Define respect: it is weakness and dependency?

On Facebook, he goes by the name of “Republicans for Liberty.”Once he has identified himself in this manner, then it is on to attack anyone and everyone in the most childish manner possible. First he posts the typical Republican talking points about what and whom he assumes to be a liberal. Then he projects that very argument onto people, whom as I recall, have not made such an argument themselves. All well and good, but if you are going to spout the words, you need to own the words. There is no one else who is making this claim but you.

It first began with a Matt Laur(?) asking “gender questions” of the new CEO of GM. You know GM, the car company that hit the skids over some dangerously defective automobiles that were ultimately not reported on or recalled until this year. The lady CEO in question has a tough job ahead of her. Between Congressional investigations, thorough investigations into her company’s practices, I highly doubt that she is a “weak or dependent” woman needing someone to sustain her, in getting GM straightened out. If she thought she could not have handled the job, she would not have applied for it. Did Mr. Laur take that into respect? I don’t believe so. Nor do I believe that any argument for demanding respect, puts you in the way of making a misogynistic argument. Nor is it an argument that the woman is “weak and dependent” if she doesn’t receive well earned respect from the news media. If Mr. Laur had been the recipient of a gender related question, I am sure it would have bothered him immensely. Nor would anyone have said that he or his supporters were “emotional, hysterical,” etc. for taking umbrage at the treatment Mr. Laur received. That being the case, then respect is something that you pay forward.

Then it was on to Hobby Lobby and the fact, that SCOTUS basically renamed it a church with its “birth control” decision. I don’t recall a biblical scripture that ever argued that corporations were now houses of God. However, I have read scriptures regarding business practices that effectively say, don’t cheat your employees or your customers. As for the biblical argument regarding birth control, when God became angry at the antics of his chosen people, well children both “born and unborn” could be slaughtered like anyone else. The scriptures are full of that kind of wrath of God. How the co-owners want the believe is fine by me. The church they choose to go to, is also fine by me. It is also my choice to not become Hobby Lobby’s customer. Where it is possible for that corporation’s employees to find work somewhere else, with a company or corporation that treats them with better respect, then they should. Otherwise, as found on Facebook, I know of plenty of people who will make a mockery of that decision. Such as “J.C. Penney asks for a SCOTUS decision to sacrifice its employees to appease Cthulhul.” Hobby Lobby is already prepared to sacrifice its employees “in the name of religion” for purposes of pure profit. Soon after that decision was made, Antonin Scalia tried to justify his own decision in this. Declaring that companies can only succeed by way of their Christian virtues. Okay! I don’t recall that greed is a virtue under any category. CEOs being paid some thousand times more than their employees, as actually being a virtue. Customers having to buy cheap (and easily breakable) imported products, in order that the CEO can pad his own off shore bank account, is a virtue. But we’ll just limit this argument to “birth control” and we are good. You prohibit a female employee from getting certain types of health coverage or insurance because you have a “religious argument” against it, only you make it impossible for that same employee to actually support herself on good hours and wages, that’s not a virtue. It definitely isn’t Christian and Scalia doesn’t know what he is talking about. That’s why this “Christian virtue” is limited to the shallow argument of “birth control.”

So having worked himself up into a rage while spouting the talking points which “Republicans for Liberty” projected unto others, I handed the item he wanted to sell me back to him. You said the words, own them. You deride by your own interpretation, what you think is the political views of someone else. Therefore, you need to look in the mirror for that. The more of what you claim is the problem of someone else, the more it looks like you are the one who actually has that particular flaw. It looks like you, because no one else is standing there proving that you are right. I understand that projection is a medical disorder. It has become quite the political disorder as well.


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