Issues of accountability

George Nethercutt of Spokane, Washington has an editorial in “The Inlander” at least once a month.  I regard his columns as “the clock being broken most of the time,” and on rare occasions, “the clock as actually being correct.”  The latter is not one of those times.  His column, “It doesn’t add up” was written and published ahead of the GOP Idaho State Convention held in Moscow, Idaho.  So on the surface at least, Nethercutt’s latest hysterical ranting about President Obama, would seem to have nothing to do with what happened “over the weekend” at the convention.  Then again, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor found himself “out of office” in an upset victory, by an unknown “TEA Partier” David Brat.  That would be enough in itself, for Mr. Nethercutt to scream in rage at President Obama.  Or the high octane political and moral embarrassments, that various GOP in elective office have engaged in.  Again sufficient reason, to scream with pure rage at President Obama.  It is called deflection from the pressing real problems the GOP actually do have.  The more political and moral problems that are chronically turning the GOP into a non-viable political party, the more Mr. Nethercutt needs to let loose an attack on the President.  His editorial can be found in print at “The Inlander” for the week of June 12—18, 2014.  Or go to

However, why don’t we start with something that Mr. Nethercutt said, how President Obama escapes accountability too easily.  Actually, I haven’t seen our President dodging accountability yet.  Compared to the last President, George W. Bush, President Obama has run a far more accountable an administration than his predecessor has.  Is he perfect, no of course not.  Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would recognize, that anyone we elect to the office of the Presidency, isn’t likely to ever be perfect.  But some Presidents we elect are better than others, some of whom we have elected in the past were far worse than their predecessors or successors, and a few that entered office at any time were jokes.  It is through the actions of our more than forty presidents, and how their political decisions affected the nation immediately and for the future, that finally would determine if it had been a grave mistake to put them into office in the first place.  In the case of President Obama, he was immediately handed the “sin eater’s” job.  That way, George W. Bush could go down in history, as the President who’d never be held to account for political and etc. wrong doing. 

What, you haven’t heard of a sin eater?  At one time, about a century or so removed from here when some family member had died; food would be laid out next to the body lying in state.  It would then become the task of the sin eater to consume that food, and send the cleansed soul on his or her way to heaven. However, you can only eat those sins just once.  Intractable or chronic problems that had long predated President Obama’s entering the Oval Office, such as what has since been reported at the various VA hospitals, isn’t a scandal only now with President Obama being in office.  The real scandal is why it wasn’t addressed maybe decades sooner.  Or the IRS presumably politically targeting “TEA Party” type groups.  When the IRS is actually doing its job, it has to fully explore whether PACs and a variety of politically motivated organizations, really would qualify for tax exemption under some kind of 501(c).  You don’t scream “scandal” if the IRS is scrutinizing you like its supposed to.  Actually, it sounds more like the people doing the screaming, have something to hide.  Or take “Open Carry Texas,” an obnoxious group of people who carry loaded assault weapons onto the premises of various restaurants and big box stores.  Never mind how they are really seen by the rest of us, this group of fools want to “make a political point” about their version of the Second Amendment.  Never mind the school shootings and the facts of serial and mass murders, that are almost routinely reported in the news these days.  “Open Carry Texas” will insist on extending the sense of threat and intimidation even further, out of absolutely no consideration for anyone.  At what point and this is exactly why restaurant and store owners don’t want them on the premises, would “Open Carry Texas” maybe cross the line.  They decide to get angry, frightened, find an excuse to go ballistic, what innocent bystander would die as a result?  So, Mr. Nethercutt in response, goes on the attack against President Obama.

What I find most hilarious, is that the balanced budget issue only comes up when a Democrat wins the presidency.  You don’t hear about it when it is a Republican in the oval office.  That is because the Democrats have long been accused of being “tax and spenders,” and therefore the onus is on them to better control their inclinations.  Meanwhile, the Republicans are known as big borrowers and spenders, with the sky being the limit.  They don’t argue “fiscal responsibility” at all, when they are in charge.  Especially that being true, throughout the unlamented George W. Bush administration.  It is the Democrats who must bear the burden of accountability, for all the political failures of the GOP.  And it is the GOP who refuse to accept accountability, for the consequences of their ideology.  At that point I stopped reading Nethercutt’s editorial, and having explored the remainder of “The Inlander” will place the weekly in with the other recyclables.  Nethercutt was simply not worth reading after that point.

Going back to the debacle in Moscow, Idaho.  I had the occasion for discussing what happened at that so-called convention, with a neighbor. It took me a few times to refer to the former Soviet Union, how much what the modern era GOP do that frequently reminds me of what went on in the Soviet Union, before I finally got his attention.  “Lock step thinking” is what he said then, and lock step thinking is what we are actually discussing here.  Say, just a matter of decades ago (as we discussed it yesterday), someone trying to get elected on a truly insane idea, would have been told that what he just blathered away about was indeed an insane idea.  Further, such a person would have been immediately dismissed as not worthy of a second look.  But with “lock step thinking,” that formerly “insane idea” is now worthy of a second and third look.  It is also worthy of political funding and the candidate’s name finally appearing on the ballot.  What it also does:  Club for Growth, “TEA Party,” Freedom Foundation, etc.; it creates the kind of debacle in the Idaho State Convention that was also ultimately reported on MSNBC.  If you thought the “Idaho Gubernatorial Debate” was a joke, this convention made the entire State of Idaho, look like the dumping grounds for the gravely insane.  The comically insane, but not a people you’d ever want to run a government.

Lock step thinking was behind Eric Cantor’s defeat.  Enough said.  In closing, there is nothing conservative about “lock step thinking.”  But there are a lot of lemming-like qualities to that way of life.  And the real conservative isn’t going to be among the lemmings.  The real conservative will stay well away from the cliff’s edge.


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