Insanity politics

Ted S. McGregor came out this week, to opine in a short column about the Idaho state Legislature. I have a bone to pick with them; that is, they will set aside some tens of thousands of dollars to kill wolves in the state of Idaho. But they don’t seem too overly concerned about the state of our schools, emergency preparedness, infrastructure maintenance,or making certain our public employees get a decent paycheck.

McGregor’s column discussed how else the Idaho state legislature likes to waste money. Precisely by passing resolutions to demand that Congress, impeach those judges the political crybabies here, so totally disagree with. I’ll agree with McGregor’s sarcasm about how the House of Representatives in Idaho, could have absolute power—to do what ever they wish—if all other “competing” levels of government were completely eliminated. That’s both houses of Congress, the federal judiciary, the presidency, the Governor’s office (?), and the Idaho Senate. Or according to McGregor’s correctly sniping column, our elected members of the Idaho state legislature could learn to live within Constitutional standards.

What I do know is that our members of the Idaho state legislature has a large set of misplaced priorities. Do they want to attract jobs to Idaho, where the majority of the citizens are barely scraping by? Or do they want to extend “open carry,” to include certain kinds of knives being carried around in a lot more places? Should Idaho’s students be an educated and well-skilled workforce? Or does the Idaho state legislature, prefer to give a literal “bully pulpit,” to gun lobbyists such as the NRA?

Elsewhere in this week’s “Inlander,” and according to one of their columns, the Idaho state legislature finally got around to funding a mental health center for Kootenai County. It was reported that Kathy Simms, did not care to spend any of that money on her constituents; so she voted against it. It was approved regardless, which suggests that sometimes, the Idaho state legislature can do something right.

Which brings me to the main point of the blog post: “Insanity Politics.” Ever since 21 December 2012; I have seen the GOP in particular, going off the deep end in just about everything political that you can imagine. Florida’s Guvnah doesn’t want “climate change” or “global warming” mentioned by anyone on a taxpaid for salary. Especially working at a state level bureaucracy. Yesterday, Jon Stewart pointed out just how much one member of Florida’s state legislature cracked up, when the fellow testifying about “climate change” tied himself up in knots, by trying not to mention it. My opinion about Florida’s Guvnah is this: Miami is a little too close to the ocean. There is reason to believe, that rising sea levels could inundate an entire city. That is in millions of souls who currently populate Miami a lot of people to have to evacuate, when such a huge city would no longer be livable, if such an eventuality were to happen. Telling people they can’t discuss “climate change” in what amounts to totalitarian politics, doesn’t make the problem go away. The voters should on the other hand, make Florida’s Governor go away. It would be nice if they did.

Phil Robertson (if I have his name correct) of “Duck Dynasty” infamy showed exactly who he is as a pervert, by what he said about an “atheist family” at a local prayer breakfast. Incidentally the rest of the perverts listening to him, were laughing and applauding at every appalling thing he said. I saw the cut and past item in the comment threads of Facebook, it was broadcast on video, so I have no need to repeat it. Instead, I’ll hand out the definition of pervert: To turn away from the right course of action. To lead astray morally. To lead into error or false judgment. To turn into improper use; misapply. To misconstrue or misinterpret, especially to deliberately distort. To bring to a less than excellent state—debase. And finally, a person who practices sexual perversion. Well, Mr. “Duck Dynasty” was all about seeing atheist mom and atheist daughters getting raped and decapitated. Rape is a sexual perversion according to the bible. Whacking off atheist dad’s penis and showing it to him, is yet another expression of sexual perversion. Sure my dictionary is better than 40 years old, but Mr. “Duck Dynasty” Robertson demonstrated very well, what a pervert still means. As did his audience.

Also found on Facebook was of some heavily pregnant woman in Colorado. Seems she got lured by a particularly vicious and twisted woman. Mom to be was looking to get some baby clothes. The nasty criminal suspect in this case, was a woman who attacks the pregnant lady, cuts the fetus out of her guest’s body, then rushes it to the hospital claiming to have miscarried the child. Mom survived this appalling tragedy, I am happy to so far report. But in the aftermath of this horrible incident, there was some mention by a member of her state legislature, that concerned God’s punishment… Excuse me, but I don’t believe that justifies, this attack on mom to be. A woman who certainly lost her child in this tragic assault, and who could have most certainly lost her life. Don’t we have enough crazy people out there in the world, that we don’t need to elect them into office?


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