What to find in a candidate

George Nethercutt’s latest “Inlander” editorial, “Presidential Litmus Test” would be all right; if you don’t care to look too closely at the lack of good old fashioned virtues, among most of the candidates running for POTUS. In particular, Republican Presidential candidates. What Nethercutt enthused on and offered synopses to: Humility, authenticity, compassion, honor, hope, patience, faith, and wisdom; was actually embodied in the very person of President Barack Hussein Obama. But of course, being that he is of mixed race African-American. Plus the fact that he ran as a Democrat and was successfully elected twice to the office of POTUS. All of that can be discounted and was, by no less than Mr. Nethercutt. So whom does Mr. Nethercutt think would be the Republican version of President Obama? To put it bluntly, that man or woman has made no such announcement. Given the current corruption within the GOP ranks, I highly doubt that such a man or woman would ever care to announce his or her candidacy.

In the news that spread the length and breadth of social media: Amtrak derails in Philadelphia and the GOP run Congress wants to cut funding. Compassion: “deeply caring for people and their circumstances means a candidate has keen insights into their problems and would work for effective policy solutions.” — from Nethercutt’s editorial. My take, such a presidential candidate has to become an “old fashioned liberal.” So much hated in this day and age; and who would have to promote a highly activist government. On the other hand, if such a candidate were a Republican, who was expected to fulfill even one of Nethercutt’s qualifications; he or she would be working at odds with the Congressional GOP; who obviously do not operate from a “compassionate” point of view. As I put it bluntly these days: #GOPnotprolife.

Patience: “true leadership in a political setting demands patience. Few leaders accomplish their policy objectives immediately. Work and patience eventually persuade other leaders to follow a preferred public policy course.” If people were to take a candid look at Senator Ted Cruz, or Senator Rand Paul; would they see such a qualification in either man? How about the public venality of Governors Chris Christi and Scott Walker? Honor: “one who lives an honorable life, free of deception, possesses a trait that marks a good leader for greatness, for only when leaders are fully trustworthy can they fully expect broad support.” True for President Obama given the fact that he was re-elected to the office of POTUS in 2012. But not so true of the named governors in particular, who are vying to replace him.

Humility: “a life style of service without self-exaltation is rare in candidates, but the combination is a necessary trait for which to strive in this next election.” Jon Huntsman would have embodied such a trait and he was immediately laughed off the stage. On the other hand, what goes for Presidential candidates in Nethercutt’s mind, should equally apply to all persons legislative. Do you as a voter see a Mr. Smith going to Washington, among the current crop of elected officials? Neither do I. In short, this isn’t a movie Mr. Nethercutt. Authenticity: “getting what we see in major candidates is a modern political necessity.” Which obviously leaves out Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and yes Mike Huckabee.

Hope: “leaders must inspire hope in those they lead and encourage others to greatness.” Well, the putative GOP POTUS would have to deal with the bitter dregs of endless Benghazi Investigations. A GOP leadership in Congress, so willing to sit on their hands during an entire Obama administration; would they even be able to offer the necessary support structure, that inspires hope? I highly doubt it. And finally, Faith: “belief in community, in unity, in people — and their goodness — is essential.” Not when you have pot stirrers like Western Journalism (Facebook), or Newsmax (internet), or Fox News (broadcast media outlet), and not the least to be mentioned here, Rush Limbaugh (radio talk show host). Any belief in a community’s inherent goodness or even the welfare of the nation, must be immediately riven apart by wedge issues of division — especially in politics: Health care, wages, religion, abortion services, etc.

My summation has to read as follows: George Nethercutt had no use for President Obama at any time during the course of his Presidential terms in office. I should not doubt that bigotry was a factor. Partisan anger that a Republican had not won against a Democrat, twice, must come into play here as well. But what Nethercutt would prefer to discount in a Democratic President; he is not likely to find in the GOP announcers for office. Senator Ted Cruz does not inspire me. He in particular is pandering to an extremely limited base, that is better known for their hatred and all out bigotry, their lust for material power and grandiose mega churches, than any desire to demonstrate some concern for the least of these among us. A limited base of “voters,” who by their very actions are driving a greater number of people away from any association with Christianity [polls to include Huffpost]. Ultimately, “nice theory” Mr. Nethercutt, until you put people in charge of it. Currently, no Republican running for office can meet Nethercutt’s “virtues” challenge. End of story.


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