Scary politics

I’ll start this blog post with Mr. Jim Hollingsworth’s letter. it was published in today’s Coeur d’Alene Press “Readers Write” column 3 October 2014. In this letter, Mr. Hollingsworth argues that IUDs (inter uterine devices) are abortifacients. Precisely, by planting such a device inside a woman’s vagina, it prevents a fertilized egg from being implanted and therefore “killing the unborn.” Until the anti-aborticidists got hold of this particular argument, I never had heard of an IUD or any other method of birth control being used specifically for an abortifacient. Anyone with an actual interest in researching the facts, could get thoroughly educated on the matter of what birth control methods do or not do and likely as not, proceed to never write a letter regarding such an issue out of total ignorance. But you can be sure that in Mr. Hollingsworth’s case, Christian=total ignorance. But we already do know that to be against aborticide among some extremists in the Christian community, is to also be against everything else that reduces the likelihood of woman bearing children. With that thought in mind, I initially e-mailed Mr. Hollingsworth at his published e-mail address, and discussed another anti-aborticide letter which he had written. I pointed out then about the facts of humanity’s history of violence. To which he could kind of agree. But he did not answer the e-mail advising the fate of children once they were born. Which I regarded as interesting. So, Christians should not make use of IUDs and by extension? Government should have within its power, to materially intervene against a woman using such a birth control device, or obtaining an elective end to her pregnancy. However, what becomes the responsibility of government toward its constituency within this country?

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” had a good and hilarious take on “Ebola in America.” The literally “pissing in their pants out of fear” Republicans in Congress of the threat Ebola poses now that there are confirmed cases of Americans who now have the disease. Just as the GOP and their apologia choir on Fox News, fanned the flames of fear in creating a linkage between Ebola and ISIS/ISIL. On the other hand, statistics on CBS Evening News about the first greatest threat to people living in this country: heart attacks! That can kill around 600,000 people per year. The GOP reaction? If it is going to cost money, we don’t want to do this. The tens of thousands of people who die from entirely preventable diseases, certainly to include children. What might prevent these kinds of tragedies, such as Medicaid expansion? If it is going to cost money, the GOP don’t want to do this. The very real threat of climate change. We certainly had proofs of climate change here in the Inland Northwest with a very violent storm on the 23rd of July, 2014. Whether some people might argue that it was not a tornado, with reference to the news media in particular; it was none the less a violent storm that injured a number of people and destroyed a lot of property. There is a possibility that someone also died because of this storm. The kind of storm that I don’t think the Inland Northwest had ever actually experienced before this year. Is climate change a threat to human existence? There is evidence to suggest that it is potentially fatal to already existing wildlife. The GOP reaction? If it threatens the profits of the corporations that already hold the GOP purse strings, they refuse to do anything about it. Finally, what about some 33,000 gun deaths each year? If it threatens the interests of the gun lobby AKA the NRA; you can be sure that the GOP will refuse to consider it. What I call, very cheap politics.

This is October, time for the witches to emerge, the pumpkins to be carved, and on the 31st the children to come out in costume and get their handouts of candy and other treats, as they come knocking door to door. It is also the closing weeks of Congressional, mayoral, city council members, gubernatorial, county commissioners, voter initiative, etc. campaigns. Because it is 2014, the GOP in particular are going to say what they will to retain their seats in Congress and try to claim new seats in both Houses of that governing body against the Democrats. Some Democrats make it easy enough for the GOP to do that by engaging in Obama attack ads. That’s right, the Democrats attack the titular head of their party to try and stay in office. Jon Stewart featured some of those more disgustingly hilarious ads on his show, in the last few weeks. I wouldn’t exactly say that the Democrats were “craven.” Make that instead, just like the Republicans, the Dems being discussed here are political opportunists. It has to be an issue today that works in their favor before they will run with this particular ball. If it does not, they have no problem becoming the party of backstabbers. Or representing themselves as the chief among such backstabbers. One name comes to mind, Clay Aiken. There are others as well. Bill Maher was recently quite disgusted with the antics of the Democrats in the year 2014. His disgust about them was featured in an interview that ultimately found its way to Facebook. Besides the fact that I enjoy Bill Maher, I think he was quite right to say what he did. So, it isn’t just the GOP involved in scary politics, it is the Dems as well.

I wouldn’t know what radical Mr. Hollingsworth pays attention to, in what I would call the actual world. He seems to be hiding in a cave most of the time, unless he comes out sometimes to run for political office or present for publication, some anti-choice letter to the editor. But if you are going to call a fertilized egg a “person,” the situation involving the future of that fertilized egg can only get more complicated from here on out. After all, it might develop into a fetus and be born as a child. Then what? Reread the blog post and ask yourself, then what? Pro-life is actually an argument that advises, this child should be valued enough to have a future. The way the political parties are going now, they act purely out of self interest and not on the behalf of the people—inclusive of children—whom they are supposed to be representing. So, what is the future of that fertilized egg that Mr. Hollingsworth “so desperately” wants to see born? This is no longer a matter of cheap politics, and these are definitely scary times to introduce that “future child” to.


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