False Outrage

Oh yes, this is Hallowe’en. It is just days before the mid term elections. However, here is the new face of politics as presented by CBS Evening News and POLITICO.com on their website or Facebook page. Precisely, when some “anonymous White House staffer” or government official goes public with an embarrassing comment; this time, calling Benjamin Netanyahu a “chicken shit.” Oh my! I am not going to recall the “correspondent’s” name who got himself all purposefully riled up so that he could say, how President Obama wasn’t even going to bother trying to find the person who said this, and punish him. Any other time over the years, anonymous officials have come out and said something purposefully crazy. Either it was about their own administrations, members of Congress, or even at times, leaders of foreign countries. Exactly when did the news media decide to get “outraged” over the intended insult. Which indeed such comments usually were. Until now, never. Only until now, the news media decided to lap it all up, like the tabloid journalists they happen to be. I am going to guess that the sole reason for this “outrage” of the last few days, is that the mid term elections are gearing up and the news media is aching for a “real scandal.” Well excuse me, but I fail to find one.

Politico was pushing this “how terrible it is” that Netanyahu could be “insulted” like this. Time to do some reminding here, that in a Democracy, you can say anything at all: foolish, destructive, insane, argumentative, political talking points—GOP, counter political talking points—Democrat, third party positions, against a religion you do not like, for the religion you do, and so on, and so on, and so on. Oh yes, and in this Democracy, A president Bill Clinton can be called “slick” and effectively a coward. Bush the son can be called “chimp.” And President Obama can be called “Obolo, Obummer, King Bam, Obungler.” What is so interesting now, is that people are not being rounded up and punished for publicly insulting our elected officials. Especially our Presidents. If we don’t penalize people for acting like punks and two year old children, when it comes to their insulting American politicians, then there is no good reason for crying in feigned outrage, if a foreign official gets insulted. Watch “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” our comedians insult a lot of foreign officials. And no one is rounding up our comedians and punishing them for doing so. If that were to happen, this would no longer be a Democracy.

If you are going to be an elected official, developing a thick skin is very important. If you are going to be a politician in an American Democracy, shrugging off hysterical campaign attack ads on your way to becoming someone’s elected Representative or Senator, is extremely necessary. These days, such ads are an insult to the voter’s intelligence. Is the Affordable Care Act all that threatening? The GOP and those who hold their campaign purse strings would seem to think so. However, if you really want to reference it as an act of socialism. Then more than 200 years ago; Thomas Paine America’s first socialist, wanted government to take care of its citizens, much like the ACA is doing now. You don’t have to like how it looks as a law today. But in an era of big money politics, special interest pleadings, well-heeled agendas that push and pull politicians in a great many directions; the ACA as it stands now, is about as good as it will ever get. Don’t hold your breath hoping that “King Bam” has the magic wand, is able to make it all better. He does not, and he never will. Unless like an actual king, he were to abolish Congress, put in the tower of London all the well-heeled interest groups, and provide a single payer system for a country—no longer a democracy— to enjoy. Well then, on this Hallowe’en and just a few days before the polls officially open, voters put on your scary suits and vote for your own best interests. It is up to you and not the well-heeled interest groups, to make for yourself a better future.

I can think of a few insults that the news media has not chosen to do much crying over. Bush the elder vomiting in the lap of a Japanese government official, while they were at a state dinner the country of Japan was hosting. Bush the younger rubbing the neck of Angela Merkel. Only the head of state in the country of Germany. How about the “Faith Film” Count down to Armageddon? About its only saving grace is when a “damsel in distress” makes a public petition to God while all hell is apparently breaking loose around her. Otherwise, for being a fictional film, it is so poorly written and researched, that it is good only for the laughs. End time believers who are mainly terrorists. They blow up a Muslim temple built on what are purportedly the ruins of Solomon’s temple. That’s right, the temple already destroyed. Because of such an act, it is supposed to cause the people of Israel to back out of a peace accord with some kind of “New World Order.” Why would it? The more extreme of Israel’s people, would just love to see that Muslim temple destroyed! Like I said, a movie script very poorly researched. On top of that, the heroine is always being put into harms way, while looking for her “raptured” daughter. How about that. Oh, and the “New World Order?” That was first voiced by Bush the elder. If it is now a statement to be made by an “anti-Christ” in this “Faith film.” Then I will gather that Bush the elder is the premier anti-Christ, and his son, carried out for 8 years the mission of the anti-Christ. Definitely, it did not serve this country well for that to have literally happened. Quite frankly, I think there are better issues to be factually outraged about than for an anonymous government official to call Netanyahu a “chicken shit.” He’s a grown man, right? I’m sure he will get over it.

Happy Hallowe’en!


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