Thank you Ray L. Fink

Before I actually transcribe this letter to the blog, the reason for its headline, I wondered if I might have something to blog about yet this week…

Letter: Pushing back vs. liberals

The letter from Luanne alluding to discrimination against Joan Harman is hypocritical hogwash.

I saw no mention of sexual orientation mentioned, and it seems just another “Honk, Sniff” poor Joan the victim, of the same harsh words and judgment she has used on others for years. She has used vile and childish rhetoric to those who disagree with her liberal agenda for years with little pushback.

She then falls back on the “I deserve respect because I’m a veteran.” She was a reservist who guarded Dalton Gardens while others in her unit deployed to war zones. Since she either wouldn’t or couldn’t deploy, she was ultimately let go with the low performers.

In touting her “veteran status” and superior views, she didn’t hesitate to criticize other veterans who disagreed with her. Case in point was her judgment that an E8 retiree with war zone service “was unfit to wear to wear a uniform.” To say that Joan deserves more respect is hypocritical because she has neglected to extend it to others.

Hopefully Luanne’s claim to veteran status is superior to the mediocre resume of Joan.


First, Mr.Fink has never met me. At no time on a personal basis, has the man ever had the occasion to ask questions of myself in order to learn something about me. What he knows, and all that he knows, are what I have written in letters to the editors.

What I do know about Mr. Fink however, is that since he had written letters over many years, he has spent most of his time engaging in a very harsh judgment of this country, “We don’t do a thing for Vietnam Veterans.” It’s citizens, “They cursed and spat on returning Vietnam veterans.” Our government, if it is run by Democrats. Other veterans, (including myself) if they disagree with himself. Obviously, the above letter is but one example.

So, for what he does not know about me, then this is what I will explain to my readers:

  • I am a native of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Born on 14 April 1954. I grew up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and had not moved anywhere, until I joined the active Army around March of 1979. Ultimately, I deployed to Cold War Germany where active terrorism targeted its citizens, NATO, and the American military. My Reserve status was from 1983 to May of 1991. When I was let go, after the first Gulf War ended (No I was not deployed, wrong MOS so I was told at the time.), first, it was with an honorable discharge and second, I still resided in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
  • I did not move to Dalton Gardens until three or so years after my dad died. By then, I had already been out of the service—Army Reserves—for more than ten years. That was by 2003 or 2004.
  • What is also factual, is that Michael Patrick has no interest in publishing corrections to the sort of “attack letters” that are based on false assumptions and completely ignorant premises. So, people like Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Fink, Ms. Cook among others; can fabricate any fantasy they wish without pushback.
  • I wouldn’t exactly know what Mr. Fink can identify as a “liberal agenda” or why he thinks [victimology speaking], that my views must be “superior.” Does that mean then, that his views are inferior? Then why are his letters published? Quite frankly, his views of an actual “liberal agenda” are those of people who totally agree with him and never argue. Literally, that grants him some kind of totalitarian authority to have the first, last, and only word on the subject. Well then, I’m afraid I am not a “liberal.” In a Democracy, even Mr. Fink needs to face the competition of ideas.
  • Further, if you put on a uniform and swear an oath, it doesn’t matter in what capacity, whether you served in a war zone or not; you put on that uniform to defend the U.S. Constitution and the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of your fellow citizens. To then turn on people as Mr.Fink has done down through the years, as Mr. Sheridan has also done down through the years. Why did you put on the uniform, if you can’t stand and absolutely hate the neighbors and fellow citizens, you ultimately defended?

When I put on a uniform, I knew that I not only defended the U.S. Constitution, but also the democracy that this founding document created. If this is something that Mr. Fink can not appreciate, I suggest a slow boat to still remaining totalitarian countries, where he may feel more comfortable.


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