Benghazi: waste of tax dollars

The House Special Select Committee to investigate Benghazi, and of course to find cause to “impeach” President Obama, finally declared an end to a two year old investigation.  No bangs, no whimpers, just closed the investigation with this understanding that no crimes or coverups were involved.  Now if the Republicans had been prepared to accept the obvious at the time the Benghazi incident had occurred, well then we wouldn’t see possible billions of tax dollars wasted on a futile investigation.  For anyone who knows better, Benghazi was a political opportunity and one to be milked for all that it was worth.  As long as the Republicans kept Benghazi on the front burner, then news media such as, Fox News, and the MSM could treat it like a “what will Benghazi do as far as Hillary Clinton’s chances for the presidency?”  Or “is impeachment in the wind for our current President?”  Why would “impeachment” even be on the radar?  After all, George W. Bush had far more actual scandals throughout his two term presidency, a greater likelihood that he wasn’t prepared to follow constitutional law, but the GOP weren’t prepared then to do their due diligence.  In President Obama’s case, the GOP had to manufacture reasons to whine about his even being in office.  Oh and by the way, from what I have seen on Facebook, if this is true about “TEA Party” groups getting heavily funded by specific donors; then the IRS would have excellent cause to investigate them in particular for their 501(c) charitable tax exemptions.

It is an election year, and Congress has less popularity “according to the polls” than President Obama.  One reason why is the GOP.  The refusal to do anything at all for their constituents GOP.  The willingness to immediately turn on and stab the backs of the people, whom the GOP want to have vote for them.  On Facebook, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has judicial approval for his “anti-union” law.  Did anyone forget to tell the guy who presented on Facebook, Gov. Walker’s celebratory fist pump, that union members are also taxpayers?  The money that Gov. Walker supposedly saved with his anti-union law, is money that won’t enter the economy.  Mainly because it came out of the wallets of union members.  Next question is, who did get all that “saved taxpayer (union inclusive) money?”  Gov. Walker being anti-union, is only a quarter of the story.  Gov. Walker stabs the people in the back with his anti-union law, and still expects the people he shafted to put him back into office. 

Or perhaps social media is creating some unique problems for the GOP.  It may not be official polling, but there are a lot of people very disappointed with how the GOP have turned out.  You want to investigate to the grave and beyond, Benghazi?  How about the veterans you won’t support, the struggling poor, and the elderly?  How about the crumbling infrastructure that at some point, even the super wealthy have to drive on?  Fracking and the toxins it produces?  Monsanto and the toxins it creates that might produce immunities for certain types of pests in the insect world, plus superweeds.  But not necessarily are human beings so quick to evolve, and avoid the toxins that Monsanto produces and introduces to the food supply.  Or the newest labeling for corporations escaping their tax obligations:  inversion.  Well, if they want to become a foreign corporation, then they should not get subsidized and etc. by this American government.  Reap all the rewards, so to speak, without the honest labor.

So, the GOP close up shop on Benghazi and according to what I have seen on Facebook, the (old) left takes into consideration that the news media, especially Fox News, doesn’t say anything further about it.  Why, they wonder?  No scandal, no sensationalism, therefore, no news.  So the next big question is, who drove the Benghazi story?  The GOP politicians, or the news media?  Suggests here that it is a chicken and egg story, which came first?  When you really pay attention to what the news media has actually said and reported on during the Obama Presidency to date, there is no indication that they have been “in the tank for him” at all.  The investigation effectively exonerates our President, and the news media says effectively nothing, except for what gets reported on (linked incidentally) through Facebook news feeds.  No scandal, no sensationalism, no news, and no apology for not doing their (the news media) jobs right.  Maybe the GOP closed the door on this investigation, because they were worried about the only polls that matter in November.  Benghazi is the least of their worries.  It is the constituency that the GOP did not serve, and who’s tax dollars they wasted, who are the Republican politicians’ greatest concerns.  Notice that I don’t say “conservative.”  A conservative politician would have gotten to the facts sooner, had laid everything out on the table faster, and determined in the least amount of time possible what went wrong.  A conservative politician would neither have wasted people’s time or money, on an endless investigation.  Obviously, the GOP aren’t conservative. 

Of Benghazi itself, nothing more than an opportunity for political opportunism.  The lives of four Americans are less important than the latest means to bash the President.  When you look at the whole picture on Benghazi, it does become politically clear.  Benghazi was without question a tragedy.  Was it possible for such a tragedy to be avoided?  Not likely.  Given the radical and volatile elements now existing in the Middle East.  It was bound to happen regardless of what security measures are put into place.  Any investigation should examine the evidence and seek out new measures to guard against the hypothetical next time it happens.  This Benghazi investigation wasn’t about that.  It was about an opportunity to “stick it to” a hated President, and further, to forget about working for the voters.  It was about power and an opportunity to use that power against a sitting President.  But it wasn’t about the U.S. Constitution.  Specifically that article that states:  Treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. 

Today’s Congress, especially its “TEA Party” element, has probably done far more to have itself impeached with respect to the U.S. Constitution than even the President has done.  Regardless of whether you think the IRS was right or wrong, the VA health centers having legitimate scandals to address, or even whom President Obama wants or does not want in his cabinet.  “High crimes and misdemeanors,” precisely those known and defined under federal law, isn’t some label you slap onto something in order to justify actions that are purely political in nature.  The evidence of a high crime must exist, before you can impeach.  It didn’t work with Clinton when it was Monica Lewinsky, it won’t work now with President Obama.  And where the evidence did exist of high crimes in high places with the Bush administration, the GOP obviously weren’t going to hear of it.  My suggestion to the voters is, you don’t like the partisan hypocrisy, this time, vote with your best interests in mind.  The next time, create something in these political parties that serves the interest of the nation and not the self interests of the people you elect.  The GOP did not mind wasting your money on Benghazi.  Don’t plan to return them to office.


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