To the voters

I voted today. As a Republican I voted for as many Democrats as would appear on the north Idaho ballot here in Kootenai County. I walk into my precinct polling place, a DD214 in my wallet, a pink “U.S. Army” cap on my head, and I am granted the allusion that I might be “incompetent” and therefore “not qualified to vote” if I can not seem to sign my name in the ordinary way. That is, on the dotted line like was the case in years past. Next to a name and address in a voter book that should have been facing me, so that my name at least, would not be presented upside down. I did point that out to the individual in question. A young woman who was highly dismissive of such an oversight, even as she decided that I must sign my name within the confines of an oblong cut out. Which would have proven quite interesting; if my arthritis and also the carpal tunnel syndrome that I only happen to be afflicted with, made my handwriting, such as it is, a truly terrible scrawl. Oh and for the record, showing my driver’s license was no longer enough. I must state my name, which has not changed since the day of my birth, to the lady’s satisfaction. I must also publicly state my present address, which has also not changed since I first moved to Oak Crest. I was competent enough to serve on the behalf of the GOP, as a member of the U.S. Army. I was certainly competent enough to potentially give my all on the behalf of a person, “who thinks she needs to hold my hand, in directing me where and how to sign my name.” After I vote and am putting my ballot in the box, the same person seems to think she needs to watch me do so. This is the GOP for you, a party that treats its constituents with nothing but contempt, but still believe the same people should give them majority power in Congress.

I am actually not angered or disappointed if the Democrats actually lost many seats in Congress. I will plainly express why. It takes courage to be a liberal, and as a liberal, to take a factual stand on on what you claim to believe in. If you are a member of a party that acted on the behalf of the American voters, then it is a statement of fact that you should own, say that you are proud of this or other accomplishments, and stand your ground. Instead, the Democrats chose to allow the GOP to frame the message and that is the self-defeating message the Democrats wished to run on. Obviously, their particular losses were well deserved. If I lived in a state where the Democrats were intent on running from the President of the United States, a President whom I had helped to elect, I’d have no reason to vote for that truly spineless SOB. If there was another credible party whom I could have voted for instead, I would vote for the candidate representing that party, but neither Democrat nor Republican. Because, unlike other members of the American electorate that seem to be real gluttons for punishment, I do pay attention to the facts.

I understand that the Koch bros have a controlling interest in the Keystone Pipeline XL. Of course, Reibus Prienus (sic?) won’t publicly admit to it, but a majority GOP Congress in voting for this Canadian based pipeline, would be using the government and of course the taxpayers’ dime, to grant a boon to the billionaires who bought their offices. You see, the Koch bros are not actually anti-government, if that government does something on their behalf. Just as the GOP are also not anti-government, if they spend all their time: lying, scheming, exploiting activist government at the state level, exploiting PAC dark money, and whipping up mass hysteria about assorted bogeymen; in order to obtain elected federal offices. Incidentally, you won’t hear about Ebola, immigration reform, or ISIS for probably the next two years. That is because the GOP are only willing to run on fear, they have no plans in place for actually “doing anything” about it.

About Ebola, it has been around for long enough, that commercial interests such as big Pharma; could have come up with a vaccine for it. If better methods of sanitation could reduce the potential for a contagion; then when Ebola first became a newsworthy item, such measures ought to have been implemented. That is, any people of any country having some kind of a social conscious, ought to have done so. Apparently not. So now, Ebola makes a “politically” timely arrival in this country so that the GOP can make use of it as a bogeyman of choice. Never mind that the hysteria they whip up is entirely irrational and lacking any real basis in fact. After all, they are now talking to a people addicted to “Duck Dynasty” and other entertaining “reality” T.V. Around the time of Hallowe’en, people want their horror stories. And the very few (so far) Ebola cases in this country, counts as a primary horror story. Regardless of all the problems this nation might still face, the GOP yell “squirrel” and expect you to look in that direction. Just as they expect you to rant and rave about their scapegoat of choice after the GOP had already screwed you over.

So, I am going to ask you voters a few questions. You are aware that President Barack H. Obama is not Governor Obama in your particular state. At least, I hope you realize that, anyway. So, pollution standards, what does your bath water look like? Is it flammable? Do you think you could cook, clean, or bathe, in it? If not, then why did you vote GOP? How about crime rates, bearing in mind that the GOP currently control many governor mansions, legislatures, city councils, and county commissioner offices? Poverty levels? Educational standards? Levels of employment or lack thereof in your particular state? Just how much federal moolah your state gets for “being red?” Health care, how good or not is it? Are the interests of the elderly taken into consideration? How about you and your family? The RNC Chairman may say in a most misleading manner that the people have demonstrated “how tired they are of Obama.” But apparently, they aren’t tired of sloppy jokes for ads, that add a new level of entertainment to an already existing “boob tube.” Yeah, meaning you the voters. So, the RNC Chairman claims that the GOP kept their heads down and worked hard. At what? And exactly what does he mean about “turning the economy around” from a respectable job growth and a decently high stock market? You should be prepared to ask him that most excellent question.

Since the Reagan new left revolution, there is one thing I note about the GOP: they love the power, they love being the majority party, but they have yet to prove that they even know how to govern. They are blatant about corruption, blatant about which special interests ought to qualify for assistance, from a GOP style socialist government. But the argument made to you the voter is, that you are “tired of the President.” And with your vote, you will have forced him to “come to the table and work with the Republicans.” I don’t guess you’d remember that you already gave him your vote to do just that. Mr. Priebus isn’t prepared to remember, that his neo radical party wasn’t exactly interested in working with the President, or the opposition party. Well, then you voters get exactly what you deserve.


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