Vote crazy by 2016

I will kid you not that Robert Herold of “The Inlander,” did an excellent job of disclosing election year politics in a nutshell. What he did not disclose — and it would take reams of editorial content more to discuss this — is why the Republican party is so obsessed with whining about the Democrats: The Clintons or President Obama. Because quite frankly, the Republicans have done nothing but run a string of losers for POTUS, this election cycle. I am sure they know it, too.

“Joe McCarthy Redux” is probably an easy call to make; since the years of “Tail Gunner Joe’s” Army/McCarthy hearings, that ultimately embarrassed Senator McCarthy and thoroughly discredited him. The question regarding a lack of moral decency, that completely undermined McCarthy’s “elimination of the Soviet influence” in this nation. At that time, McCarthy was a “lone wolf,” who could easily capitalize on this country’s paranoia with reference to assorted reds. Unquestionably, the more radicalized of them, especially the anarchists, had been proven to be violent. Such people had been behind the tragic loss of life and property through decades of bombing attacks. But of course, “the reds” while a convenient scapegoat, weren’t responsible for all the criminal violence this nation has ever known. They just made themselves an easy target. Never mind the fact that the American Revolution, had definitely spawned some radical progeny. So while “tail gunner Joe” is capitalizing on “fears of a Soviet subversion” of this country, and in turn striving to create his own version of the totalitarian state, a fellow Senator steps up to the plate and challenges McCarthy on his lack of moral decency. That was the end of McCarthy’s dangerous ambitions.

It hasn’t prevented the GOP in the post McCarthy years, from running up on the flag pole all sorts of immoral behavior. Facebook as an example, a “friend” condemns anyone who would “stomp on a flag” and shows everyone the pic of a flag draped coffin. Look who you really stomp on, when you disrespect the flag so much. Well now, considering this meme comes from a Karl Rove inspired website. Exactly what have the “Karl Rove inspired GOP” done for living, but sick and disabled veterans, who were also casualties of our latest war? And what is this that I hear of “Jade Helm,” a multi-state military exercise. According to “Western Journalism” [LOL!], is proof of President Obama’s growing tyranny over this nation. Interestingly enough, as an Army Veteran serving under such Presidents as Carter, Reagan, and Bush 1; no one was claiming that any military exercises I engaged in, was proof of growing Presidential tyranny. But come the 21st century, President Obama ascends to the highest office of this country, and “we” must go off the deep end in “our” pathetically whining terror of the man. Irony much? And isn’t such a “fear” in its own way, a complete repudiation of the flag and all it stands for? Remarkably enough, no one has censored “Western Journalism’s” constant stirring of the pot. No one has shut down the highly radicalized, Fox News. But you only get the Democratic version of political events, on the web. Their commentary has to show up on Youtube, and only afterwards does it go viral. I think that I am being quite fair about it all.

I’ll agree with Mr. Herold that voter suppression won’t do the GOP any favors. Namely because the Democrats can easily make political hay, out of the more crazy utterances of some insignificant (?) GOP on say, the state level. Who cares what Southern or Midwestern state the GOP state Senator comes from? Out of his mouth comes this particularly psychotic view, that a woman needs to carry a deceased fetus for an entire nine months. Uh, she is carrying a decaying body in her womb. That can’t be a very healthy situation for the woman. The fetus has died of natural causes, and it isn’t going to be “miraculously resurrected.” Social media is going to expose such insane utterances for all the world to see. Trying to apply “McCarthyism redux” to Hillary Clinton, isn’t going to bury the fact that a GOP dude is far removed from reality. After all it is what such a member of Congress or any state legislature says; that reminds people of why, they should never have voted for such a guy in the first place. Then you have Women Concerned Against (while making political hay over birth control here in) America. Although my understanding of such a group, wasn’t that they were strictly opposed to legal abortion practices. Their arguments as women were against feminism in general! Yes, I deliberately screwed their name up. They forgot that only because of feminism, can their voices be heard and respected. Because of feminism, they can found organizations and vote. Or for that matter, even run for office. I will also add here, that the people who now don’t want to see any disrespect shown to the flag; either were of the generation of radicals, who spit on our Vietnam vets and called them baby killers besides. Or they are the children of these radicals. And this generation of radicals circa the 70s, or their children — I regard it as laughable really. But such people want to express utter hatred of this country (if a Democrat is in charge of it), the government (if a Democrat is in charge of it), and meanwhile wrapping a flag around the whole mess. — Incidentally, the flag represents everything they hate about this country. It is worse than ignorance. The GOP have purely and simply gone cuckoo.

The GOP blatantly indulge in corruption: Governor Chris Christie. Paranoia is the rabid stump speech: Senator Ted Cruz. Regardless of what Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution says, I prefer to wear my brand of religion on my sleeve: Senator Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. I prefer to hide behind Hillary Clinton and her cash cow antics, vis a vis the Clinton Foundation. But I have my own cash cow problems, that I don’t particularly care to own up to: Jeb Bush. Then there is the infamous Carlyle Group with ties to the equally infamous bin Laden family. Oh yeah, the family of the Al Qaeda founder, Osama bin Laden. That’s a lot of forbidden baggage, eh Governor Bush? As for Governor Scott Walker. Well now it is my understanding that this particular governor made a real hash out of his own state. Do “we” really wish to vote for a guy, who’d bankrupt a nation after bankrupting Wisconsin? Yes voters, you do have a problem. As a Republican, these guys are my problem. And I do think that Ms. Clinton could use some able competition in her race for the White House. The Democrats will need to address that problem, themselves.


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