How about listening to Muslims?

Leave it to the GOP such as Charles Krauthammer, Bill Bennett, Senator McCain and etc. to pay absolutely no attention to reality as they use the situation in Iran to look for political attacks on President Obama.  And leave it to “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart” to come up with the one rebuttal that counts.  Stewart invited onto his show one Reza Aslam(?) who certainly understood the situation in Iran far better than the sour grapes eating GOP did, the moment the U.S. took sides on the Iranian issue, it would become a death sentence for the revolutionary movement.  And when you think about it, the fellow is entirely correct.  A 30 year history in which the U.S. meddled in Iranian affairs not necessarily to the better.  The U.S. also became the perfect foil for dudes such as Khomeni to rail against in his lifetime.  For Ahmedinejad to run against in the “elections” now being protested.  Aslam said that he didn’t think that McCain, et al had Iran’s best interests at heart.  That would be just as correct.  What is at the heart of Krauthammer, McCain, etc. bitching and moaning is that they are only looking for political leverage here on the home front to further target Dems as weak on… yada, yada, yada.  So a question for my readership, you can certainly respond if you wish; what ever happened to “no to foreign entanglements?”  Or for that matter, what ever happened to a people’s desire to bring about change by their own will?  Interference not asked for could in fact kill a nascent democratic movement instead of helping it to survive.  And I am sure that Bennett and etc. doing so much bleating about Obama’s “cowardly response” really aren’t concerned about that either.  As long as they can get at a party and a president that bested them on 4 November 2008.  How about that.

So, why not listen to the Muslims?  Maybe they do know a thing or two about the sort of future they would like.  The ones in Iran finally got very tired of oppressive state religion which determined whom would become president as opposed to the vote of the people.  Literally, a totalitarian dictatorship.  Why not listen to the ones in Iran; they took to the streets because they didn’t like to outcome of Ahmedinejad’s being put back into office long before the final votes were counted?  Their opposition was entirely homegrown.  And that was despite charges that Great Britain and the U.S. was “meddling” into Iranian affairs by Khamenei in his recent speech.  Actually, the U.S. had not meddled, as Aslam noted.  So, does McCain, Bennett, Krauthammer and etc. actually believe in human rights for Iranians being constantly beaten for assembling and speaking out against injustices?  Or are they more interested in seeing a GOP president and a return of a GOP majority?  Excuse me, but only such self interested political agendas would make the party not now in power totally tone deaf to the rest of the world.

And maybe they want an Armageddon so that Christ will finally come down from the heavens.

On the birther front; yeah, yeah; the people who throw out lawsuits left and right in various states trying to overturn a legitimate election; trying to remove a sitting president from office over a birth certificate…

One such “birther” adherent has pushed the issue for months since the 4 November 2008 election.  If Obama would just show his “real” birth certificate.  He did.  What Sarah Obama was reported to have said through carefully edited transcripts.  What some fellow signed an affidavit to assert that he “heard” her say that Obama was born in an Mombassa hospital.  Which one?  There’s Barack Obama sr and Barack Obama jr.  Maybe Sarah gave birth to her son in a hospital in Mombassa, but to the best of everyone else’s knowledge who went ahead and did the research; the grandson was born in Hawaii.  But of course, those who did the research are not to be believed.  On the other hand, those who have been engaging in the birther scam and who haven’t to date come up with something valid to hang a lawsuit on; they can be believed.

If Obama would just show his “real” birth certificate, it would all go away.  Obama showed his real birth certificate and that was how it got started.

At some point, the “birther” radicals are going to simply have to accept the fact that Alger Hiss stories of rags to riches; the poor who can pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make some claim to fame; can equally apply to minorities and those of mixed race.

As it is, I can think of nothing better as a weapon against the GOP by the Dems in the next election cycle.  See all these birther guys wasting taxpayers’ money with all these ridiculous attempts to unseat a legitimately elected president?  And just look at who they are supporting now! Can you really trust that GOP contender for the White House with such an anti-democratic faction working on his behalf?  Only the birthers could do the most to discredit what remains of the GOP.  Which is also why the GOP esp. and the so-called “conservative commentators” in particular fail to discuss them.  If they are ignored, will they just go away?  Not yet.

What it will take is for the group to be publicly ridiculed and questioned as to why they are motivated to question Obama’s legitimacy to be in office.  It must be because he isn’t “white enough.”  No other president has ever had that kind of challenge presented to him; even those who were first British settlers by descent before they became American by Revolutionary war.  Pretty sad.


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