fictional film, it is so poorly written and researched, that it is good only for the laughs. End time believers who are mainly terrorists. They blow up a Muslim temple built on what are purportedly the ruins of Solomon’s temple. That’s right, the temple already destroyed. Because of such an act, it is supposed to cause the people of Israel to back out of a peace accord with some kind of “New World Order.” Why would it? The more extreme of Israel’s people, would just love to see that Muslim temple destroyed! Like I said, a movie script very poorly researched. On top of that, the heroine is always being put into harms way, while looking for her “raptured” daughter. How about that. Oh, and the “New World Order?” That was first voiced by Bush the elder. If it is now a statement to be made by an “anti-Christ” in this “Faith film.” Then I will gather that Bush the elder is the premier anti-Christ, and his son, carried out for 8 years the mission of the anti-Christ. Definitely, it did not serve this country well for that to have literally happened. Quite frankly, I think there are better issues to be factually outraged about than for an anonymous government official to call Netanyahu a “chicken shit.” He’s a grown man, right? I’m sure he will get over it.

Happy Hallowe’en!

The “Hitching” fracas

October 22, 2014

According to the owner of the Hitching Post, if gay marriage became the law, he would have to close his business. That was before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the 2006 gay marriage ban here in the state of Idaho. Now that gay marriage is legal in the state of Idaho, the owner of the Hitching Post has decided to sue the City of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for “discriminating” against “his” religious freedom. To that end, the Coeur d’Alene Press had an editorial solution that I think is worth reading. If the owner of the Hitching Post wants to declare his “for profit” business to be a religious non profit, then he can certainly proceed to do so. Otherwise, under the non-discrimination ordinance that the city of Coeur d’Alene has adopted, he can’t discriminate against gays and lesbians getting married. But of course, the “my way or the highway” approach to this discussion, is the topic of the hour. Just as it produced the desired effect of inundating city hall with a lot of hate mail. Seriously? I think that the people “thumping the bible” over gay marriage, need to step back and get a grip.

The only thing that the bible says about homosexual behavior is, thou shalt not lie with a man in the same manner as you would lie with a woman. It says nothing about gay marriage. It discusses “sodomy,” as a type of rape of men. But instead, as is found in Genesis and Judges, you can sodomize a woman with no problem. But again, rape isn’t marriage. Nor is male prostitution, as a type of homosexual behavior, the equivalent of marriage. What the bible does not discuss, it can not frown upon then can it? Which ultimately argues, that the bible thumpers need to read that good book, a bit more thoroughly. Especially that part of the book where Jesus commands, “The hatred that lies in your heart toward your neighbor, is the same as murder.” He didn’t say who among your neighbors you could safely hate, that would not be classified as “murder.”

I regard the “Hitching Post lawsuit,” as first and foremost a publicity stunt. The said owners want their fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of the taxpayers. I don’t guess that they would take in to consideration the fact that Coeur d’Alene is a religiously diverse city. Not everyone agreed with that constitutional amendment banning gay marriage back in 2006. And what about the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians, which the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed? The two greatest commandments found in the midst of Jesus’ teachings: love God and love your neighbor; seem to be of greater importance in this day and age, than who enters into a committed relationship, or who does what in the privacy of their bedroom. The headline in this morning’s Coeur d’Alene Press, with reference to the Hitching Post lawsuit that sparks outrage. The “outraged” citizens are ignoring pertinent scripture, while acting like they want to “lynch” the elected officials of city hall, just because the state wide gay marriage ban was overturned. What’s that going to prove, besides informing everyone that the word of God should only be trotted out and used as a weapon?

Otherwise, it gets stored on the shelf and otherwise ignored, when it calls for your own personal moral obligations; both public and private.

If as a non-Christian, I am wrong about gay marriage or even about being a non-Christian, then I already have a good understanding about where I am slated to go. Now what about the people who use their bible solely for political reasons? I’d say that is a very good question immediately in need of an answer. The bible calls for the believers to be a decent human being even in the face of a sinner. If God can love someone who hates him by bringing forth both sunshine and rain; then the followers of Jesus, have an equal obligation to do the same. Precisely, to exercise the same pure love. Thumping the bible in order to declare, how “God” frowns on a secular state granting marriage certificates even to gays and lesbians; is not an expression of pure love. Acting like a virtual “lynch mob” with angry and hate-filled e-mails over a pending lawsuit, is also poles apart from Jesus’ teachings. well in that case, if I am wrong in my opinions, then I have plenty of company for my sojourn in Hell. Thus, I am reminded of a parable found in the New Testament. A man who being indebted to someone else, and is made a slave for that reason, is freed in a Jubilee year. You now know of the expression, “pay it forward,” this is where it comes from. The now “former” slave was expected to pay forward his good fortune to the next man indebted to himself. However, not only did the former slave decline to do so, he spoke and acted very harshly to that particularly poor man. Once his “former” master got wind of this particular act of ingratitude, he clapped his manservant back in chains. Letting it be known that as of now, the fellow would work off his still existing debt to his master. The point of this story? The owner of the Hitching Post has never confronted the possibility of his business being closed down. The only reason for the ordinance, is that gays and lesbians will not be discriminated against in housing, jobs, or where they may wish to do business. They don’t have to do business at the Hitching Post. They can get married before anyone with the authority to perform a marriage. That includes a judge. Any church could perform such a ceremony; it doesn’t have to be the Hitching Post. So, why is the owner wanting to sue the city? Probably while he was trotting out all of his “religious objections,” he was forgetting all about his religious requirements. Leave the judging to God. The scriptures pertaining to that can be found in Acts.

What’s at risk?

October 15, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court decided to sit out the gay marriage ban debate in their non decision of only a few weeks ago. Since that happened, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down gay marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada, Governor Otter personally demanded an emergency stay which was also ultimately struck down, and now gay marriages are legal in Idaho set for today: 15 October 2014. I didn’t write any letters to the editor extolling the civil rights victories for gays. I don’t figure that I need to, since I am going to make my opinions far more public than the local newspapers. And that is, by putting them on this blog. I am not a Christian, I do not have religious issues with gays and lesbians partnering up and marrying if they wish. What I go by, is what the Declaration of Independence had to say in part, all men (humanity) are created equal. And being equal, have the rights granted by their creator, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will also argue, that the founding fathers insisted on this country becoming a secular nation. You are free to believe anything you wish, as long as it is a privately held belief. As for what amounts to your public morals; the real argument should be, how you treat your fellow man, not what you impose as religious law on people who can legitimately disagree with you. Which a lot of big government religious activists have yet to wrap their heads around.

So, on this 15th of October 2014, the Coeur d’Alene Press was already hosting at least two anti-gay marriage letters to the editors, and one statement by a writer who saw an economic upside to it. One letter headline read “What went wrong,” another letter headline warned that marriage as an institution was at risk. Of course it is, and heterosexuals put marriage as an institution at risk every day. But you don’t hear about that when it comes to the big government religious activists. Where they are concerned, someone else (such as the gays, for example) must be at fault, because heterosexuals can’t handle having a marriage between one man and one woman. To the heterosexuals I argue this, get your own house in order before you complain about what your neighbor does. The institution of marriage is more at risk because of the attitudes and habits of the heterosexuals, than it will ever be from gays and lesbians.

No, it isn’t marriage that is at risk, it isn’t because you are a heterosexual that you are at risk. Rather, it has to do with the push back from the secular base of this nation, that has successfully won ground from the new religious left. I could also see where that push back could find its way into the voting booths in November, as well. When people finally get tired of the following:

  • Race, gender based, against the elderly and the poor (because they might vote Democrat), voter suppression laws
  • Religion as an excuse for government to regulate women’s reproduction and reproductive health to the most extreme measures, that can be set into law
  • Political ideology that is more about fear mongering than actually addressing a positive future for the citizens of the country
  • Blatant corruption that a recent SCOTUS decision now declares can be unimpeded by law

Then the voters will do their own push back at the polls. You can be certain of it.

Last night, the latest “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” had a particularly hilarious response to the “get money out of politics” movement. Who of course fund raise constantly for money to win against the GOP come November. Under the circumstances, maybe the argument should not be “get money out of politics.” The argument should instead be, does your candidate behave as though he or she has an intelligent grasp of the issues? How about his or her constituents? Can you say that the opposing candidate has been caught in numerous lies? How about felony charges and convictions? Jon Stewart made particular fun of the Democrats last night, and personally, I think they deserved being mocked. But I think that both he and I would personally agree, that we could work toward erasing corruption in politics. Currently, that corruption centers around the GOP. If Democratic affiliated groups are spending more money, to try to get their candidates into office; it is because they are plainly fed up with the current Congress and its failure to “do something.”

A slightly different theme, but still in line with the headline of this blog post: “What’s at risk?” A Facebook “discussion” came up recently about the cons and pros about GMO or frankenfood. With respect to Monsanto, who insists on inserting insect repellent into seeds. Or rendering corn, “Round Up” proof. What has not been studied, are the long term consequences of levels of toxicity, that may factually build up in a human body. That like Mercury in fish, may not just digest and ultimately pass out of the human body. If it hasn’t been studied, because Monsanto a chemical company wishes to broaden their market base and rushes these doctored seeds out to some very eager agribusiness buyers, then yes there would be a legitimate concern by a good many people as to whether such seeds would produce edible food. IE, food that won’t sicken or kill you. So, on Facebook were a couple of fellows who took turns trying to defend the “science” behind frankenfood. We unlock the secrets of DNA through scientific research, and companies like Archer Daniel Midland or Monsanto, commercialize transmutation by artificial means. I fail to find the “scientific” method behind what amounts to the work of mad scientists. If there are no long term studies about the health effects of frankenfood, if companies like Monsanto pour a lot of money into opposing anti-GMO ballot measures through out the 50 states, then I think we obviously have a problem. But no one among the Monsanto apologia choir is discussing the countries that have banned frankenfood and with good reason. Thus, while populist liberalism is all about making fundamental changes in the social, political, and economic order in a nation. Monsanto’s corporate liberalism, is all about making fundamental changes about our food supplies. With no thought about the long term consequences to our collective health; because the bottom line is all about profits, not people.

In this season of politics

October 13, 2014

I actually read through George Nethercutt’s latest editorial, as found in the most recent edition of “The Inlander.” This time, I am not going to address or rebut on a blow-by blow basis, what he wrote. It isn’t worth my time and effort. Instead, I will comment on the fact that when it comes to pre-election politics, Mr. Nethercutt is always guaranteed to lie about something, misinform about something else, or ignore anything that would make his fellow GOPers out to be total losers. Well, they are. So is Mr. Nethercutt. If he is going to harp on matters of value all the time, then the first value must be that of telling the truth.

At the age of 60 my chosen career is that of writing fictional books. That’s right, I write a falsehood, hoping that you will buy it, read it, and enjoy it. But between ourselves, myself as the person producing the book and you as the person supposedly buying the book; we already do know that it is fictional. It is not material to be taken seriously. It is not intended to change the world. It is a falsehood intended solely for your entertainment. That being said; Mr. Nethercutt, if he wishes to be taken seriously, should take just as seriously the people who read his written comments. Otherwise, the Republican Party that has already dragged down Congressional poll ratings, may very well be in for a rude surprise this year.

Did the GOP during the years Clinton was in office, actually work with him on a number of issues? Not exactly. Was the “Contract with America” really intended to re-invent Congress and make it more accountable to the voters? Not exactly. The sole purpose for such a “contract” was to put the GOP in power. After that, they could cause serious headaches for President Clinton while engaging in not so serious politics themselves. Monica Lewinsky comes to mind. Today, GOP “values” is that of telling women they can’t have a menstrual cycle, apparently. A menstrual cycle washes away a “living child.” Just as women can now be criminalized if during their pregnancy, a miscarriage happens, or at the time of birth, the child does not live. The only argument I am seeing here, is in the name of some perverted use of the bible, or in the name of some perverted use of religion, we see the kinds of governments forming that the GOP once said they were supposed to be afraid of. I noticed that Mr. Nethercutt mentioned nothing about that.

What he did mention, was “progress on tax reform.” Never mind that since this progressive era on tax reform —Yes, it actually did change substantially a lot about this nation, and not necessarily for the better.— Business interests look for new ways in which to avoid having to pay any taxes at all. What is also true with high levels of poverty, there are fewer people to take over the taxpaying that business interests and the truly wealthy don’t wish to pay. Yes, the unemployment rate went down to 5.9% Which is a good thing. But it did not happen with the GOP actually working with President Obama to bring this country out of a recession. It had to happen despite the fact of how much the GOP engage in obstruction as a career. Which I find to be an irony. The GOP don’t want “babies washed away” during a menstrual cycle, but they don’t value their constituents or the children of their constituents enough, to actually want to do something for them.

Locally, with regards to Spokane, Washington’s political races, one which was showcased in “The Inlander.” Seems it is a Mr. Patookas, an underfunded and nameless underdog versus Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. I am an Idahoan, therefore I am not in a position to vote for Mr. Patookas. However, maybe this blog post ought to encourage Spokaneites in McMorris-Rodgers’ 5th district to vote for her opponent. If you are as tired of her as you claim to be, then it shouldn’t matter how underfunded Mr. Patookas happens to be. Or the fact that he is a man who “lacks name recognition.” You do know who the man is, because “The Inlander” mentioned him. So, even if he gets to Congress on the anybody but McMorris-Rodgers vote, it will be because you prefer him over the individual you have no use for. I have no use for Ms. McMorris-Rodgers, but I don’t live in her district.

In the closing page of “The Inlander,” was this hilarious commentary, in which the author whines about how reading books is hard to do. In this era of instant gratification, entertainment at your fingertips, he no longer reads books. In which case, I don’t suppose that I can tell him all about my Kindle book, “Are You a Space Alien?” You can only find it on the internet, it is immediate entertainment at your fingertips, yes it is also a book. Welcome to the 21st century. My actual argument is, if you prefer social media to reading, that is your loss. If you prefer instant entertainment to actually continuing your education, that is the fault of yourself. I don’t find books “too hard to read.” I find something useful that I wish to read, then over time I proceed to read it. Reading books you see, adds to ideas. By reading other peoples’ works, it broadens horizons on where I might just take my own writings. What is hard for me, is trying to understand the people who want “instant entertainment” over learning new things. If it can happen on “YouTube,” then it will also play out in politics besides. The presumption is, that the voters prefer to be ignorant. If they are ignorant, then they are more readily controlled.

GOP: Out to insult the voters

October 9, 2014

Yesterday, I received and tossed in the trash a mailed political advertisement from the Idaho Republican party. The political ad listed the names and faces of the Idaho GOP, who will of course work hard at fighting the “President Obama’ administration of a big government liberal agenda.” What ever that is supposed to mean? So let me digress for awhile and discuss something that came up on Facebook. You can form groups, you can create pages, you invite people to like the latter or include them in the former. Given the fact that I am a writer of this blog and books, I took an interest in the literary and political groups that Facebook hosts. Very recently, I entered into a discussion of what “socialism” meant to the old left. In part, it is egalitarian, non authoritarian, democratic in nature, etc. In short, “today’s idea of socialism” looks a lot like the founding fathers’ concepts for this United States of America. Even further, it looks a lot like something you would read out of Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man.” But Karl Marx wasn’t born, I don’t believe, during the American and French revolutions. But he likely came of an age in the early to the middle of the 19th century when both revolutions were still young, they were the talk of European courts, and undoubtedly created fear among a good many of them. Just think of it, with a delicate shudder of horror, the common man rising up and creating a government for himself? To which Karl Marx would have replied as he came of age, why not? First coining the word “Socialism” = putting people first. And in the decades to follow, coining the word “Communism” = a government controlled or owned by the common people. I would say that he initially followed closely the agendas of two revolutions: the idea that the most common of men would be regarded as the equal of their “betters,” was the factual basis underpinning both revolutions. But only in the first revolution was the argument heard, that no foreign government shall tell an independent American nation what rules it must now follow. We’ll make our own rules from now on, thank you very much. Of the French revolution, it was a public uprising against their own government. France, as far as the rampaging mob was concerned, would no longer be governed by kings and aristocrats. They named their new government of the people, the Commune. It wouldn’t be difficult after that, to imagine how Karl Marx could add an “ism” to the “rule of the mob.”

This trip down memory lane being complete, let us then turn to how the GOP have, since the 1980s, chosen to see democracy. If one of the basic premises of socialism is to be “democratic in nature,” and there is a history of “mob uprisings” against European kingdoms, then let us now treat democracy (demos = the people, cracy= authority) in a pejorative manner. “We aren’t a democracy, we are a Republic.” So how did we become this “republic” without the help of the common people desiring independence from Great Britain? Weren’t there many occasions during the American revolution, when mobs rose up against representatives of the British crown? Yes there were. And once you read thoroughly the U.S. Constitution and the history that buttressed the reason for its very existence, in many ways the document is actually socialist, as it would be defined to day by the old left. But the word would not be invented until the 19th century. Even further, our country’s government was also communist from day 1. That is, the day when we formalized the U.S. Constitution through a 2/3rd majority vote [of the people] and created a government out of it. To put it bluntly, this country has been “socialist/communist” from the time of its founding. Yes, I am being deliberately snarky here, but it is still a subject matter that needs to be deeply thought about. Now onto capitalism: the second leg in the stool for an American revolution.

The original concept behind capitalism was not “pursuit of wealth at all costs,” but rather as Adam Smith was to see and define it: a commercial enterprise. Either it would be a self-sustaining one, such as goods produced through a farm or ranch. Or it would be one in which you had to constantly invest new money; such as the manufacturing of durable goods. Ideally, a commercial enterprise could survive and thrive quite well in a “socialist/communist” state. That is, if you go by the original ideas of how such a state should look like and the commitment required to keep it in existence. But by the time of the Bolshevik revolution, the mob uprising there ultimately did not create a “socialist/communist” state. Instead, it created an absolute rule by party also known as totalitarian. Thus today, we will always associate “socialism” with the totalitarian label or even the word “communism” equally as a totalitarian concept. Totalitarian to mean, the party which is the government controls every aspect of human life, every aspect of human society living under such a regime. And under the circumstances, commercial enterprises become literally state owned. I have blogged about this before, of course. But there is a vast difference between “state ownership” and “government regulated.” The latter is called “laws” incidentally, with the expectation that you need to follow them, so that you don’t end up harming your neighbors, complete strangers, customers, or members of your own family. Laws are required, if you want to set up shop and do business with anyone. With laws in place and a scrupulous desire to comply with them, wouldn’t it be more likely that people would trust you enough to do business with you?

The digression being complete, Republicans since the 1980s have used their concerns about “state ownership” to oppose any and all laws that only regulate (but not own) private commercial interests. The resulting disasters and scandals which followed? The S&L bailouts for one. Real estate speculation that caused a “housing bubble,” before that collapsed and left a whole lot of misery behind. Banks collapsing and disappearing. Banks and mortgage companies running amok to the ruin of their customers, because they were protected against their customers’ interests through the help of a Republican activist government. That’s right, a Republican activist government. Think about it for awhile. How did the GOP wish to see “socialism” or “communism?” Wasn’t the real argument that of “the state” to mean the government, that was simply too big for its britches and needed to be cut down to size? That’s right, we all publicly heard that. But that argument seems to have been tossed in the dust bin of history when ever it comes to cases of special pleading. Ronald Reagan assisting American based businesses against Japanese competition. Bill Clinton providing American businesses a new trading platform via NAFTA and CAFTA. Both Bushes calling for the bailouts of an industry that couldn’t understand the words “providing an honest service and further, doing right by your customer.” Even more than that, I recall G.W. Bush handing back taxpayers’ money to keep the nation’s businesses afloat. In a recession he could not publicly acknowledge, but his actions proved otherwise that it already existed. Or the special pleadings of religious interests, Colorado is set to pass an anti-abortion law that criminalizes all forms of it. A woman who is “considering ending her pregnancy” for what ever reason, should have a government invasive vaginal ultrasound. Or how about the NRA? Government liberalized “open carry laws” has seen (according to news reports on Facebook), three teachers so far harming themselves with firearms. Or “open carry” groups who act very immature and intimidating, as they shop at retail stores or dine at restaurants.

Also, The Republican party decided to assign to “socialism” a culture of dependency and the hand outs to the moochers. Of course, they mean everyone else who isn’t a corporate CEO who funds a lobbying group, or a well funded religious interest, or an equally well funded gun lobby AKA the NRA. But in fact, the culture of dependency plus the matter of hand outs, which is these days very blatant along with the corruption, does indeed start with those particular interest groups. No one else has the money to become culturally dependent on the government, or to receive truly substantial handouts. To say the least, the Republicans don’t bother taking a critical and objective look at themselves, or the party they have since manufactured from the time of Reagan. That is a shame really. There is a big government liberal agenda, it is one run by the Republicans. What they don’t want is competition from the Democrats, especially that of President Barack H. Obama. Remember what was said about totalitarianism? What exactly it did mean when it was implemented? Thomas Cromwell helped to implement a Christian totalitarian state. A lot of people died because of it. The outcome of the French revolution was for a time, a totalitarian state. A lot of people died because of it. The outcome of the totalitarian state that developed from the Russian revolution caused a lot of misery and death. As it did in China, Vietnam, and other countries where the “people’s revolution” took root. At its basis, there can only be one thought, one belief, one way of living, one ideology to follow. Resist it and you die.

So following the tossing of that political ad in the trash, “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart aired some moronic GOP political ads now appearing prior to the Congressional elections of 2014. First ad, the woman acts like she is “dating the President” on social media. The second ad, the woman acts like she wants to become a fiancee to a GOP hopeful or incumbent. The third ad, the woman plans to get “married (?)” to a GOP hopeful. Fourth ad, a well dressed woman going out to her formal party, who will she be “dating” by the time November comes around? I’d suggest that these women read my blog and recall, that the GOP listens more to the well funded special pleaders before they will ever listen to you. They are more likely to pick your pocket and shift your money away from public unions as an enormous subsidy (hand out) to wealthy private corporations. Also called robbing Peter to pay Paul. They don’t care about your child’s education or your health care needs. Nor are they of the opinion that you have a right to that Social Security that came out of your paycheck on a monthly basis, during your entire working career. They don’t care if toxic spills enter the water, you are supposed to cook, clean, and eat with. So, now they hand out these ads that are so infantile that Stewart could make some very honest fun of. Both him and Kristan Shaw. As a Republican (because originally the GOP/Democratic parties were socialist = egalitarian in their political views), I can’t even say that I am offended by the ads. But I would be offended by anyone, who’d actually forget about recent history, and vote for the infants who put such ads together. Quite a difference in politics that has since shaped this country, over its more than 200 year old lifespan.

Scary politics

October 3, 2014

I’ll start this blog post with Mr. Jim Hollingsworth’s letter. it was published in today’s Coeur d’Alene Press “Readers Write” column 3 October 2014. In this letter, Mr. Hollingsworth argues that IUDs (inter uterine devices) are abortifacients. Precisely, by planting such a device inside a woman’s vagina, it prevents a fertilized egg from being implanted and therefore “killing the unborn.” Until the anti-aborticidists got hold of this particular argument, I never had heard of an IUD or any other method of birth control being used specifically for an abortifacient. Anyone with an actual interest in researching the facts, could get thoroughly educated on the matter of what birth control methods do or not do and likely as not, proceed to never write a letter regarding such an issue out of total ignorance. But you can be sure that in Mr. Hollingsworth’s case, Christian=total ignorance. But we already do know that to be against aborticide among some extremists in the Christian community, is to also be against everything else that reduces the likelihood of woman bearing children. With that thought in mind, I initially e-mailed Mr. Hollingsworth at his published e-mail address, and discussed another anti-aborticide letter which he had written. I pointed out then about the facts of humanity’s history of violence. To which he could kind of agree. But he did not answer the e-mail advising the fate of children once they were born. Which I regarded as interesting. So, Christians should not make use of IUDs and by extension? Government should have within its power, to materially intervene against a woman using such a birth control device, or obtaining an elective end to her pregnancy. However, what becomes the responsibility of government toward its constituency within this country?

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” had a good and hilarious take on “Ebola in America.” The literally “pissing in their pants out of fear” Republicans in Congress of the threat Ebola poses now that there are confirmed cases of Americans who now have the disease. Just as the GOP and their apologia choir on Fox News, fanned the flames of fear in creating a linkage between Ebola and ISIS/ISIL. On the other hand, statistics on CBS Evening News about the first greatest threat to people living in this country: heart attacks! That can kill around 600,000 people per year. The GOP reaction? If it is going to cost money, we don’t want to do this. The tens of thousands of people who die from entirely preventable diseases, certainly to include children. What might prevent these kinds of tragedies, such as Medicaid expansion? If it is going to cost money, the GOP don’t want to do this. The very real threat of climate change. We certainly had proofs of climate change here in the Inland Northwest with a very violent storm on the 23rd of July, 2014. Whether some people might argue that it was not a tornado, with reference to the news media in particular; it was none the less a violent storm that injured a number of people and destroyed a lot of property. There is a possibility that someone also died because of this storm. The kind of storm that I don’t think the Inland Northwest had ever actually experienced before this year. Is climate change a threat to human existence? There is evidence to suggest that it is potentially fatal to already existing wildlife. The GOP reaction? If it threatens the profits of the corporations that already hold the GOP purse strings, they refuse to do anything about it. Finally, what about some 33,000 gun deaths each year? If it threatens the interests of the gun lobby AKA the NRA; you can be sure that the GOP will refuse to consider it. What I call, very cheap politics.

This is October, time for the witches to emerge, the pumpkins to be carved, and on the 31st the children to come out in costume and get their handouts of candy and other treats, as they come knocking door to door. It is also the closing weeks of Congressional, mayoral, city council members, gubernatorial, county commissioners, voter initiative, etc. campaigns. Because it is 2014, the GOP in particular are going to say what they will to retain their seats in Congress and try to claim new seats in both Houses of that governing body against the Democrats. Some Democrats make it easy enough for the GOP to do that by engaging in Obama attack ads. That’s right, the Democrats attack the titular head of their party to try and stay in office. Jon Stewart featured some of those more disgustingly hilarious ads on his show, in the last few weeks. I wouldn’t exactly say that the Democrats were “craven.” Make that instead, just like the Republicans, the Dems being discussed here are political opportunists. It has to be an issue today that works in their favor before they will run with this particular ball. If it does not, they have no problem becoming the party of backstabbers. Or representing themselves as the chief among such backstabbers. One name comes to mind, Clay Aiken. There are others as well. Bill Maher was recently quite disgusted with the antics of the Democrats in the year 2014. His disgust about them was featured in an interview that ultimately found its way to Facebook. Besides the fact that I enjoy Bill Maher, I think he was quite right to say what he did. So, it isn’t just the GOP involved in scary politics, it is the Dems as well.

I wouldn’t know what radical Mr. Hollingsworth pays attention to, in what I would call the actual world. He seems to be hiding in a cave most of the time, unless he comes out sometimes to run for political office or present for publication, some anti-choice letter to the editor. But if you are going to call a fertilized egg a “person,” the situation involving the future of that fertilized egg can only get more complicated from here on out. After all, it might develop into a fetus and be born as a child. Then what? Reread the blog post and ask yourself, then what? Pro-life is actually an argument that advises, this child should be valued enough to have a future. The way the political parties are going now, they act purely out of self interest and not on the behalf of the people—inclusive of children—whom they are supposed to be representing. So, what is the future of that fertilized egg that Mr. Hollingsworth “so desperately” wants to see born? This is no longer a matter of cheap politics, and these are definitely scary times to introduce that “future child” to.


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