Future of GOP could be dire

I won’t exactly fault John T. Reuter for much in his latest editorial circa “The Inlander.” Just this one issue, it is called having an idealistic faith in a party that has abruptly abandoned its core principles. I’ll agree, Mr. Reuter does admit that the Republican party set out to engage in voter suppression where ever possible. That the party did everything possible to reduce voter turn out, so that they could gain electoral majorities. But this isn’t a “flash in the pan” type of situation. Ever since the Reagan “revolution,” the GOP have been working hard at trying to create this majority power. However, that is a majority power by hook and by crook; not because the GOP actually could offer something that would honestly appeal to the American voters. If you come to your majorities through fear, hatred, anger; with the help of blatant corruption; then you have already as a party shown your inability to govern. Reuter’s idealism about our party, is in the belief that despite what the GOP did to gain their majorities, they can show the American electorate something positive in the next two years.

  • Facebook news feed: The state of Texas approves of a new historical textbook in which Moses is classified as a “founding father.” Democracy as such wasn’t exactly introduced until the coming of the Roman Empire. There is nothing in either Old or New Testament, that would even suggest those biblical texts could ever have inspired America’s democratic society. But I would say this about the GOP, their own actions prior to the 2014 mid-term elections, wasn’t exactly an inspiration for a democratic society either. Regardless of what George Nethercutt might say about it, after the fact.
  • The Senator Barbara Boxer video that was extensively shared on Facebook, in response to the executive action President Obama took on immigration. The GOP response was of course predictable—childish, really. Senator Boxer? 510 days she said in this video, in which the GOP did nothing to create legislation, not even to vote on the legislation to address a broken immigration system. Apparently, the T.V. ads exploiting “emigration as a terrible menace,” was a lot cheaper. The people voting for the GOP in response to such ads, never once asked what the GOP were prepared to do about it. Well, the GOP majority Congress hasn’t been installed yet. But they are sure worthlessly flapping jaws, because President Obama had the guts to do something about the immigration situation, that the GOP would rather just run ads to exploit.
  • After Idaho’s own mid term elections had ended; I saw the Coeur d’Alene Press run an editorial that basically skirted around the reasons why Otter could be re-elected as Governor. I submitted an open letter to the Coeur d’Alene Press, which was published on the next Sunday, about why Governor Otter would not have deserved my vote. Being a “family values” man doesn’t cut it if your administration is rife with corruption. The party you are the head of in the state, chooses to hire convicted criminals—former Senator Larry Craig. Or if the people holding an elected position within your administration, willfully mismanage taxpayers’$$$. Regardless of the majority of the Idaho electorate absolutely rejecting the Luna “educational reform” laws that puts taxpayers’ money into private pockets, the Idaho GOP still love private and deep pocketed special interests. It isn’t doing the teachers or the students much good in this state however.
  • The local extremists reacted strongly, which also says a lot about their factual lack of morality. If you so bizarrely hate what you have decided the Democrats stand for; so as to put back into office people who never did have your best interests at heart, you are already a lost cause. Scapegoating President Obama changes nothing about how the majority party governs or fails to govern locally.

For what else Mr. Reuter had to say, I will agree with him, the narrowed GOP demographic is also a disappearing one. Given what the GOP decided they just had to do to gain a majority this time around, they have already alienated people away from voting for them by 2016. Precisely, minorities, the youth, the elderly. Why? On the presumption that this diverse demographic might vote for the Democrats. Well, if the GOP actually had something to offer as Mr. Reuter suggested, the same demographics mentioned above who’s vote the GOP also suppressed, won’t have been able to vote for that party either. Which meant, the GOP successfully shot themselves in more than just the foot.

This is the day before Thanksgiving, and the Coeur d’Alene Press put out a wad of Thanksgiving letters. Very appropriate, rather than all the attack letters they have typically run in past years. Such letters I will not plan to comment on. Instead, this final statement before I elect to blog on a topic next week: Benghazi. The GOP who suddenly decided that Benghazi would no longer serve a political purpose. That’s right, Benghazi would help them to get a majority control of Congress. The lives of four dead Americans, inclusive of one Ambassador, was useful for political exploitation and nothing more. Nice “slap in the face” for the surviving family members, who wanted some answers!


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