Marco Rubio

On the CBS Evening News the other day, Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida, told a woman reporter who was interviewing him what he thought of higher education. Apparently, he’s opposed to the idea of it. It isn’t necessary or suitable for what this country needs. Later on, he appears on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” No, I did not watch the entire interview, I wasn’t about to. What I did see of it as the Senator was touting his book; Rubio’s answers to Stewart’s questions, didn’t exactly meet the challenge. Precisely, they weren’t intelligent answers, he kept stumbling, and geeze Stewart’s a comedian! How would Rubio stand up and deliver in a moderated debate scenario? If he can’t answer a comedian’s questions, his book is likely not worth reading either.

So, let’s address how “frivolous” higher education is. I will bet you that the late Steve Jobs would have disputed Rubio’s assessment any day of the week. As would Doctor Tyson of “Cosmos” fame. Bill Nye the Science Guy, would be shaking his head that anyone would dismiss the need for higher education. No, this isn’t a “segway” or a tangential argument. After Rubio appeared on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday. Jon Stewart’s latest, broadcast last night: was that of Jessica Williams discussing public defenders having to defend fetuses. Apparently, a new law that went into effect in Alabama. If that is correct, it is a law laden with pure irony, hypocrisy, and further, how stupid can you get? Alabama doesn’t have the resources to defend a fetus against a pregnant teenager, in a court of law. Let alone, any poor person who can’t afford a private lawyer. And if those resources factually don’t exist to defend a fetus; then what does that say about the 14th amendment rights, of those people born and living in the state of Alabama? Maybe for the radical religious, who want to use government to regulate and control private individuals, higher education isn’t essential. Or the doofus who made an utter fool of himself on “The Daily Show” last night, might have understood something essential. How does a grown man start out? Well, first he is a fetus.

A long time ago, the GOP made very public how they were going to engage in divisive politics… If this Alabama state law actually exists, that’s divisive politics. It pits the fetus against family, teenager also against family, fetus against the rights of due process for the society at large, and finally; the fetus against its own future interests. Which brings us back to Marco Rubio. He frowns on a higher minimum wage. Why if businesses had to pay for more expensive employees, they could just take those jobs away through full automation.

Machinery doesn’t come cheap. It has to be maintained. And currently, well educated and trained human beings maintain those machines. Second, supplying the workforce with a decent paycheck, is actually more cost effective and profitable. Why? Because it still takes money to make purchases. And money is produced by holding a job. So, if this country were to go to full automation, what would Senator Rubio suggest we replace our current “capitalist driven society” with? No one will have the money to buy anything. Which comes down to this, apparently Mr. Rubio wants to be President of a third world country.

Further, if he is an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen; he actually can not run for the office of POTUS. The same is just as true of Ted Cruz. You still have to be born in this country in order to hold that job. CBS Evening News I don’t think, cared to look into that.

Question, where does Mr. Rubio get his Congressional salary and other perks from? Who pays for it? Uh, his too expensive to keep employed constituents, I do believe. The well heeled business interests certainly aren’t forking over the tax dollars, to give Mr. Rubio some hundreds of thousands of dollars in a yearly salary. That’s why I don’t regard these people as “conservative.” They seem to be lost in Neverland all the time. Especially Senator Rubio. So, I’d certainly suggest that Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, haul Rubio’s ass back to Neverland and keep him there. This country can not afford him.


2 Responses to “Marco Rubio”

  1. Ben Mercadante Says:

    “…and geeze Stewart’s a comedian!” Come on, Stewert is not brain dead…but his show’s format is not really designed for hard core debate, nor should it be, sometimes he does well just letting his guests spill the beans themselves…Although I did not see the Rubio spot, it does not matter, if he is not completely scripted he does not do well, no matter who he is engaging. Rubio is a throw back, one must consider his origins (FL). Prior to his election to the US Senate, he was leaving behind a well documented involvement regarding a Fl Republican party financial scandal, which he not only skated away from, but actually got elected to office again at a higher level.Now that is the ‘Peter Principle’ personified.

    • jeh15 Says:

      Jon Stewart is a comedian, that is correct. But in history, more often than not, the comedian was the person who revealed our worst cultural nature by poking fun at it. He is in fact necessary to society, no matter whether you agree with him or not.

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