Haters gotta hate

You wouldn’t know Lesley Haskell from Eve, anyone who doesn’t live in the greater Spokane, Washington area. But you will know the language of pure and unadulterated hatred. As it is a truly universal language. Mrs. Haskell? She is the wife of Spokane County Prosecutor, Mr. Larry Haskell. And according to social media accounts, Mrs. Haskell has stirred up quite a controversy, that borders on certain political embarrassment for her hubby. That’s because the woman went on social media, and started “tweeting” her hatred of Muslims (Muzlims, is how she spelled it) and anyone who disagreed with her.

That is when “The Inlander” picked up on this social media ruckus, and published a column about it…

Considering that the column will also be republished at inlander.com; anyone who wants to read Mrs. Haskell’s embarrassing commentary, can check it out there. Or, they can even search for Mrs. Haskell’s social commentary, for a tad more than some selective albeit, distasteful quotes. Just to get a better grip on what she was saying. Suffice it to say, I have read plenty of garbage comments like hers, on Facebook and other forms of social media. I have especially read the kind of garbage comments that come from people: “You disagree with me…” and basically, “I” become your victim. Right. Apparently, Mrs. Haskell and others who share this attitude in common, forget how quickly their hatred of others, creates victims. Of anyone who justifiably opposes such public comments, do in fact, ably demonstrate tolerance. That is, for the people who could easily be victimized by hatred. —Not political bias, or racial and religious bias, hatred! By the way, Mrs. Haskell, while you are demonstrating how offended you are by the deaths of the “unborn;” I don’t guess it would occur to you, that if those “unborn” were born instead, Fagan’s (who is currently serving on Spokane County’s Health Board) anti-vaccination stance, would have an argument that is counter-productive to this religious “pro-life” point of view. You should be outraged at Fagan’s position, as it could prove real costly and deadly, to all those babies you want brought into the world.

Among the remaining quotes, republished in “The Inlander” column, they were by and large, pretty childish. And obviously, those comments are not very helpful to a recently elected, country prosecutor.

Besides the fact that I am now five chapters away from the final editing of my new book, “Aesgard Awakening!”, I have read even further into Mary Gabriel’s biography of Karl Marx. Did you know, that outside of abolishing private property, that Mr. Marx held a similar opinion about: free speech, the freedom of the press, the right of the individual to be armed, the right to vote (suffrage) to be universal, and separation of church and state. Incidentally, these weren’t “new” arguments, because you will find them to also exist, in the Bill of Rights. Does this mean, that James Madison who authored the Bill of Rights, was a communist? Or instead should it mean, that Mr. Marx somehow learned about our American constitution, and incorporated its better qualities, into his overall ideological agenda. Seriously, it is interesting how these histories seem to parallel each other, at least in the beginning


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