Shallow thinking

A couple of weeks back, “The Inlander” published an article on a fellow, and quite frankly I do not care to recall his name, who made use of fascist/proto-fascist almost like a four letter word. Precisely, once or more than once in a single sentence. Which suggests to me, that the fellow was yet another one of those guys, who doesn’t put a lot of thought behind what he says. Bearing in mind that Italy became one of the Axis powers at the on-set of the 2nd World War, then Fascism as Mussolini saw it, would have a slightly different interpretation than many would give it today. Now what about before the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, the Axis Powers; and 19th century reactionary governments, that held sway over an often oppressed subject populace? Well, it did happen, especially as Europe began to industrialize at the on-set of the early part of that century. Kings, Princes, the ruling class of nobility, weren’t necessarily opposed to private capitalistic enterprises. Especially when they saw a substantial improvement in their own treasuries, by taxes to be gleaned from privately owned businesses. And I am also sure that when the royal houses of Europe desired it, they guaranteed that some business interests would flourish in an atmosphere free of competition. What ever you may say of Fascism today, Mussolini basically invented the word. But the arc of history before then, made what Mussolini did possible.

From another side of the perspective, of so-called left wing views; comes “People against the Libertarian Party.” A Facebook group that is quasi-newsletter and filled with what the grp creators ascribe to “libertarian” style thinking. I can think and quite frankly it is something to bust a gut over, that a little too much is ascribed to “libertarian” ways of thinking. It does remind me overly much of demonizing something, without fully understanding what you are saying. Regardless, the people who started this Facebook grp. did manage to put some thought behind their commentary. One item in particular sticks in my mind: I am not against capitalism. But I am against… What becomes a whole list of criminal malfeasance, using money to wield influence over a government elected by the people (oligarchy), and opposing outright a free market. For in an actual free market, it does come with the caveat of an actual competition. Think about that. Some people seemed to get confused about being for “capitalism” and yet opposed to “all the elements” thereof. At least what has since become the rotten core of “capitalism,” in this society today. But greed, engaging in criminal misbehavior, it actually doesn’t support the foundations of capitalism. Instead with the banking and housing collapse circa 2007-2008, the capitalistic “house of cards” collapsed very readily, with the taxpayers holding the tab. You can’t exactly be for capitalism, if you are supportive of all the things that destroy private enterprise and even further, basically make it dependent on both government and the taxpayers. —A parasitic special interest since the days of yeah, the 19th century. I hesitate to call it fascist; and I certainly wouldn’t call it “libertarian,” either.

Robert Reich is normally a deep thinker, and most of the time I like what he says. But he did come out with some truly alarmist views: The 19th century comparison comes to mind, a very few people within their respective European countries, that control the majority of the resources. But the resources in this case, was land and anything that could be extracted from the surrounding real estate, manufactured on the property, versus those who could through the force of law, be denied any use of it. Which would definitely lead to massive hunger, disease, and deaths from the severe cold. It would also lead to massive uprisings, because of the above-described adversarial relationship, between the ruling class and their subjects. But money isn’t real estate, it isn’t a resource, it doesn’t produce one ounce of manufactured material. What money does do, it is a legal tender for engaging in commercial business transactions. More corruptly, it buys and sells governments. More shadily still, it can finance off the wall political flavors of the day; without the so-called adherents once thinking through, what kind of goofball statements they are making. And how their factual actions, actually contradict their many most “pious” claims. You’ve heard all about “the unborn child” who is an “economic growth factor” for the state. In that same state, education is gutted, possible health care for that “unborn child” is being threatened by constant appeals to SCOTUS, and have them take an ax to the ACA. At the federal level, GOP members of Congress, are opposed to parents having the wages needed to better take care of that “unborn” child. And apparently, so does one Mr. Jeb Bush. The fetus as an “economic growth factor?” Not if you don’t want to invest in it. So back to Mr. Reich, in an alarming future, the American workforce could be laboring for next to nothing. Actually, prior to and certainly during the Great Depression, that was a fact. It was also the reason for the rise of labor unions. I look at it far more practically: who do you sell your merchandise to (from the 19th century premise of buy low sell high)? There won’t be a mass market, because people can’t buy what they can’t afford. Remember, they labor for next to nothing. And what of the value of currency? Doesn’t that value constantly fluctuate? Let 20 January 2009 serve as a reminder of what stock prices looked like by the time President Obama took office. Or the currency of the Wiemar Republic of Germany, post the first World War. Once you run out of customers, that much vaunted $ bill can become as worthless as hell. What billionaires? Yeah, that is what greed can do to you, it tends to short out the capacity for critical thinking


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  1. lordelf20 Says:

    Thanks for sharing what is in your mind … Be safe always

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