Too many gun tragedies

I am not going to name names with reference to the tragic accident that happened at the Hayden, Idaho WalMart Superstore yesterday morning; 30 December 2014. A two year old child messing around in mom’s purse, manages to grab her loaded gun and shoots her. Not only was this incident all over Facebook and other forms of social media, it was also broadcast on the televised news and last night, CBS Evening News had picked up on this particularly shocking story. A toddler shoots mom with her loaded gun. You have to figure that at some point, this just had to happen.

I fully understand why the 2nd Amendment was written as it was. At one time this country did not have a regular army and so, a volunteer militia made up of individually armed men would have to muster and train, in order to defend their towns or villages, even the country if called upon. That was the assumption anyway. At least until a regular army, navy, marine corps, eventually a coast guard and air force was authorized through Congress. Because of the above changes in the formation of an official military, the original intentions of the 2nd Amendment went the way of history. Fast forward to the present with various “Open Carry” radical groups that insist on taking their guns everywhere. I could see some child playing with a fully loaded semi-automatic rifle, like he or she thought it was a toy, with tragic consequences. Like what happened yesterday at WalMart. Because anyone dumb enough to open carry such a weapon into a Target or where ever, wouldn’t have the common sense it would take to keep a child away from a dangerous weapon. Sorry to have to say this before a now grieving family and children scarred for life because of this incident: but when I was a child, the 2nd Amendment was not threatened if mom and dad were not openly carrying or carrying concealed any weapon into a store, theater, or restaurant. That was over 50 years ago. My how attitudes have changed and dramatically, since I was a child.

The NRA became more politically radical in those almost 50 years from the time of my birth. You didn’t used to hear of the NRA or any other “gun rights” group prepared to take up arms against this nation, or this nation’s government. Actually, it is treasonous to make that kind of argument. But with the political donations that the NRA routinely gets, it is also a treasonous argument that routinely gets a pass and a wink of the eye. Because of the corrupting influence of private money in public political campaigns. So, at what point does the NRA begin to recognize that guns are not toys and are instead dangerous weapons? Just how many excuses can they keep coming up with when finally, toddler fires on mom and kills her almost instantly. How many members of the NRA can keep arguing that there is a “dictatorship” behind gun regulation; when children are accidentally shooting other children, because parents are careless about where they store their dangerous weapons?

I have thought about this many times since I had last posted to this blog, and it involves “looking in the mirror.” Millennials was addressed at length in “The Inlander” of Spokane, Washington. Brief interviews on the street, in which actually older people were included among those voicing opinions about same; the older people in particular voiced some particularly nasty condemnations. Maybe they forgot that, they are the parents or the grandparents of these same millenials. And with their own “me first” political views—inclusive of my individual rights to my dangerous toys—why shouldn’t the millennials make the assumption that “things” can be handed to them as well. The NRA was granted a very liberal entitlement from SCOTUS after all, with reference to their “Chicago decision.” So, if the NRA can get one branch of government to hand them something, then “entitlements” are also presumably procurable for everyone else and any other walk of life. Which leads to a 2 year old toddler reaching into mom’s purse, playing with her loaded hand gun, and killing her.

Idaho is a gun crazy state, it can not be denied. Idaho hunters love their guns and want every possible permission to use those guns, to hunt and shoot everything in sight. Whether it is of any profit or useful to them, or not. Now we can add to the list, mom’s little boy kills her with her own weapon in a Hayden, Idaho WalMart. Am I rubbing this in? Yes, I sure am. No, I am not a mom. It is probably just as well that I am not one. But for anyone who is a parent; if you are going to insist on taking a loaded weapon where ever you go; show some responsibility. Children are inquisitive and they are going to get into everything. That is why there are warning labels on bleach and other cleaners, and further notification of, “Keep out of the reach of children!!!” A smart parent or parents would understand that. Precisely, a parent who is smart enough to exercise some common sense. The same is equally true of your handgun. If through the NRA and the SCOTUS decision that so thoroughly liberalized the 2nd amendment that it is no longer recognizable, you can individually own as many dangerous weapons as you wish, keep them out of the reach of children for your own sake and theirs. That is your responsibility as a parent. And yes, this was a preventable tragedy. The only people I will truly feel sorry for, is that toddler and the other children who were witnesses.


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