Interesting times

I will begin this blog post tonight with a bit of a discussion on the Thom Hartmann T.V. show found on RT a Dish Network channel.  I got just a tad tired of watching “Inside Edition” and what actually amounted to warmed over celebrity news, and decided to check my channel favorites.  I modified my list and when I was done, I hit the channel guide to find something a bit more interesting to watch.  Thom Hartmann proved interesting to watch.  Well he had no problem identifying “Progressive” as being “for the people.”  I will only agree with him to a point however about what is now identified as “conservative:”  promoting or otherwise being a camp follower of the rich and powerful.  At any time in American history, we did have periods of time when the rich and powerful were upheld in all things.  Anything they wanted to see happen, did happen.  And when economic disasters struck, it was of course the people themselves who were left holding the bag.

However, there was one woman in his “Your Take, My Take” segment who apparently bought into the GOP talking points.  Precisely, President Obama hadn’t followed through on his big promises.  Well now, what I find more than a little interesting here, how much do you pay attention to actual news?  If you can post a YouTube video asking Mr. Hartmann such a question, or send a tweet asking him another question, then Googling on line news should be entirely possible.  President Obama has been very active carrying out his agenda.  It has been the GOP who have tried to slow the President down or to stop him all together.  If you want to get angry about someone or something, become informed and get educated.  Blame the right people for why this country is not in better shape today.

What was really hilarious however, a true “Libertarian” had to first be a millionaire or a billionaire living in a lawless society.  Well now, checking out Somalia where there is no actual government, and piracy seems to be the only way in which money could enter that extremely poor nation; a millionaire or a billionaire you would think anyway, would surely wish to have the layers of security surrounding them that only governments and laws can provide.  Just ask J.P. Morgan/Chase where on the news this evening, that giant bank reports a security breach.  In a truly lawless society, how secure would the millionaire or billionaire really be with all of his wealth?  Not really.  The reason why the Koch bros are all opposed to Medicare, Social Security, and etc. in their reinterpretation of what they think “Libertarian” is supposed to mean; because it might help the little guy whom they already care nothing about.  That is, before you then get into this discussion of Koch bros style of corruption.  And how flagrantly the GOP show the rest of their constituents, just how readily they wish to be corrupted.  In this case, “conservative” now means how willing you are to be bought by the Koch bros of this world, how willing you are to personally serve the interests of people like themselves.  Only, when would the Koch bros and others like them, finally decide that a politician is a useless middle man?  If folks like Thom Hartmann are worried about the loss of Democracy in this nation today, then that is a particularly chilling thought they fall short of contemplating as of right now.  If wealth can buy anything inclusive of government, then wealth should simply put you in the position of being that government. 

I have some particularly enlightening discussions with one of my neighbors.  Earlier today, we had something of a discussion about the new radical smear job on Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Something of what she said, being lifted out of context and compared to what Hitler had once said.  Never mind that Hitler’s views of “society” involved his “master race” theory and all that it would take to create one.  If you weren’t an acceptable member of the “master race,” you could get yourself very dead.  What Hillary Clinton said, would have been a bit more viable to the modern era of this country and its politics.  Say, you are a corporation that fracks for natural gas.  Is your need for profit as that corporation, one that must supersede the health and well being of your neighbors and future customers?  If you are the person who faces cancer risks from fracking, then you are more likely to agree with Ms. Clinton and the environmentalists, than you would with the corporate profits that literally do come at your expense.  Society is a collection of individuals.  Take the rest of “us” out of that equation and what do you have left?  It still takes “us” to make those corporate profits possible.  So, the real problem here isn’t wealth or even the desire to obtain it.  The real problem here, is the fantasy that some people with a great deal of money, suddenly develop: they forget where and from whom their wealth is actually rooted.  As long as they don’t wish to invest in the rest of society, and wish to disconnect from what they regard as the “common run of people,” then what do they do when they discover that wealth isn’t an unlimited resource?  It still takes the common run of people to generate it.  Political theory drives this particular “Libertarian” thinking.  And it is a political theory that ultimately drives a wedge between wealth and a capitalist society.

Ferguson, MO was on my mind for awhile. Being often on Facebook, I saw some particularly blow by blow accounts, inclusive of arson, vandalism, and looting.  But the first night that I could watch a new “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart nailed it with his soliloquy about race.  Especially after he played a number of clips from Fox News, natch, in which the anchors and etc. were whining repeatedly about who the real “racists” were.  Among other things, of course.  So Mr. Stewart duly informed his wide-spread audience about race.  To include one of his correspondents who happens to be an African-American dressed to the nines in a suit.  The cameraman, a “homeless elf type,” as Mr. Stewart said. And where they were going and what they planned to do once they got there.  Who got stopped?   It wasn’t the white homeless looking dude.  After that, Mr. Michael Che was looking for that one safe place where he wouldn’t have a deadly run in with a cop.  Only when he thinks he is safe in outer space, that is when a cop actually does show up…  Major gut busting LOL! over how that skit was fully played out.  Ultimately, my views of the people who entertain their devoted fans on Fox News; if “race” offends end the bigotry.  By ending the bigotry then you won’t be “offended” any longer.

Finally and briefly, a Facebook friend shared a video of a squirrel munching contentedly, on an apparently venomous snake.  The snake fights the squirrel, the squirrel fights back, and the squirrel is noshing on the snake’s tail as the now bloodied snake is trying to crawl away.  Under the circumstances, I’d say that 21 December 2012 brought something into existence, something very strange, when a squirrel decides that snake makes a most delectable lunch.  And “The Nation” manages to catch the GOP laying aside all pretenses, about how corrupt they truly choose to be.


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