Scam Report

I visit Facebook about daily. At times, I get any number of “friend requests.” The problem with some of them? The people who want to “befriend” you are looking for a highly vulnerable person. Well, to put it bluntly, I am not.

  • I won’t mention any names here, but the dudes want a “girlfriend” they can cry on the shoulders of. — My wife isn’t treating me right, or she simply doesn’t understand me. Can I hook up with you instead? I am 61. No, I don’t do cradle robbing. Young fellow, you are going to have to find someone more your age.
  • I am looking for a new wife, I am 57… Or this guy claims to be a general stationed in Afghanistan, and a “secret agent” as well. As they say, Too Much Information with an aim toward impressing people? Then the guy who puts a “rose” in the place of his profile pic, starts engaging in name calling, because he isn’t getting a female to manipulate. He should just be happy that I am not a member of the CIA or the FBI.
  • A few personal messages into the conversation: I want money!
  • I have this job, I am located at X, I am having trouble with (fill in the)________ bank. I would like to deposit my money in your account. Just in case the dude is not aware of this? That is already a red flag remark. Refusal of his “offer” leads to: What kind of human are you? Etc.

I live alone for a reason. I may be a senior citizen, but I am not stupid. I can and do pay attention to people trying to bilk you out of your life savings, or trying to cost you (con artist) a great deal more money than you actually have. No, I do not need a hubby with a “child,” who is likely already an adult, and already living on his own. I am not a replacement for the family feud, either real or imagined, as the girlfriend or mistress on the side. No, I am not a doofus female, who is going to melt at the mention of rank, and etc. All that I can say of the kind of people, who want to prey on those they think are vulnerable? Yeah you are most certainly a despicable group of people.

So, what can I say in response? I write books. Hey, here are some (factual) links to my e-books. Yes, I am single and fully intend to remain that way. Why should you ask me what sort of human I am? Why, I am not a human at all! I am a space alien, and you have contacted Zhan Ananar. Dude! Give it up!

Seriously, there is all kinds of information out there. AARP has warned senior citizens in their “Fraud Watch” series: about people who use social media to prey on people, who are of just the right age, to not think very smart when it comes to a “Michael Greene” attempting to “deposit some money” in their bank account. A guy like this who will use any ruse to commit an act of fraud. Or get you involved in a criminal act, that you couldn’t possibly get out of. As long as the information is out there, it is worthwhile paying attention to. I’ll just use this blog post, to reinforce the warning. Don’t be a doofus.


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