The Sucker Game

(This title is not a rip off of the books titled “The Hunger Games.”)

I picked up the latest copy of “The Inlander” today, and there was Robert Herold opining about the ideology of government hating politics. Further, how House Representatives such as Cathy McMorris Rodgers seems to hate the people she wants to keep putting her back into office. I really won’t go much into his hilarious commentary. Sincerely, it is hilarious. But that is not to make fun of the man. Instead, it is an unintended stand up comedy about the people in the 5th District.

I have not lately visited the Spokesman-Review, however I know whereof Mr. Herold speaks in terms of government hating trolls whom people like Newt Gingrich have fed down through the years. People generally living in a district that is high poverty, labor exploitative; and a Representative who is opposed to food stamps, women’s pay equality, and birth control. Referencing Facebook, my Democratic Facebook friends sometimes post links, photos and etc. that tends to get a bit hostile toward our current interpretation of “capitalism.” I “shared” one such post, where it is to be acknowledged that major corporations don’t feel they have a responsibility to include worker pay plus a decent 40 hour work week into their cost of doing business. So now, they want to kick the can over to the government. The business interests do want socialism; and people like Cathy McMorris Rodgers tell her constituents to just suck it up. You aren’t getting a thing from government while I am around. However, at the end of Mr. Herold’s opinion column, seems that Loudoun County, Virginia has become the place to be for extremely wealthy people. Make that extremely wealthy lobbyists, who absolutely do not hate the government that they want special favors from.

So when ever I see some rash and otherwise absurd comment about “too much government,” and what makes the “party in charge” commie or socialist. At least one of my responses does come to mind, “That’s for guys like you, not for the wealthy and influential who insist on big government being there for them.” Because you see, that is the actual facts of the matter. Government shouldn’t be there “for the people.” And it is the people who are being taught to hate its very existence. Government should only be there for the wealthy and well connected; as though we were trying to recreate, not just an oligarchy, but also an aristocracy. Meanwhile, people are taught to hate the government, by the very politicians who still want to be re-elected into that very same evil entity. That is what is hilarious. Further, I had seen Rep. McMorris Rodgers’ ads. Oh yes, she will go to Washington, D.C. and fight the very things that would most likely assist her constituents. That is, the people who vote for her. As for her real constituents, the people who can now spend unlimited amounts of money on the behalf of her campaign; she won’t fight Washington, D.C. where she is in a position to do something for these specific special interests.

Steve Gleason of Spokane, Washington ultimately went pro-football when he joined the New Orleans Saints. Then his personal tragedy struck in the form of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. These days, the man can not move at all. That is how far and how fast this illness has progressed. For this, he and his family have my full sympathies and blessings. So, out comes the “ice bucket challenge.” Accept having a bucket full of ice water dumped all over your head. After that, donate what you can to the ALS search for the cure fund. Or skip the bucket and just donate the moolah. It started in Spokane, Washington, I think. Then it went international. I also saw people post videos of the “ice bucket challenge” that was sometimes goofy, idiotic, outright troubling, or all in good fun. I can certainly hope that money has come in to aid in a search for the cure of ALS. However, there are people such as “Right Wing News” who decided to exploit that for their own purposes. And you guessed it, a “FACEBOOK ‘friend'” decided to pass on something that was utterly crude. Seems the bucket will now be filled with urine and turds and President Obama (among others) are nominated to dump it on their heads… I suggested to this fellow, after advising him of what the “ice bucket challenge” was supposed to be about; that if he liked it so much, he should dump that bucket on his head and post the video to Facebook. Apparently, he didn’t like the idea of completely humiliating himself in front of the rest of the world. He’d rather that the other guy do so—such as President Obama. My personal opinion? You don’t have to love the Presidents whom the people elect. In fact “Slick Willy” (Clinton), “Tricky Dick” (Nixon), “The Chimp” (Bush), “Ray-gun” (Ronald Reagan) are all obviously names spoken in mockery. It is something that any President can expect when being elected in a country built upon dissent and presumably a democracy. However, to make public a demand that any President inclusive of President Obama should publicly humiliate themselves, such as “Right Wing News” described; will I think create quite a retaliation. I could have said to this fellow, that if he wants respect then he also needs to give the same. Or I could have said, given who and what you say you represent, then that is something you do not do especially where it may serve your own interests. After all, the kind of people who’d post something this crude in the first place, would have no respect for the “FACEBOOK ‘friend'” in question. He’s just another sucker, prepared to be used by people to get their really pug ugly message out. And afterwards, to be dispensed with, when he no longer serves a purpose. Much like, you see, McMorris Rodgers’ constituents in the 5th District.


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