It is still relevant

This is a news item that is now more than two weeks old. Without a doubt, it will have been further blogged about, discussed at length on social media and elsewhere. However, this is my personal take on what Pope Francis said. Global warming and the need to pursue green technology, became one of Pope Francis’ papal encyclicals. Now for the outrage regarding his “bombardment” of capitalism: The political denialists regarding the actual facts, of what is purported to be “capitalism” today,that is. Capitalism has lifted the poor out of poverty for years. Which argument has been blared out from TV screens, blog posts, commentaries found in various print and online publications. How dare this Pope act against the poor? Problem is, elsewhere in “The Week,” the Disney Theme Parks choose to fire their American workforce, and hire a cheap and temporary workforce from foreign countries. I guess it depends on, which “poor” people capitalism lifts out of poverty. Yes, I can snarkily say that the Pope’s detractors have no clue.

So what is green technology? Solar panels to heat and otherwise power your homes and businesses. A general must have as fossil fuels become increasingly depleted. Or wind farms to guarantee the continuation of electricity. These would be just two examples. Others? The introduction of super bright LED lights. They reduce the need for high electrical costs. Still others? If you have a small plot of land to mow, a reel mower is just right for you. Solar or electrical cars, it would reduce gas and diesel consumption. At some point as fossil fuels deplete,there does have to be this massive transition toward new technology. It shouldn’t take a Pope’s encyclical to see the light.

But there are some things you can’t tell people, who open mouths and commit to political comments, based on how much some private interest group has paid them to say it. Politicians who declare that the Pope should stick to religion, instead of meddling in science. The same politicians who disregard the science, if it could potentially conflict with private special interest groups. Political commentary coming from say, “The Federalist.” Except for “The Week,” I wouldn’t exactly know who “The Federalist” is. Unless, it is a pro-business think tank produced publication. Right, and people who worship mammon above all else, aren’t going to be any too happy with what the Pope says.

Innovation happens to have many different nuances. First of all, there is a potential market for this gadget (Kindle, Iphone, Ipad, bread machine, electric mixer, etc.), transportation (car, bus, train, van, truck, commercial jet, military transportation, etc.), service (telecom, search engine for the internet, insurance, etc.), public utilities (including the streets and highways you travel on, incidentally). But at some point, that innovation has to take people into consideration: employees, business owners, customers. If you don’t, you eradicate the very thing you hope to capitalize on. That’s right, innovation doesn’t do anyone much good, if it has no customer to finally purchase it. If it doesn’t have an employee to create it for the mass market. If it doesn’t have a business owner to invest in it. It seems to me that if anyone is short sighted today, they are the people who complain about the Pope, and the fact that he cares about the future of the people and this planet. If you want your big profit margins, I think you people should be prepared to do the same.


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