It’s not from God

Right after the 4 November 2014 mid term elections, “The Inlander” published in Spokane, Washington came out with an article on “Pastors” who endorse political candidates. Even to mentioning one such “Patriot Pastor” by name who literally taunted the IRS with a “sermon” that endorsed political candidates. A “bust me if you can” type of deal. Well, after the GOP brouhaha regarding Republican affiliated groups and PACs being “politically targeted,” it just may be that the IRS will decline to investigate the “Patriot Pastor” and his church. This is not to say however, that the Pastor will never get busted by Someone else. That Someone who’s bible never asked this Pastor to make these endorsements in the first place.

The definition of secular may have changed somewhat since I got my Random House College Dictionary. But I am sure that it hasn’t changed so much that “secular” still means of the material, of the laity. Further, secular applies to anything created by man. IE: politics, political parties, governments, PACs, money to further the elections of preferred political candidates, money to further the promotion of an initiative, or to oppose it. If what the bible discloses, is to guide the followers to a more spiritual realm “In my Father’s house there are many rooms…”, then any Pastor or Priest should be more concerned with that. Precisely, making it most possible for the congregants to enter heaven. Instead, by these churches pushing politics and endorsing candidates at the pulpit; says yet again, that the church is more interested in secular power.

I am not going to name names here, for anyone interested, they can visit the Inlander Facebook page, or even Instead, I am going to ask my readers this question, how quick are you to turn to a dictionary and research the meaning of humanist? My dictionary describes a “humanist” as basically a moral person who shows consideration for his fellow human beings. Incidentally, the Bible both Old Testament and New, carries these humanist qualities. Jesus, according to his biographers, was factually a humanist teacher. Any church in its own right that follows such teachings today, would be considered humanist. But here was this “Patriot Pastor” inveighing against “people showing moral consideration for their fellow human beings” entering our schools. Which I regard as interesting, so what bible is he teaching from? Okay, a laity (secular) instead of Pastors or Priests (presumably spiritual) that states specifically how people should show each other some kind of moral consideration. I personally don’t see what would be wrong with that, considering that the Pastors or Priests are far too busy insisting on (secular) government paying their religion special considerations. Or why devote your time as a Pastor or Priest, endorsing political candidates?

Regardless of what the Apostle Paul said about governments being created by God, and therefore you as a believer had to live with what you’ve got; way back in the day, Samuel had a different argument. The day the people approached him out of anger because of the corruption engaged in by his two sons. These people wanted a King (secular government). They insisted that Samuel get them such a king. Samuel being irate, then came before his God and wondered the whys of the people’s argument. Never mind that his sons were corrupt, but surely a Priesthood should still prove satisfactory for an entire Israeli nation. To which God answers, that it isn’t Samuel who is getting the push back, it is the people’s choice to replace God (spiritual) with a King (secular). Well now, anything instituted by men is going to have its faults and frailties. Among them, is the capacity for power being corrupting, and those in power to exercise such power in both a false and cruel manner. That should tell even the “Patriot Pastor” a few things about the meaning of this. By endorsing political candidates (anointing “kings” if you will), the “Patriot Pastor” abandons his God in favor of a secular body that is prone to many faults and frailties. If God is supposed to be all perfect, then why would “Patriot Pastor” put his trust in a secular body? Wouldn’t that make “Patriot Pastor” a secular humanist?

A few days ago, I blogged that now that the GOP had their majority lock, just how quickly “the issues that got them elected” would become history. Well, Facebook and one news page after that, President Obama is seeking X millions in dollars to do battle with the Ebola epidemic. Some doofus I ended up responding to, said of the people who posted this page, that they had spelled “golf” wrong. In other words, Ebola was only a “freak out factor” for the purposes of politics. With the incoming GOP who certainly took political advantage of it to become the majority elected officials, now it is on to other business. And their apologia choir can engage in the usual childish attacks. Ebola is now “yesterday’s” news. Not for the people who continue to contract the disease and those who become casualties because of it. Ebola in the U.S. that should have served as a wake up call, is apparently only a wake up call for people who are humanitarian (the factual meaning of humanist) to begin with. For everyone else, a cynical manipulation of the freak out factor, is what is needed to gain Congressional majority power. That should tell you something as well. Why would God endorse anyone who wants the power, but who does not wish to engage in effective government? Who is all about having that majority control since the Reagan “revolution” of the 1980s, however they can achieve that desired status. But who are also increasingly and blatantly corrupt? If you read the bible entirely through, that is not the message actually found in scripture. But that is the message that comes directly from the pulpit of “Patriot Pastor.” As long as his own interests are furthered, he isn’t going to be overly concerned about the corruption of the political candidates, who’s names he has endorsed. Well, he should be. Because the bottom line, this is between him and his God.


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