Thank you Chuck Malloy

This morning, 10 December 2014, The Coeur d’Alene Press published this article from Mr. Chuck Malloy, in its guest editorial column, “Idaho primary elections: Go on, get rid of ’em.” I fully read his column through and quite frankly, I applauded the man for what he said. A select quote, “General elections at the top of the ticket have all the suspense of old Communist Russian ballots, where only one name counts—the one with the ‘R’ label.” I am glad he said it that way. Because there is something else I am equally aware of, step up to the plate and criticize the too much power and the corruption it brings to the permanent party in power? People take triple flips as they go off the deep end shrieking about how they’ve been attacked. There must be something wrong with you, for daring to say anything! That communism as it is defined today, comes right down to the local level, as it describes and defines how people react and behave in general.

Mr. Malloy refers to them as the “TEA Party Crowd.” People who publicly declare what makes them “traditional Republicans.” Quite frankly, I wouldn’t know what they mean by that. Because there has never been one definition of a “traditional Republican,” throughout the entire history of the party. Abraham Lincoln happened to be the founder of the Republican party that was all about big government liberalism. Slavery was a black blot on the nation and needs to be scourged, once and for all. It took a civil war to do it, but slavery was effectively scourged. 1. Emancipation proclamation. 2. The ratification into law of the 13th and 14th amendments. This nation reference race relationships has known its bumps in the road since then. But back in the 1960s, “traditional Republicans,” still owning the mantra of the party of Lincoln, were quick to sign onto the Civil Rights Laws. Just as by the time of Richard Nixon and the highly impeachable Watergate scandal, Republicans still understood principles and accountability well enough, to tell Nixon that he stunk up the oval office with his criminal offenses. Literally being a signer and therefore an aider and abettor to criminal offenses. The party of Lincoln could still wear that mantle when its then Representatives told Nixon, he wouldn’t survive an impeachment and removal from office.

You can only be a silly idealist of a young adult only once in your life. As you get older, you come to realize that what Nixon did earned him a forced resignation. Moving on, Mr. Malloy’s entire commentary was about Secretary of State-elect Lawrence Denney’s proposal to eliminate Idaho’s primary elections. With those closed primary elections that draws too few voters, caucuses held in locations that become inaccessible to Idaho residents who don’t travel, even open primaries that fails to produce a heavy turn out at the polls. Then it is literally a waste of tax money. I can applaud Mr. Malloy being prepared to say that. Just as I can applaud his saying that our future elections should not be run on a party/partisan basis. Labels and platforms run on a label, have outlived their usefulness.

Case in point, when a low voter turnout returns to office men such as Governor Otter who’s own administration oversaw a whole lot of corruption. Yet, the voters who did bother going to the polls apparently preferred that corruption and mismanagement of taxpayers money, to anyone prepared to actually clean this mess up. Then that says just how much of a problem Idaho as a state really has. The definition of “traditional Republican” is one that no longer accepts principles, accountability, or a moral basis for its existence. And by arguing an “against Obama” limited government, —Incidentally, you did know that your constituents still need health care, stable employment, and good education, right? — it is a sorry-assed attitude that helps no one, inclusive of the children. Running campaigns against a Democratic leadership at the federal level, does not tell the voters at the state level, what you plan to offer that would improve what opportunities might and could exist for the citizens here. The Democratic efforts at trying to improve on those education and job opportunities, were never given a hearing by the low voter turn out at the polls. Is that “conservatism?” I don’t think so. Rational people would never vote in a way, that would screw themselves and their kids too.

My view of the far leftist “TEA Party Crowd,” is that they are primarily anarchists. They took it into their heads what Ronald Reagan said on the hustings about government being the problem, at least until he got into office, and ran with it. Guaranteeing when they did get into office, how much government would become a problem—at odds with itself and the American people. Quite frankly, having that office matters more than recognizing the responsibilities that go with it.

In turn, these far left anarchists turn on the people slightly better at understanding what government is; and what you are supposed to do when you hold elective office: ie govern, fellow Republicans and called them RINOs—Republicans in name only. The anarchist “TEA Party Crowd” act like spoiled crybabies who don’t mind soiling their own nest. Apparently, if the real argument is that, “If I have to share something and I don’t really want to, then I’ll just destroy it during a hissy fit, that way no one can ever have it after me.” Well, that affects more than divisions within a single party. It does effect everyone, voters and non voters alike. Over all, I liked what Mr. Malloy wrote here. His column is well worth reading. Check it out at


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