Immoral Authority

I let the Josh Duggar case sit for awhile, because of how nauseating it truly was. Then, when “The Week” came out with a synopsis of this matter, I was finally ready to tackle the issue. “Western Journalism” immediately leaped to the defense of “19 and Counting” [Patriarchy] fringe Evangelicals, whom by the way, TLC would no longer be airing. What ever the rationale for women being in complete submission to men. The “Patriarchy” fringe of the Evangelical Christian belief, still needs to realize, that the bible opposes Josh Duggar’s taking advantage of his siblings. Let alone any other girl, “being home schooled and therefore brainwashed” into a cult like atmosphere.

What really gets me, is how quickly anyone could leap to Duggar’s defense. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee: What Duggar did was inexcusable but still forgivable. According to which bible? The teachings of Jesus stipulates, anyone who exploits (molests) a child, should have a mill stone placed around his neck, and tossed into the sea. Jesus would not forgive Josh Duggar, then why should Pastor Huckabee? Oh but you see, Duggar was a member of the Family Research Council and one of its rising stars. Duggar was quick to offer his endorsements, of the right kind of GOP candidate. Then came the revelation of just how flawed Duggar truly was.

“The left has no right to be outraged!” Thus intones a self-described righty. “The left with their sexual experimentation…” It is fact that “the left” did know its heyday of sexual promiscuity. Or trot out Bill Clinton as a canard. “Because he insisted on doing it with a young (and therefore vulnerable) intern.” True, he did. And Monica Lewinsky had no problem performing certain services on the former President. Does that somehow excuse Josh Duggar’s behavior?

It factually reminds me of when G.W. Bush left office. Suddenly, Bill Clinton could be blamed for any and all events that led up to Bush becoming President. Post Bush’s eight year tenure, his successor President Obama, could be blamed for everything Bush did that drove this country to near bankruptcy. Either it was to be an egregious attempt at whitewashing a presidency, that was inexcusable and quite unforgivable. Or it was an equally egregious effort to deny that the Bush years even existed. Thus when Josh Duggar, a product of religious extremism is found to be fatally flawed; let us now point fingers at our favorite scapegoats. “The left” has no right to be outraged because of Duggar’s truly shameful acts.

Anti-aborticide movement, holds up their assorted “save the fetus” signs. How about if some counter protestors just happen to walk past this group with a “#JoshDuggar” sign. A question of: why would you want to “save the fetuses,” when they could easily fall victim to guys like Josh Duggar. Isn’t moral outrage supposed to be Christian in nature? The Apostle Paul was all about throwing sinning miscreants out of the church. Josh Duggar tarnishes himself with some truly horrible acts, he should be unwelcome by any church anywhere. Those are the facts of the matter. It is not the “permissive left,” who ought to be “outraged” by anything. Josh Duggar did something, that no one in his factual right mind should ever do. The moral outrage should then come from the very people, who proclaim themselves conservative. Actually, they end up sounding just like the “permissive left.” A pity.


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