Failed thinking

When ever I read a George Nethercutt column in “The Inlander,” I am never sure whether to roll my eyes or bust a gut laughing. Because quite frankly, I think Mr. Nethercutt spends more time stringing words together, than actually saying anything. Here’s an example:

A recent poll showed Americans about equally divided over how Ferguson was handled, with 52 percent against President Obama’s handling of the issue and 52 percent against the way police handled the protests there, with a narrow margin supporting the federal government bringing charges against the officer. Obama, as America’s first biracial president, must be careful not to show racial bias himself.

The above block quoted statement demonstrates in a nut shell, exactly what permutations racial prejudice will go through. No “biracial or other minority” should ever show “racial bias” whether in the arts, comedy routines, as members of the news media, as actors, politicians in general, or even the President of the United States. However, the putative white majority can exhibit racial bias at any time. Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, any Dixiecrat, etc.; have employed racial bias extensively and exploited it for political reasons. Racial bias was definitely on display to reduce the likelihood of minorities voting in the November 2014 elections. Just as there has been a heavy display of racial bias, when young African-American males, some with families of their own, fall victims to police over-reach or brutality. Find it on Facebook, these young African-Americans are scofflaw “thugs.” Perhaps if they just complied with the law… However there is a counterargument called, the cops have a protocol that needs to be followed. I fully understand any cop discharging his weapon and killing someone, who has a badassed weapon and definitely plans on using it. That is not the same thing as: “the suspect” having only a pill bottle, set of keys, wallet, a cell phone… And the cop claims after the fact that he felt “threatened.”

Now for a summary of what else Mr. Nethercutt argued, we could teach the current illegal immigrants all about capitalism, the free market, and working hard. Uh, I am very sure they know all about any of the above. Capitalism=illegal immigrants are exploitable day labor. The free market=no we do not want illegal immigrants to obtain a green card (through executive action), because they may as potentially legal citizens, expect better treatment as well as better paying jobs. Work hard? I have no doubt that they do. In fact for very little pay or none what so ever, any illegal immigrant probably works harder than most politicians. Especially when those politicians over a span of two years, took very long vacations, too many weekend breaks, and spent what little time in Washington, D.C. that they did to constantly bitch about the President. Any illegal alien that acted like this on the paid under the table workforce, would get booted off the job so fast, it would make his head spin. No, Mr. Nethercutt; it isn’t the illegal immigrants who could use these lessons. It is instead, people like yourself.

For anyone who has some grasp of what Boys and Girls of America stands for, or for that matter, Big Brothers and Big Sisters; it is where you partner up with a child who is literally struggling, and try to act as an inspiration. If it works out as planned, this is a child who might make it into high school, college, or even a university. If it works out with this kind of partnership or sponsorship, this is a child who would always have someone to talk to and share fun times with. The intent is, to keep that child from falling through the cracks and helping that child to eventually lead a more productive life. It is not something that Mr. Nethercutt should be trying to “after the fact” exploit. Because programs like these do cost money, some of that money may come from the federal level. The operating word here is “MAY.” We already know where the GOP priorities are in their next legislative session. Your kids or any other peoples’ kids are not exactly on the radar. Your health or the health of your neighbor, isn’t exactly on the radar either. Whether the veterans will see any kind of benefits, is also a big question. The claim I have seen on Facebook, the GOP watch the checkbook. Even before their legislative session ended in December however, seems the GOP sponsored a TRILLION dollar rider that funnels taxpayers money into Wall Street and etc. This to prevent a “government” shut down. Wall Street and etc. doesn’t require such a massive socialist outpouring of public moolah, but the GOP are determined to make sure Wall Street and etc. are the recipients of a federal sugar daddy. That is not an argument for one political party to “watch the check book.” Nor is it an argument for capitalism and the free market.

Seriously? President Obama should take particular care that he should never show a “racial bias?” United States of America, if Nethercutt wants to assume a local voice (Spokane, Washington) for the GOP; I think you have far greater problems than whether a biracial President shows a racial bias.


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