The “state” of Idaho

I was able acquire the latest “Inlander” today, 9 January 2015. Among other news items, the local news weekly discussed what state legislatures in Olympia, Washington and Boise, Idaho are facing in budget challenges. I’ll focus on Idaho. After all, I am only a native and long time resident of this highly radical state.

Last week, David Sheridan had published a letter about how “God loved Idaho” more than apparently, the neighboring state of Washington. Indeed, he even boasted of how our roads in Idaho, survived the constant use of studded tires in winter, better than the roads of Washington state. I submitted my own letter, of course I had no intentions of mentioning Mr. Sheridan’s name. I did point out what it is that “God was not likely to love,” with respect to political corruption, our lack of educational and employment advantages. At the end of my own letter published last Wednesday, 7 January 2015; I took note of the fact that tax dollars are usually required to create (or build) and maintain decent roads (over all infrastructure). I am quite sure that Mr. Sheridan realized, that my published letter to the Coeur d’Alene Press, was in direct response to his own. If ultimately he decides to respond, let us only hope he addresses these issues in a more serious matter than “God’s love” owing to our politically selective morality, or miracles coming from Jesus Christ.

So back to this week’s “Inlander” weekly publication; it was noted that our roads and infrastructure are in bad shape. —Presumably, God’s love has its limits. But of the list of office holders in the Idaho state legislature whom “The Inlander” managed to get some quotes from, apparently bad roads and infrastructure are not a high priority in a “tax averse” state. Elsewhere in the same article, the same Republican office holders were apparently all on board with the idea of “taking back” federal lands, and placing them within the state’s jurisdiction. I’d like to pause this highly political proposition for the moment and address two points: first, we don’t have the tax dollars to fix critical infrastructure. So how do we pay for a 62% geographical land mass in the state of Idaho? Especially when we would have to put a whole lot of moolah out front, to take care of that newly acquired landmass when it comes to critical resources. Second, how about that sale of now state land to private resource extractors? Is the state of Idaho going to recoup tax dollars from billionaire business owners? Probably not, if you constantly refer to how this state is “tax averse.” That says a great deal about how radical the GOP in recent years, has truly become. So radical, that they no longer consider what the ultimate outcome could be, of their whimsy ideologies of the moment.

The same argument also applies to our lack of educational advantages. If you don’t have the money to pay for school books and other supplies, district to district and this is the perpetual whine coming from District 271 nearly every year, then you definitely don’t have the dollars to “take control of massive federal land.” Where the Luna laws originally intended to deny tenure and etc. to public school teachers, in order to pass that “savings” onto out of state and for profit online educational companies; then no, we don’t have the monetary resources to “take back federal land.” Literally, the GOP in this state seems to live perpetually in Neverland. With faeries waiting in attendance, to hand “the lost boys of the Idaho state Legislature,” a juicy snack. You can believe me, this is what comes of the failure to think among the voters and politicians of this state.

This morning I saw a letter in the Press, that I absolutely had to applaud. I won’t mention the fellow’s name or even plan on putting his letter on the blog. Just suffice it to say, he was disappointed with the lack of “conservatism” with reference to one Raul Labrador. Perhaps this man was a Republican and voted for old Raul out of the justification that Labrador wasn’t a Democrat. If that is precisely how you would vote, paying no attention to the actions and certainly the voting record of the incumbent, then you would be bitterly disappointed. Raul Labrador was labeled, not a conservative. But our not so effective Representative here in the state of Idaho, has never been a conservative. The Cromnibus bill that this morning’s letter referred to, wasn’t the only un-conservative act that Labrador had ever engaged in. Make that, just the latest radical gesture that has come from the new left GOP. But if the Cromnibus bill that Labrador voted for finally woke this one writer up, so much the better. Oh and Labrador sent a flyer long after the spending bill cleared Congress. It consisted of a “survey” trying to justify the vote. I let Rep. Labrador know where I stood as a conservative.

Yeah conservative, of the don’t bash cherished institutions kind. Of the don’t trash your kids’ future even as you posture “right to life,” kind. Of the don’t put greed ahead of human needs, kind. Under the circumstances, I highly doubt that God loves a state, where we overly abuse the word “conservative.” Otherwise, some things would require a miracle, for people to continue to live in Idaho.


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