Symbol, symbolic, symbolism: with reference to an image, however usually lacking in substance. I started this blog post in just this way, with reference to the latest George Nethercutt editorial, found in “The Inlander.” Make that, after the midterm elections, it was a lot of hot air and fluff, particularly lacking in substance. So instead, here are a few issues that it seems, Mr. Nethercutt can’t seem to wrap his head around. Nor is he prepared to have the “future leaders of our country,” found exclusively at Gonzaga U., natch; be prepared to wrap their heads around those factual issues either. So, we will briefly take a tour on why world powers can suddenly collapse and finally go the way of history. Precisely, it is called “rot at the inner core.” That rot existed prior to the Russian empire, comprising much of Eastern Europe, finally collapsing with the rise of the Bolshevik revolution. That rot pre-existed the fatal collapse of the Roman empire. It also caused Great Britain to cease to be a great naval power. That rot is not what Mr. Nethercutt is prepared to address for this nation, here and now. Especially a group of Gonzaga students.

Oh and by the way, ISIS isn’t a “group,” it is a terrorist Jihad movement that is going around slaughtering everything in sight. But then I figured old Nethercutt, would suddenly be among the GOP who’d totally downplay the importance that a Jihadist group like ISIS, would have post 4 November 2014. It is no longer a terrorist Jihadist organization, it is now a “group” that we must somehow deal with. Over that, I had to roll my eyes. Just as I had to roll my eyes at Nethercutt’s assumption that we might eventually have to act unilaterally. That is where the rot within America’s inner core, becomes a little too glaring.

You must have the finances available to effectively create a strong military. Which also means, you should not be indebted to a viable enemy who can call in the chips at any time. Say China, for example. Therefore, since it takes tax dollars to finance a strong military, to also take care of our veterans after any war, then that is a whole lot of money we are talking about here. Under our present circumstances (and that is despite the new employment figures), we don’t have a sufficient tax base to effectively supply a military in equipment or boots on the ground, in order to even act unilaterally. Mr. Nethercutt never expressed whether his particular assumptions about our ability to carry out such a unilateral mission, was ever challenged. Well, it should be. Rot in the inner core of this country can be found elsewhere. How do we treat in reality, the homeless? Facebook as social media, allows a lot of stuff to be put out there, of photos, memes, videos; regarding our real world social ills. “Cop block” photos or videos routinely show up. “No veteran should be without a job, etc.” can be found on the news feeds. 34 cities now criminalize the feeding and housing of homeless people. Nothing is suggested when it comes to the latter, whether the public officials of the cities in question, would prefer instead to offer jobs, and return the homeless population to a more productive life. Maybe the surer bet of eradicating a homeless population, would be to actually invest in fellow human beings. Or, as was also found in a following “Inlander” editorial, Rachel Dolezal discusses very poor race relationships in Spokane, Washington. One glaring example of why this country could totter on the brink of collapse, was when white students posted anonymous messages online, such as: Do black lives matter? No, they do not! I will also bet you, that the same anonymous white students, would say how much a fertilized egg is a human being at conception, and no it should not be slaughtered. I could have labeled this blog post “Ironic,” but I don’t think it would be quite as fitting.

If the midterm elections proved anything at all, it had absolutely nothing to do with our “freedoms,” “rights,” or “democracy.” Outside of two left wing political parties, GOP and Democrat: seeing who could scramble the most for money, who could lash out harder at the POTUS, who could make the most cynical use of hate and fear; but who couldn’t seem to get through their heads that if you want the power, there is a responsibility that comes with it. Meaning, now that the GOP have that majority they craved, they should no longer act like whiny and tantrum throwing two year old children; but they still do. Circa, Mitch McConnell, who is only “Senate Majority Leader” when the next Congress convenes, came out declaring how he could tell the President what to do, even how to think. I don’t believe that the U.S. Constitution gave a belligerent two year old the right to tell the President how he should tend to his business. Mitch McConnell actually has nothing to say to the President at all, unless it comes to “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Considering that the GOP chose for six years to not work with President Obama, McConnell doesn’t have any business telling the man how he should act. Whether he can issue executive orders or not. Instead, it is the voters who should tell McConnell, what he needs to do for them. I have no doubt that Russian President Vladimir Putin recognizes how much in disarray our American politics really are. Undoubtedly, that is why he is getting in our faces with overt displays of military power.

SCOTUS loves corruption, the midterm elections were all about, the voters were persuaded that getting past a deep recession/near depression was not in their best interests. Having a better health care/health insurance option, should not work on the voters’ behalf either. So speaking of, a tape surfaced in which (I’ll take it that is was definitely out of context but…) a consulting guru on the Affordable Care Act, during its drafting and legislative phases, regarded the American populace as, “stupid.” Better than a year later, that same guru would only have been proven correct.


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