You will not like this

I picked up the latest “Inlander” and found in the opinion section, a clueless type who had issues with the U.S. funding Israel some billions of dollars a year. Ms. Taylor Weech did not like it that some 500 Palestinian children died. Or that some thousands of Palestinian citizens over all died in that particular conflict. Perhaps if we weren’t subsidizing Israel and providing that couuntry’s government with all the latest weaponry, then all these “innocent” lives would not be lost.

My history about Israel’s existence as a state may not be complete. But I do know from the Balfour agreement that it was not one accepted by the Arab/Islamic/Palestinian world. That as a consequence of this agreement, the PLO was launched, where the main targets were the people of Israel, further, anyone of Jewish origin. After the PLO came Hamas as a political successor. Along the same line of thinking as the PLO, Hamas does not believe that the state of Israel should exist. Thus, whether “we” wish to agree or not with how the Israeli government has reacted to threats to its own existence or that of its citizens, I fully understand why they did so. What is not so understandable, is the refusal of Israel’s neighbors to learn to live in peace. Perhaps if they did, maybe 500 children’s lives would not be lost in this last conflict.

I don’t guess that the people who spend a lot of time seeking to condemn the tiny nation of Israel for something; would care to consider looking at all of the facts first. Like Hamas setting up missile sites (they did do so) near U.N. schools and “safe zones.” Fire off rockets or missiles near those schools and safe zones, and you can be sure that tank rounds, incoming missile launches will indiscriminately destroy—not just the intended targets—but also everything around them. Then Hamas can callously show to the world how those “terrible Jews” are such monsters. Well, Hamas are terrible monsters. They don’t have a problem using kids to further their particular war against the Jewish state.

So, shoot off a few rockets or missiles near a U.N. school, parade a bunch of dead bodies before the T.V. camera, invite westerners in to look at the carnage that Hamas was co-creator to. Expect those westerners to come back to the states, pleading the cause of a movement that is officially recognized to be terrorist in its agenda. Presumably, in the name of the deaths of innocents.

So what would happen if we did stop all funding in armaments and subsidies to the state of Israel? Well, given the many decades of hatred, now well over 60 years and counting that the Islamic nations have for Israel; it would be a massacre of innocent Israeli citizens and their children. Oh and with our international trade in oil, we will have helped to fund such a massacre. Just as with our international trade in oil, we have at least indirectly aided the terrorists. The only better way is to first recognize the facts on the ground of why the middle east is such a flash point. It isn’t about territory, it is entirely about religion. It isn’t about “taking land that doesn’t belong” to one people’s or another, it is about religion. It is about an interpretation of God that entirely justifies why men, women, and children can die all the way back to Old Testament times. It is also about the western European invasion of those same lands, in the name of God and Jesus.

I think of such people as Ms. Weech as needing a lot more education. An education that isn’t all that hard to get. Google is a wonderful thing; it can provide on line encyclopedias such as Wikipedia. It can provide on line news sources. It can provide the means to find the massive resource materials at your finger tips, that otherwise would take years of research and a whole lot of money to discover. Is there some kind of problem with using that kind of technology, before spouting an out there opinion to any newspaper? And we are not just talking about a weekly such as “The Inlander.” Yes, Ms. Weech has a right to her opinions being published and read. But there is more than one side to this sordid and tragic story of those Palestinian children who died. They were betrayed and destroyed by their own people. You can be sure that the people who would condemn Israel for those deaths, won’t take that specific fact into consideration.


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