End of the world?

“The Last Word” in this week’s “Inlander” was actually one of their most useful articles to date, and so it should be treated with a high level of sympathy. Did you know that Washington state, was host to numerous Atlas Missile Sites? That’s the cold war for you, and all that went with it. But even before “The Inlander”, actually got into showing their readership this back page commentary; they did an on the street commentary about the “end of the world.” What would you do, if you knew what day the world would end. The various responses to that question, were quite delightful of course.

Now I am going to reiterate somewhat the night of, the early morning hours of, and finally the day break of 21 December 2012. The fact that my cats were freaking out. The fact that it got so murky black, you felt you were swimming in a pool of it. So dark that your table top plant lights with sunlight bulbs, had literally dimmed to a nocturnal yellow. And the cats well; they were crying and racing around for a good long time; until cautiously they came to huddle up next to me as I lay trying to get some sleep on the love seat. Dawn breaks at well after seven in the morning. I do what I must, to include going to the bathroom and getting a drink of water. By now, the cats have settled down. It is as though the worst of their fears have ended. At approximately eight o’clock in the morning or a little afterwards, an extraordinary silvery light bursts forth through the heavily clouded sky. It is coming directly out of the east. It is not the sun, the clouds are too heavy on this winter day to ever see the sun. It is just this strange silver light, I don’t know how long it lasted because I fell back to sleep, that appeared out of nowhere. I shall also add here, that there was a precipice that humanity had stood on. Very likely one of many. The dangers of a large meteorite striking a truly vulnerable part of Earth. In its aftermath, what we as a civilization had taken for granted: homes, jobs, communities, etc.; it would all be irreparably shattered. I recall it as a vision to this day. What I also say, is that it will never happen. Because it happened on an Earth, in a parallel dimension to this on. Literally this Earth broke away, from what would have been its original course of action. When it did so, it carried all of humanity into a new arc, a new era,that no one could have conceived of. Certainly, the Mayans did not conceive of it. Their calendar stopped, you know, on 21 December 2012.

So am I exercising a flight of fantasy? I suffer from a set of loose screws because I saw a brilliant silver light suffuse a cloudy sky? How about this? Pope Benedict suddenly steps down, and is replaced by Francis. Someone photographs an “angel” form in that region of the world, a new pope will have come from. Consider what else has since happened: politics— The Republicans are crazy. ISIS terrorism and the horrible things it is doing in the Middle East— are you flipping crazy, for wanting to join them? Benjamin Netanyahu who thoroughly involves himself in American politics— and the GOP who want to invite Netanyahu into matters, that in an earlier time, would have been considered off-limits on the basis of U.S. Sovereignty. Apparently anything goes, when you have a President you utterly want to hate. Whether that Democrats like the thought of it or not they are the ones who sound more rational, and yes more conservative. “Western Journalism” is an online tabloid manufactured for the strident Obama and Democrat haters— and what will they do when President Obama leaves office in 2017? Salon.com comes out and actually touts childless women and couples. It should no longer be considered a stigma of shame, if you don’t have a family, period. The GOP are suddenly finding out— that no, the voters don’t necessarily care for the big government, that eradicates the rights of their neighbors. On the other hand, the owners of Pizza Memories can rake in over $800,000 sawbucks. Especially after claiming they were “threatened,” by saying they would never cater to a gay wedding. As other people noted, the bigger priority of instant charity, was to crowd fund what were likely some pathetic bigots. On the other hand, don’t crowd fund anything that would guarantee food, employment, or housing for the suffering people in your midst. I don’t know on “who’s behalf” the pizza shop owners claimed to be for. Since their standing up for “God’s sake” seems to have netted them a lot of money. Right, just how many people do recognize how off-kilter the world has become, since 21 December 2012?

And finally I reference the “Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” One would wear a crown — The horseman of brutal, oppressive, even totalitarian reigns. It is a valid fact in history, as well as our present age, that such a horseman did race out and produced these kinds of governments. The second horseman bore a sword — The horseman of invasions and conquests, unending wars under any pretext or excuse that can be given. This is also true, this world also had its history of violent conflicts. The third horseman being a businessman — If he is carrying the tools of the marketplace and discussing the products that can be bought and sold, then he is a business man. But only in this age have men (billionaires really) believed that they could control the world, by the purse strings. What of the last horseman, who bears the mask of death? — Think what you will of him, even if terrorism was never considered in the Book of Revelations. Wars and rumors of wars, the strident declaration that we must “bomb Iran” (But would it make ISIS go away? That would be anyone’s guess) instead of working out a diplomatic solution. Apparently we have politicians now, and their strident apologia choir, who want to become wholeheartedly the fourth horseman. Problem is, the fourth horseman led the charge as the herald of plague, outcries of war, that would bring about needless suffering and death. The political fourth horseman of GOP extremism, do not see themselves as ever leading such a charge, not if they can get someone else to do it. So I had this to ask on Facebook quite recently, Salon.com and elsewhere: of the people who claimed that they would be with Jesus, while the rest of the world would be begging for ice. “Are you so certain of that?” Precisely, with all of this hatred, a desire for material things, even of outright political power; are you so certain that Jesus would want you around?

Call it the birth pangs of this new and unknown era. Rational people will come out of this period of time, just fine. The stridency in politics and a radicalization of what was once “mainstream religion.” The blatant corruption in politics. The shocking nature of materialism, that has since replaced religion’s once hallowed spiritualism. The bible is banged away, at without its believers coming to grips with, an understanding of the book. Perversion that encompasses far more than, condemning “the other” for engaging in activities different from your own. But look here in Leviticus: any sexual act condemned by the bible, heterosexual, homosexual, or bestial in nature, is still abnormal. To mean that even rape and incest, is a perverted act. You are not a “better person” to that [clam digger] if you commit incest with your first cousin. You are not a better person to the guy [who plugs a gas nozzle into a muffler] if you are a rapist. Nor will you see the face of God, for having sex with your wife or girlfriend, during her menstrual cycle. Thus the bible isn’t homophobic, because there are multitudes of acts which it condemns. But people are, who look precisely only for those scriptures, to justify why they are bigots. In Romans 2 to put it bluntly, the Apostle Paul discussed with fellow church members, what made them no better than their pagan neighbors. Incidentally, Romans 2, doesn’t get read and expounded upon. I don’t foresee an end to this world. But I do see a total burn out, of what men once called “faith.”


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