Maybe it’s about justifying their paychecks

Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” has a tendency to bring out some disturbing facts of life about the kind of people he parodies, the news media. Whether it is Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc.; it is most often the news media or what passes for the news media in this day and age, that offers the greatest amount of fodder for his humor mill. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC didn’t like it that The New York Times had something not so nice to discuss about presidential wannabe Mitt Romney but put it on the “Home page” of their publication. It was also pointed out, that comments about John Kerry’s own vast wealth—at the time he was running for the presidency— was merely put on the front page of the same publication. Was the New York Times to be slammed for publishing something negative about Romney? Or that they didn’t front page this “negative” article the way Senator Kerry was being published? Or was it an attempt by the neo-radicals to create a “victim” of someone who should well realize that when you run for office, a lot of history is going to be put in the spotlight. Obama survived that scrutiny just handily. Not only did he survive it, he became president regardless. The neo-radicals in trying to make Romney look like some kind of victim also has the capacity to make Romney unelectable. Romney, if he wants to be president, should be able to stand on his own two feet and declare whether he thinks the New York Times was politically slamming him or just reporting the news. He doesn’t need a surrogacy parade constantly whining about “fairness” on his behalf.

Stewart initially called it a “circle jerk” all that he aired on tonight’s episode (7 June 2012) and then declared that it was unfair to the concept. Because the circle jerk ultimately accomplished something. In short, the blather about “fairness” as to whether a politician, interest group, etc. is being targeted “unfairly” for political purposes didn’t accomplish what it should, is to beg to take it a step further, the people appearing before the camera in all their self-important glory, are only in it to rake in huge amounts of cash.

I’ll agree with Mr. Stewart, this isn’t “news.”

Quite frankly, I am way too busy to watch the choreographed whining on the “talk” portions of these 24/7 “news” channels. I take in some time to watch the local or national news, if I am not out and about recycling, doing some yard and garden work, sleeping, or working on something for this year’s fair, or getting down to the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The only time that I might catch up with any of this is to watch “The Daily Show” on a daily basis. And to get in some laughs as the man does a real good job of goring the oxen through sarcasm and irony. May his kind increase. Otherwise, to have to watch this drivel coming from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc. would be otherwise so disgusting that I’d switch to a more relevant movie or music channel. I want the news for the news! Not what sounds like two year olds simply throwing tantrums and getting paid for it. So, to the likes of Joe Scarborough, Charles Krauthammer, etc.; how about getting a life? Victimology doesn’t exactly look good on you especially when you are touting your “conservative” credentials and throwing some particularly heavy punches in the direction of the opposition. That’s only what bullies do, not what people with a political message should be presenting.

Jon Stewart introduced a fellow onto his program tonight who partnered with Bain Capital. A fellow who’s name I did not catch, and who offered up a real pipedream of a book and then attacked Mr. Stewart for his “spin.” Actually, Stewart is a highly compassionate man with a strong sense of moral outrage over social sins which he expresses through lampoon and general humor. Stewart wasn’t the guy doing the “spinning,” his guest was. But then, when you are out pursuing money, creating risk for others at no expense to yourself, it is easy to forget the compassionate side of the equation. I wouldn’t recommend reading such a book unless it is a sad sort of story about people who proclaim “faith” in Christ but who choose not to follow the instructions of the master. Truly, they shall have their rewards.


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