The Rudy Giuliani issue

In the last couple of weeks, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani went public about how President Obama “doesn’t love this country” like Mr. Giuliani does. And further, how Mr. Giuliani “couldn’t be racist” just because he said that, for after all, Obama’s mom happened to have been white. So, in the latest issue of “The Inlander,” Robert Herold addressed the latest problem that Giuliani caused for himself. It was well put, eloquently stated, and doesn’t need to be added to. His article can be found at

Instead, I’ll say this. It would take being an utter moron, for Rudy Giuliani to say what he did. Or for other members of the GOP, to defend what Giuliani said. And I stand by that. Prior to the upcoming Presidential elections of 2016, there are somethings you ought not do; especially whereby anyone who does the research can immediately call you out. In Mr. Herold’s “Inlander” editorial, he refers to an author who did his research on Giuliani’s personal bio. Obviously, if the research is correct, then the GOP are hardly the party of high morality, let alone the party of law and order. Just as they have already made it plain that corruption has become a standard. The facts of doing business in government today.

Of course in tandem with the Giuliani issue is that of the GOP who wouldn’t take the road trip to Selma on the anniversary date of “Bloody Sunday” some 50 years ago. That is no way to attract new votes. Just like the voter ID laws/voter suppression laws are also guaranteed not to keep the GOP in power. But that’s to be expected, when you become increasingly the party of bigots. Added on to this particular issue that has become even uglier by the minute for the GOP, a Hindu priest is asked to open the morning session of the Idaho state legislature. Some Idaho pols turn their backs and walk out, and try to justify their blatant bigotry with all things “Christian.” Problem is, they have a bible and a Jesus Christ who would definitely disagree with their opinions of their beliefs. So some interesting individual seems to think the GOP are “bigoted against” (Idaho Statesman on the Facebook news feed) if the GOP are “criticized.” Do the research, you aren’t “bigoted against” for differences in political beliefs, only in race, religion, gender, or as of now; gender identity. Either you live in a country where political diversity can be freely held—democracy. Or you live in a country where only one political view dominates—totalitarian. And history shows us that many totalitarian regimes did exist over many thousands of years. Which is why this country became a democracy. But today, the poor “bigoted against” GOP can’t handle political, racial, and religious diversity. That would suggest, that the GOP is now the party of the totalitarian mind set. Never mind what the U.S. Constitution says, or for that matter, what their vaunted “faith” may declare.

So obviously, this isn’t just about President Obama. Next on the list, no one forces anyone to mourn for a television actor (sometimes featured on the big screen, as well); just because President Obama praised his fine career. Seems to me, that either you do, or you don’t. But to politicize such a death, because of whom you hate as the President, is also obscene and just plain moronic. The more the GOP go the route of jumping off the deep end, the more they will make any Democratic contender look even better.

I am going on record here, that Jeb Bush wins the GOP nod going into the 2016 November elections. Even further, regardless of his substantial baggage, he gains the Presidency. I mentioned this prediction the other day on a news feed featuring James Randi, the so called skeptical nemesis of all things paranormal. I will therefore repeat it here. It is not a good prediction to have, but compared to the GOP clowns who will also crowd the campaign hustings, Bush will be preferred as the candidate “less likely” to hurt the party. On the flip side of the coin, I also predict that he will get attached to him, a highly hostile Congress. No matter what it’s ultimate make up will consist of. As I said on that news feed that day, “Watch for it.”


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